Ah! Summertime.

The time when we look forward to enjoying life outdoors and lots of sunshine.

10 Must-Do Summer Date IdeasInstead of letting this summer flash by in a blur of kids activities, trips to the pool and a few family barbeques, set aside some time on the calendar to enjoy with your spouse.

To help you out, I thought it would be fun to share 10 awesome Summertime Dates that are easy and very romantic.

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Pick your favorites and make it a point to give them a try before school begins…it will be here before you know it!


1. Bonfire Date

Whether you have an outdoor fire pit in your own backyard, or you know of a place in your town where they have one, I encourage you to plan an evening to sit by the fire after sunset and reminisce.

Talk about your favorite summer vacations growing up, or discuss places you dream of visiting one summer in the future.

You might even want to start your own vacation Bucket List, which is basically places we’d love to see in our lifetime.

2. Picnic Date

Everyone has enjoyed a picnic together at one time or another. But why not take your picnic to another level?

Here are some variations to get you thinking:

  • After dark in your backyard
  • On the roof
  • In the pool
  • Breakfast at the beach
  • Sunset on a boat
  • Make a day of it having breakfast, lunch and dinner in three different places or in a park you both love
  • Outdoor concert picnic (make this one by buying the food from your favorite restaurant and setting up a table complete with candlelight.)

Surprise your spouse by fixing a picnic and meeting them in their parking lot at work. Tom did this last one for me when I worked at a private high school campus. He set up a table behind our car with the lift gate open so I could hear the music playing from his CD player.

It was a day I’ll never forget!

3. Water Date

This could include a trip to a local water park, or spring. You could go kayaking, rafting, canoeing or snorkeling. Whatever is near you.

Another fun date is to buy two really nice water guns and have a showdown in your backyard. If there aren’t any kids around you could make it more fun by wearing white t-shirts and shorts with nothing on underneath. 🙂

The guys are sure to like this one!

4. Ice Cream Date

Plan a trip to your local ice cream parlor and enjoy your favorite. Or you could do this one at home making ice cream sundaes.

If you’re really motivated you could make your own ice cream using an ice cream maker.

Nothing says summer like some delicious ice cream!

5. Bike Ride Date

Take your bikes and hit the trail together. Pack some snacks and drinks with you, and look for a secluded, shady spot along the route.

Stop and enjoy being alone in the woods together. Variation on this would be to go hiking – leave the bikes at home. But don’t forget your bug spray and sun screen!

6. Farmer’s Market Date

Visit your local farmer’s market and buy ingredients for your dinner date at home that night.

Once the kids are in bed, cook up your fresh ingredients while watching movies that highlight farmers’ markets: Sleepless in Seattle (famous Pike Place Market) or You’ve Got Mail (New York City) to name a few.

7. Sandcastle Competition Date

Buy all the right tools to make a fantastic sandcastle. You can either work together to build your mansion, or build separately and have a vote for the best.

You could ask those passing by to cast their vote, or take pictures and put them on Facebook and have your friends vote for the best. Finish this date by knocking the castle down and burying each other in the ruins.

8. Yard Game Tournament Date

There are many games available that would be perfect for a little one-on-one challenge. Yard darts, horseshoes, hillbilly golf, corn hole, croquet, badminton or bocce ball.

Check out Amazon for lots of varieties and find a couple that you know will be great for your tourney.

Make the games more fun by adding your own incentives for the winner…use your imagination here!

9. Outdoor Concerts

Check your local listings to see what concerts are taking place in or around your town.

Summer is usually full of such opportunities and gives you the chance to hear bands you might not hear otherwise.  Whether it’s an orchestra, a local cover band or a national act at the regional amphitheater, a concert under the stars can be fantastic.

10.  One Tank Road Trips

I remember growing up it was popular to take a Sunday drive. There was no destination other than to enjoy the scenery as well as the time together.

Check out one-tank road trips near your home and make plans to spend a day driving and talking.

There is no better way to slow down and enjoy each other.

There you have it! Ten great dates to try at some point before Labor Day.

As you can see, summertime really is the best time for romancin’…and we’ve made it easy as well. 🙂

In closing, enjoy this classic song by Ella Fitzgerald, which is sure to help you slow down and smile…or maybe you’re more into the Sublime version. 🙂

What is your all-time favorite summer date?


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Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen. He has many passions, including sharing ways to enjoy an awesome marriage in 15 minutes a day, but his heart belongs with his wife Bethany and their three young kids.

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  1. In this fast paced world, couples forget that there are many ways to enjoy some romantic time together. Such precious moments build valuable love in marriage relationship. Logging off the internet, switching off the mobile and TV gives couples many hours wherein they can develop their relationship. Thank you for sharing such imaginative ideas.

  2. I LOVE all these ideas! Especially the water fight. My love and I don’t have kids right now but live in a tiny apt building…. it would be so fun to play “hide and seek and spray” in the side and courtyard area…. especially in a white t-shirt and shorty shorts….. we used to have nerf gun fights in the dark at our last place ans I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Also I love the picnic idea… we have a stairway that goes up to the roof which is off limits but can make it a fun rendezvous looking over the last city scape

  3. Just last night we went to “sounds by the sea” . Symphonic music in outside ampatheater for Memorial day celebration. Great night out.

    1. Oh wow, that sounds amazing! We love going to outdoor concerts, movies, picnics, you name it…anything held outdoors takes on a completely different feel, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing.

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