15-Minute Marriage Makeover

Refresh Your Relationship, Add Sizzle to Your Sex Life & Be Happier in Just Minutes a Day

Here's what you can expect when you experience your 15-Minute Marriage Makeover:

15 Minute Marriage Makeover Christmas Gift
  • Control over your time so you can put your relationship first & keep it there
  • A renewed connection that leaves you both excited to talk like you did when you were dating
  • A plan for everyday romance that will keep the passion between you strong even when "life" tries to get in the way
  • A deeper, more powerful & more frequent sex life that satisfies you both


    Refresh Your Relationship, Add Sizzle to Your Sex Life & Be Happier In Just Minutes a Day

    • CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Your Marriage Makeover & How to Put This Book Into Action
    • CHAPTER 2: Week 1 - Communication that Counts
    • CHAPTER 3: Week 2 - Real Romance for Real Busy Couples
    • CHAPTER 4: Week 3 - Enjoy Better Sex and Deeper Intimacy
    • CHAPTER 5: Week 4 - It's Time to Take Control of Your Finances...Together
    • CHAPTER 6: How to Build Your Dream Marriage Beyond Day 28
    • CHAPTER 7: Additional Resources and Special Bonuses
    Dustin has created a great resource to energize marriages. It’s straightforward, practical, and full of tasks and tips you can use right away to helptake your marriage to the next level.

    I highly recommend the 15-Minute Marriage Makeover!
    Dr. Corey Allan 
    Marriage & Family Therapist, SimpleMarriage.net


    Bonus 1 – Interview with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages

    In my audio interview with the one and only Dr. Chapman, we talk about a variety of important topics for married and engaged couples. These include how couples should deal with personality differences, what to do when you start to lose the “in love” feeling, his advice for a great sex life, and how to deal with your Love Languages over the course of a marriage.

    Bonus 2 – “Winning at Romance in 15 Minutes a Day” audio program with Gina Parris, sex and romance expert

    In this program, I share some of my top secrets to fulfilling sex, budget-friendly romance boosters and much more.

    Bonus 3 – “Just the Two of Us” audio program with Tony DiLorenzo, co-author of Stripped Down

    In this session, Tony and I share our top tips and personal experiences on the topic of date nights with a real focus on finding creative ways to enjoy date nights at home when you can’t get away.

    Bonus 4 – “Take the Lead” and “Change of Scenery” audios from Stripped Down by Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo

    In these audio versions from two of my favorite portions of Stripped Down, Tony and Alisa share in-depth advice on two important topics related to improving your intimacy and sex life.

    Bonus 5 – “Financial Personalities & Being a Man or Woman with Your Money” audio from Get Naked by Derek Sisterhen

    Financial coach Derek Sisterhen shares an audio version from a vitally important part of his book Get Naked to help you understand your financial personalities and how to work together as husband and wife to enjoy financial success.

    Bonus 6 – More Time Now by Dave Navarro

    This awesome resource by time management expert Dave Navarro is too good not to include it for you. This book will show you how to invest one hour per week to free up over 1,000 hours per year. It’s the real deal.

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      Julie SibertIntimacy In Marriage

      How refreshing to read a marriage resource from someone who truly understands the challenges of full, busy lives! 

      I don't take it lightly when I recommend a resource to couples. This is definitely one, though, that my husband and I are going to use to strengthen our own marriage. 15 minutes a day - who can't devote such time to the most important relationship of their lives?

      Tony & Alisa DiLorenzoONE Extraordinary Marriage

      15-Minute Marriage Makeover is a

      brilliant guide to helping you and your spouse become closer and more connected in just 28 days.

      Dustin does an amazing job not only sharing insights of why this is good, but how you can make your marriage a priority in just 15 minutes a day.

      Mandi EhmanLife Your Way

      15-Minute Marriage Makeover is more than a book; it's a plan designed to refresh your relationship, add sizzle to your sex life and bring more happiness to your marriage. And all of that in just 15 min's a day! 

      The exercises in this book focus on the four pillars of a happy marriage — communication, romance, intimacy and finances — with time management tools, mini lessons, couple time tasks and a weekly date night to review the topic of the week. I loved it!


      I’m a skeptical person, and I totally respect that stance when it comes to spending your hard-earned money.

      To set your mind at ease, I’m offering a full money-back guarantee. No questions asked, no time limits, no problems.

      If you buy the Ultimate Package, try it with your spouse, and you don’t think it was worth the price you paid, shoot me an email and I’ll send your money back. It’s that simple and easy.

      Please note that I have no control over the refund policies of Amazon, Apple or Barnes & Noble, so this money-back guarantee is only valid if you choose the Ultimate Package.

      (By the way, I seriously doubt you’ll do it so I’m happy to offer this. I’m confident you’ll love it and not dream of asking for a refund. But if I’m wrong, all the risk is on me.)

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      Dustin and Bethany Riechmann

      Dustin Riechmann is the author of 15-Minute Marriage Makeover and creator of EngagedMarriage.com, a site with over 5 million readers that is devoted to helping other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen.

      Dustin’s passion is providing practical tools that you can use to keep your marriage fresh and fully “engaged” even when life gets hectic. He has led dozens of live marriage workshops and retreats and helped thousands of couples enjoy their Dream Marriage through his online training.

      He’s been married for more than 20 years to his best friend Bethany and is a proud Dad to three very energetic kids.