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Pillow Talk: Romance Through Words

When it comes to the most important relationship in your life, don’t be normal.  Normal sucks.

Unfortunately, in many relationships, “normal” represents a life of mediocrity and going through the motions.  It is simply too easy to succumb to the busyness of life and lose sight of how precious our spouse or significant other really is to us.

And it is even easier for our partner to feel disconnected and a bit under-appreciated.  We know how we feel, and (if asked) we are quick to tell others that our spouse is a clear number one in our list of priorities…

But does your partner know how you feel?

Tell Them

It may sound trite.  It may seem overly simplistic.  But clear communication is THE KEY to a healthy and extraordinary relationship.

When you think a kind (or romantic) thought about your spouse, let them know how you feel.  Take the time to listen to them about their day and respond with some exuberance or empathy.  Show them you care by telling them that you care.

These are the little things that make us all feel appreciated and affirmed in the face of a crazy life.

Write It Down

Talking is good, but writing is great.  To leave a really meaningful and lasting impact on your partner’s heart, take a few minutes to write them a romantic love letter.  This doesn’t have to be some cheesy Hallmark spiel about angels and achy, breaky hearts…though it could be.

And it really shouldn’t be difficult.  Here are five simple steps to write an awesome romantic letter that your significant other will cherish for life and brag to their friends about:

1. Relax.  There’s no pressure.  Simple and heartfelt is the way to go.

2. Reflect.  Think back & write around a simple theme…favorite memories over the past year, the story of your first date or proposal through your eyes, why you fell in love with them and why today they are even better…

3. Rough it out.  Just write out some phrases and let your creativity flow.

4. Write…with your hand.  Handwritten is best.  Typed out will work, especially with some cool paper to add a little personalization.

5. Recite.  Read your letter aloud to your partner.  Or have it delivered in a cool and memorable way.

Just Do It

Simple, huh?

All it takes is a few minutes to create a sweet little letter that expresses the romantic feelings you usually never take the time to consider or (especially) to deliver.  With just a small effort, you have the ability to rock your relationship and make your significant other feel as special as they truly should.

It is time.  Take the motivation you feel right now and start to jot down your thoughts.  Follow through with a heartfelt romantic letter and deliver in an awesome way.  Your spouse, and you, will be so glad that you did.

The best “pillow talk” doesn’t have to take place in bed, although I bet it will make the time you spend there more enjoyable.


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  1. This is a lovely article. We get so caught up in daily life that we sometimes forget to say what we feel. And if we don’t say it, our spouse misses out on the warm feelings that come with hearing it. “I love you” is both simple and profound.

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  3. It’s almost like we don’t want to say anything because it’s just sooo obvious. But that’s why we should say the affirming comments because our best friend needs to hear them. And like Susan says a simple “I love you!” is good.

    Dustin, thanks for the article. It’s good for us to remind ourselves regularly of the need to nurture our relationship with those closest to us.

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  5. Very good post. I was looking for some ideas to improve communication with my partner. I will start practicing this 🙂

  6. Such a nice post about Romance. Its gives me very informative things. Thanks for sharing. Don’t stop your blogging. Wish you good luck.

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