Romance for Insanely Busy Couples

Being romantic used to be so much easier.  After a few years of marriage, and especially when you welcome children to the family, romance and intimacy seem to take a back seat.

But you can’t let that happen.

When life gets busy, you need to get closer to your husband or wife.  You need to feel more connected than ever and remind yourself and your spouse about the magic that brought you to this place.

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74 Simple Things You Can Do to Brighten Your Spouse's Day

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The reality is that romance takes a bit of effort when you become an insanely busy couple.  It takes some planning, but it doesn’t require a lot money or even much time away from home.

With the right attitude and some solid advice, you can definitely recapture those giddy feelings you had when you were dating.  Actually, married romance can be way better.

The articles and resources below will give you all you need to make your partner feel loved and appreciated…and let you experience an awesome marriage, a lot of fun and an exciting sex life in the process.

Sound like something you’d enjoy? Let’s get started!

Romance the Write Way: Easy Love Letters

Rekindle the romance (and intimacy) in your marriage with a step-by-step letter writing process that takes less than 15 minutes. 

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How to Break the Rut & Bring Back the Romance

When life gets busy (isn’t it always?)…it’s really easy to get stuck in a “rut” when it comes to being romantic with your husband or wife.  This is especially true when you have kids causing chaos in your house.

This popular program gives you the actionable, step-by-step help you need to break free of the “romance rut” and bring back the romantic spark in your marriage!

15-Minute Marriage Makeover: Refresh Your Relationship, Add Sizzle to Your Sex Life & Be Happier in Just Minutes a Day

If you’re looking to get the spark back in your marriage and reconnect with your spouse like never before, you need to read this book.

It’s full of simple, but powerful, 15-minute experiences that you and your husband or wife can share to feel closer than ever.

From romance to sex, money and communication, 15-Minute Marriage Makeover will guide you through fun, exciting experiences to share together that will lead you to a married life you’ll love.

Inspiration & Top Tips for Great Romance in Your Marriage

130+ Top Romantic Ideas for Busy Couples

74 Simple Things You Can Do to Brighten Your Spouse’s Day

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