53 Easy Ways to Make Your Spouse's Day
A few months back, I asked our newsletter subscribers for their favorite ideas when it comes to showing gratitude to their husband or wife.

What is one simple way you can show your husband or wife that you appreciate them today?

As I read through over 100 responses, I found myself jotting down some of the ideas on a post-it so I could try them myself.

Some were unique, some were delightfully simple, but I could see how any of them would be an awesome way to show appreciation to the one that you love.

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It (finally) occurred to me that I should share them with our entire community so we all have a “go-to” source for simple, fun ideas we want to do a little something special for our spouse.

Which easy idea can you use today to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them?

  1. Ask her about her day…and really listen
  2. Let her sleep in and take care of the kids (quietly!)
  3. Buy him flowers – he never gets flowers
  4. Plan a fun date that includes new things to try in our hometown & arrange for the sitter
  5. Give her a nice long massage
  6. Cook her favorite meal before she gets home
  7. Call or text to remind him how important he is to me and our kids
  8. Leave a note on the pillow…and promise a “surprise” for later 🙂
  9. Take an interest in his hobbies
  10. Make him a special lunch for work
  11. Surprise her by cleaning the house while she’s gone
  12. Look her in the eyes and tell her how much she means to me
  13. Tell her to take a nap, and don’t take no for answer
  14. Let him watch sports
  15. Give her a gift bag including some of her favorite things
  16. Leave a note on the bathroom mirror telling him how much I appreciate him and why
  17. Do something together that is important to him
  18. Do the dishes without being asked
  19. Let her have some “me” time
  20. Listen to him 100% when he talks instead of checking my phone or computer or “multitasking”
  21. Write a love note
  22. Play outside together at our local park
  23. Getting up early to make him his favorite breakfast
  24. Making a collage of photos of us – a real book & not digital
  25. Work together on a home improvement project that she’s been asking about
  26. Choose to stay at home together for a peaceful evening instead of going out
  27. Bring her coffee in bed
  28. Turn off all of the electronics and hang out without distractions
  29. Cuddle on the couch
  30. Watch the kids while she takes a long bath
  31. Fix his favorite dessert and include a thank-you note
  32. Complete a task on my “honey-do” list without being asked
  33. Take a nap…together
  34. Let him play video games all day
  35. Take a drive in the country together
  36. Have a glass of wine poured and waiting when she gets home
  37. Make sure we spend our 15 minutes a day together
  38. Watch her favorite movie – without complaining!
  39. Champagne and strawberries
  40. Date night…no kids
  41. Put freshly washed sheets on the bed
  42. Take a shower together 🙂
  43. Surprise him with his favorite cocktail
  44. Make a list of all that he does that I’m thankful for and read it to him
  45. Put post-it love notes around the house
  46. Seduce him as he wakes up
  47. Leave a surprise note in his sock drawer
  48. Random hugs throughout the day
  49. Buy flowers for no reason
  50. Speak only words of love and encouragement for an entire day
  51. Write her a poem
  52. Make hot chocolate and snuggle up together
  53. Let her have complete control of the remote for the night

What an awesome list!  I hope you’ll pick your favorite three ideas and use them to put a big smile on your spouse’s face.

What simple act would you add to show appreciation to your spouse?  Share it in the comments below!

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Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen. He has many passions, including sharing ways to enjoy an awesome marriage in 15 minutes a day, but his heart belongs with his wife Bethany and their three young kids.

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  1. Buy him flowers?! Really?! If my wife is reading, please don’t buy me flowers, candles, or anything like that for that matter.

    But overall, lots of great ideas here.

    1. Ha Ben, different strokes for different folks, right? 🙂

      I’m not sure I’d personally care to get flowers from Bethany, but some chocolates would be just fine.


  2. These were really good, but the most important partis your intentions for doing them and that the person on the receiving end is sure of your good intentions and is appreciative of your effect.

  3. Go by your spouse’s work and leave an “I Love You” note in their car for them to find on their lunch break or when they get off of work. Always makes my husband smile!

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