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A Creative Date Idea for Parents: Ask the Kids

By Dustin | Romance

Creative Date Idea for Parents - Ask the Kids

When you’re a parent with young kids, it can be difficult to carve out time to spend with your partner.  You might be so exhausted that the idea of coming up with a creative date idea for parents seems like climbing an impossibly high mountain.

What if you didn’t have to do the creative thinking?

One of my favorite ways of coming up with creative ideas for date night is to outsource the thinking to my children.

Kids are naturally creative – and there are some real benefits to getting them involved in planning your next date night.

Creative Date Ideas for Parents…from Kids

It might seem odd at first to include your kids in the planning of your next date night, but your kids will love the idea of being involved.

And, you can bet that they’ll come up with some fun and interesting ideas for you and your husband or wife.

You never know what experience awaits you when you let your kids plan your date.

If your kids are too young to come up with ideas, you can ask nieces or nephews – or if your kids have flown the next, try asking your grandchildren!

Give the children at least a week’s notice and ask them to design a fun date night that you can experience together.

If you want to keep it a surprise, you can wait until the day of your date to have them reveal their ideas.

Or, if you prefer, you can ask them a few days ahead of time, so you can make plans.

From the Mouths of Babes

You may be pleasantly surprised by the creative ideas that your kids have.

They’re likely to include some things that you may not consider traditional date night activities, such as:

Your job is to do your very best to live out their ultimate date night.

We recommend taking photographs as proof that you used their ideas. Photos will also show your kids that you appreciate and value their input.

The Benefits of Having Your Kids Plan Your Date Night

Having your kids plan your next date night can be fun, but that’s not the only reason to do it.

The truth is that every time you interact with your spouse, you’re showing your kids what a happy and healthy marriage looks like.

When your kids come up with a date idea for their parents, they’re learning these things:

  1. Parents are people too, and they need time to spend with one another away from the kids. Spending time as a couple doesn’t mean that you don’t love them and value them. It just means that your relationship is important.
  2. All of you are a family unit and even when you spend time apart from them, they are an important part of your life. Having their input is a way of showing them that you care about what they think and how they feel.
  3. It teaches kids to respect your couple time and value it as something that’s necessary and beneficial to the whole family. When you have time alone, it makes your family time all the more precious.
  4. It encourages your kids to think creatively and teaches them compassion as they work to come up with date ideas that will appeal to you and your spouse.

When your kids grow older and begin their search for partners, they’ll remember that you and your partner made time for one another while still respecting your kids.

That’s a lesson that will increase the chances of them having happy and healthy relationships of their own.

Get Out of Your Date Night Rut

It’s easy to fall into a rut with date night. A lot of couples end up doing the same thing every time they go out rather than trying to find a creative date idea for parents.

A kid-planned date night is by definition going to be different from anything you might come up with on your own. Your kids are less likely to fall back on the tried and true.

They might come up with ideas that truly surprise (or even shock) you – but that’s all the more reason to stay open to what they suggest and make a sincere effort to do it.

Keeping the spark in your marriage requires dedication and effort!

If you close yourself off to the idea of having fun with your spouse, you may end up losing sight of what you love about them.

Getting your kids to come up with a creative date idea for their parents is a great way to keep things fresh, exciting, and new.

The next time you plan to go out with your spouse, have your kids plan a creative date idea instead of doing the same old thing. It will bring you close to your partner and your kids.

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Try a Cooking Class Date with Your Spouse

By Dustin | Romance

Cooking Class DateIn a recent post, I shared a way to reconnect with your spouse while staying home on date night. This time, you’re going to go outside of the house on a cooking class date.

I’m not talking about a restaurant, though.

How engaging is to go out to eat? You come in, you sit down, and you’re served.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dining with my wife. It’s nice to get away from it all and be treated from time to time.

But imagine having all that, PLUS an innovative and fun learning experience. There’s an added engagement from doing or making something together in addition to just talking that really stands out.

Consider a Cooking Class Date

Part of a long-lasting relationship is growing together and trying new things. It means having new experiences, new adventures, and new challenges…together.

I’m going to suggest you try skipping the typical evening out at the same old restaurant and enjoy an intimate and educational session on a cooking class date instead.

After that, you’ll have a follow-up session at home later on to keep the good times going!

Find Cooking Classes

To prepare, one of you will search for local cooking classes. There are several ways to find out what classes are offered in your area, including:

  • You can ask friends for referrals, which increases your odds of picking a good place.
  • Google “date night cooking class near [your hometown]” and you’ll find plenty of options.
  • Many classes are offered inside of higher-end grocery or retail stores like Whole Foods and Sur La Table, and the prices are comparable to dinner out at a decent restaurant.
  • Local cooking schools sometimes offer classes to the general public.
  • You probably get catalogs full of community classes in the mail from time to time, showing adult education classes offered to the public for a modest price.
  • Next time you’re in a coffee shop, check out the corkboard as there are often flyers for local cooking classes posted there along with other community events.
  • Checking is a great way to see who is offering classes at a discount. If you can save a few bucks in the process, why not!
  • You can even hire expert cooks and chefs in your area using to give you a personalized cooking class date, as low as $40/person in some areas.

Picking the Right One for You

So many choices! No worries, you’re sure to find the ideal place for this memorable date night. The next step is choosing the right one.

Pro Tip: Make it as interactive as you can.

You’ll find options for classes where a chef does all of the cooking and you simply watch, enjoy a cocktail, and then eat when they’re finished.

However, for your cooking class date night, look for an interactive class instead where someone leads the way but the two of you actually get your hands dirty and prepare your own meal.

You’ll learn a lot about the foods you’re creating and have plenty of time (and reason) to laugh along the way as you learn new skills.

The type of food is also a consideration and a chance to show your thoughtfulness.

  • What kind of foods does your spouse like?
  • Is there something maybe they’ve always wanted to try?
  • A favorite country’s cuisine?
  • What about you?

Here’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone and learn something that will benefit both of your lives while also improving your relationship.

Whatever your options are, can you see yourself cooking it more often at home? Think how great it would be to add a new dish to your regular home meal lineup.

Once you’ve thought it through, pick a cooking class, register for it, and have fun when the night comes!

The Follow-up Session

Here’s a twist to make this extra special. Pick another date night to cook the same meal together again sometime within the next month, and compare it to the original.

The spouse who didn’t register for the cooking class will schedule a follow-up session at home and pick up the ingredients at the grocery store that day.

Don’t worry – the chef from your class will send you home with a detailed recipe for the dinner you prepared.

All you’ll have to do is follow along together…and bring back the laughs and good memories.

Later on, whenever you want to bring back memories of the fun time you had on your cooking class date, you can always cook the meal on an ordinary night. “Surprise! It’s our special dinner.”

This is just one of many fun but simple activities you can plan with your spouse to make date night special.

Doing so will add variety to your life, keep your relationship continually positive and healthy, and help you both to learn and grow as individuals.

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A Unique Gift Idea for Your Spouse: Gold-Dipped Roses

By Dustin | Romance

Roses have different meanings, depending on their number and color. A single, gold-dipped rose conveys any sentiment, though.

Whether you wish to express love, friendship, confidence, trust, comfort, or appreciation, the sentiment will last forever with a real, single, 24-karat gold-dipped rose like those offered by our friends at Love Picker.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

An authentic, gold-dipped rose makes the perfect gift for any occasion, or for no occasion at all. Ideal for work or wedding anniversaries, wedding gifts, sympathy or encouragement gifts, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Mother’s Day, the Love Picker Rose is sure to delight.

Gold dipped roses satisfy even the most selective customers, making them the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything. Or, show yourself appreciation and care by adding a gold-dipped rose to your own home décor or art collection.

Thoughtfully, Masterfully Crafted

A real, 7” rose, dipped in 24 karat gold, the Love Picker Rose retains all the natural beauty of a single rose. Additionally, each rose comes its own certificate of authenticity, so you can be assured your gold-dipped rose is of the finest quality.

Created by master jewelers, each real rose is picked at its peak, trimmed to perfection, preserved, and dipped in genuine 24 karat gold. The delicate look of each rose petal and leaf is retained, though the product is strong and sturdy. Through the gold, the smell of the rose underneath still lingers.


Every gold rose is delivered in a luxurious black leather box, adorned with gold hinges and clasp and a custom-engraved gold plate.

Exceptional for both presentation and display, the classic black leather display case is the perfect accompaniment for such a thoughtfully crafted, unique piece of art.

Strikingly brilliant in any light, the 24-karat gold-dipped rose is especially stunning under LED lights or under mini accent spotlights. Your rose can be displayed in its case, on a stand, or alone on a shelf, dresser, or piano.

These roses are especially dazzling mounted, alone or in multiples, as art on a wall or in a wall vase.


These gold-dipped roses can be shipped worldwide. Orders to be delivered in the United States typically take 3 – 5 business days for shipping. Canadian orders arrive in 5 – 10 business days. Deliveries to any other country arrive in as little as 7 – 15 business days.

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Real flowers, beautiful as they are, wither and fade. A gold-dipped rose ensures your gift and sentiment last forever.

These roses can even be passed on as family heirlooms. Both a jewel and a piece of art, gold-dipped roses last a lifetime, even for generations to come.

A New Way to Spend Date Night at Home

By Dustin | Romance

Date Night At HomeWould you ever consider having a special date night at home?

Think back for a minute and remember where you were the first couple of times you went out with your future spouse, before you were married. What were you doing on those dates?

The odds are you didn’t just “Netflix and Chill.”

At that point in your relationship, it was probably something unique like trying out a new coffee shop, a new restaurant, walking through a park.

But once you’re married, things change. For starters, it’s not sustainable to go out on the town every other night.

Maybe you’re on a budget. Maybe you want something quiet to do without having to find a babysitter.

Or maybe you’re a true homebody and never liked going out all that much anyway!

How to Have a Meaningful Date Night at Home

What a lot of couples do is default to staying at home and watching TV. This is something simple you can do together, for free, every night if you wanted.

It takes no planning, and it’s nice to be together.

But…it can get repetitive and just doesn’t feel special enough to be an activity for your weekly date night.

By the way, I strongly recommend setting the practice of having a weekly date night with your husband or wife.

You’re together every night, but are you really together?

A date night is a night for you two to not only be together, but to have a change of pace, to get away from it all.

And, to rekindle the kind of passion and excitement you had in the initial stages of your relationship.

It’s so refreshing to reconnect with those times and feel a little of that early infatuation without completely losing your head.

Sometimes that date night is going to involve going out of the house, or something less mundane and more complex.

But, just because you have a date night at home doesn’t mean you can’t try something new! Or, more specifically, something familiar in a new way.

Want to know how? Read on…

Beer, Popcorn & Tunes

Little things that show you care can go a long way further than big, dramatic displays, and they’re certainly better than nothing.

Sometimes, showing just a little bit of intention is enough to set things apart from just going through the motions.

It doesn’t have to be big at all, just different.

So here’s an idea…spend your next date night at home with your spouse:

  • Reminiscing, over the music from your dating years
  • While you enjoy a sampling of new beers
  • And gourmet popcorn!

(This assumes you both like beer, of course. If you don’t, then substitute it for another one of your favorite beverages, with or without alcohol.)

To prepare, one of you will need to swing by the grocery store beforehand and pick up several different bottles of beer that you’ve never tried before.

Most larger stores will have a section where you can buy individual bottles of craft brews – get local selections when possible.

And while you’re there, pick up some of that yummy gourmet popcorn that often comes in a bag or tin. It could be kettle corn, caramel, or some other delicious flavor.

Memories from Music

The other spouse will be responsible for the music (or one person can prepare both – whatever works best for you – but it’s often best to make it a team effort).

Think back to your favorite songs from your dating days and the early days of your marriage.

Which artists and songs really capture that era of your lives?

Then, put together a playlist on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc., so you can enjoy the memories that come from listening to great music.

Once the kids are in bed, crank up your playlist and enjoy sampling small pours of different brews while munching on some fancy popcorn.

The memories and conversation will flow from there!

Other Ideas

I strongly suggest that during your date night at home, you don’t watch TV or a movie but pick something more interactive instead.

After all, you can watch TV any night. This is date night!

And the point is to spend time communicating with each other – just the two of you – undistracted, with nothing else occupying your thoughts and energy.

I’ve found the best thing is to just talk. Don’t worry, you’ll find something to discuss.

Maybe catch up on their day first, and then move on to something deeper, or discussing your shared past or future.

Flipping through photo albums (digital or even print if you’ve been together a while :)) is another fun activity that can rekindle your cherished times together and also prompt the kind of conversation that brings you closer.

There’s all kinds of activities! But don’t get too focused on what you’ll be doing.

The bottom line is that you’re spending time together!

The beer, popcorn, and tunes set the stage for a thoughtful and engaging evening that’s a bit of a break from the norm while showing them you care.

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45 Unique Love Language Ideas for Your Spouse, Your Kids…and Yourself

By Dustin | Romance

Learning your partner’s love language is a great way to foster a healthy, long relationship.

It can be frustrating when your love language and your partner’s don’t naturally align, but knowing them allows you to express your love in a way your partner will understand.

Not familiar with love languages?

They are theories developed by Dr. Gary Chapman that categorize ways a person prefers to receive love and affection. Most people naturally show love the way they wish to receive it, which can lead to problems if partners don’t share the same love language.

Being cognizant of your spouse’s love language can lead to better communication and deeper intimacy because you are now showing it in a way that “speaks your partner’s language”.

The theory extends beyond your relationship with your partner and expands to your relationship with your children, your extended family, your co-workers, and even yourself!

While most people have a strong primary love language, they can also prefer a mix of several, depending on the occasion. The five love language categories most people fall into are:

  • Acts of Service
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time

Use the below love language ideas from FTD to express your love for your partner, your kids, and yourself, and watch your relationships flourish!

Acts of Service

People whose love language is “Acts of Service” feel loved when their loved ones show their appreciation by doing chores or other odd jobs.

Things like making breakfast in bed for your significant other, helping your child do a chore they’ve been dreading, or treating yourself to a cleaning service are great ways to show “Acts of Service”.

Words of Affirmation

If their love language is “Words of Affirmation” they want to hear that they are appreciated and loved often.

It can be as simple as telling them you love them, or you can go above and beyond. For your significant other, sharing something nice they did on Facebook will make their heart sing. For your kids, you can write them a note and put it in their lunchbox. For yourself, you can repeat self love affirmations to yourself in the mirror.

Physical Touch

The physical touch love language isn’t necessarily about sex, and is not reserved for couples. People who prefer this love language just enjoy human contact, like a hug or a back rub.

Things like holding your partner’s hand while you’re in public, cuddling your child to fall asleep, or sleeping with a weighted blanket are all ways of giving physical touch.

Receiving Gifts

When showing your love through gifts, it doesn’t necessarily have to be grandiose or expensive. Small, thoughtful gifts mean the most to these people.

For your significant other, you can make them a mix CD crafted specifically for them. For your kids you can surprise them with a small present on an obscure holiday. For yourself, you can have an extra glass of wine or buy yourself your favorite dessert!

Quality Time

People whose love language is quality time usually want undivided attention from their loved ones. Time with no cell phones, computers or interruptions where they feel heard and loved. Things like going on a walk with your significant other after dinner, baking cookies with your kiddos, or taking a bubble bath by yourself are great ways of giving quality time.

It’s always a great time to show your significant other you love them in their language. And don’t forget to show your kids and yourself some love too, though, and feel the love in your home blossom!

45 Unique Love Language Ideas for Your Spouse, Your Kids…and Yourself.001

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