Note: This is a guest post from a researcher who is futhering the study of a particular type of Natural Family Planning.  There’s even a chance for you to take part in the study at the end of the post.  Enjoy!

Looking for a “greener” method for family planning? Tired of birth control pills? Ready to understand your body and cycle better? If you said yes to any of the above questions, then please read on!

Women have natural means to know when they are fertile and infertile. Specifically, by checking cervical secretions and charting the observations every day, a woman can take control and understand her cycle. This is called the Creighton Method, and it is even effective for women with abnormal menstrual cycles.

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Trained practitioners at FertilityCare Centers ( teach the method and help couples monitor the results of their charting. It is a safe and natural way to both achieve and prevent pregnancy.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out the following testimonial of Sarah from Missouri, a current participant in an international Creighton Model study:

“I had been on birth control since my teenage years because of issues with my menstrual cycle (irregular, heavy bleeding, unbearable cramping, mood swings, etc.) and I had seen a lot of the side effects it had on my body. As we began looking into it, we learned that using the Creighton Model would help me figure out some of my female issues as well as provide a way to avoid pregnancy.

I quickly realized that birth control was just a band-aid solution. Through learning to chart from a nurse (and having a good doctor), we would be able to figure out exactly where the issues stem from so we can fix it naturally rather than putting synthetic hormones into my body. My husband and I started learning the Creighton Model a few months before our wedding and it was not hard, it’s just a commitment. We always felt extremely supported!

We couldn’t be happier knowing that we are preventing pregnancy naturally and when the time comes for us to have children, we are confident that this model will help us achieve pregnancy just as easily as we were able to prevent it. Being a part of the CEIBA study is very important to us as well. We want to show others that Natural Family Planning is a healthy and effective way to avoid pregnancy.

We just wish that more people knew about it!”

If you are interested or you would like to learn more about the Creighton Model or the study, please visit, call 801-231-6434, or email us at

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This is a guest post from Kaitlin Carruth, BS, MPH(c). Kaitlin’s hobbies include swimming, rock climbing, and rowing. She is currently a student at the University of Utah and a proponent of the Creighton Model and natural family planning.


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  1. My wife and I use the Sympto-Thermal Method and it is very reliable. Check out the book “The Art of Natural Family Planning®”. It is from

    1. Thanks, William. My wife and I currently practice this method and have referenced The Art of Natural Family Planning many times. We are looking into the Marquette Model as a possible alternative, but all three methods are very effective.

  2. How is the Creighton Model different to the Billings Method. I was reading about this the other day, and that is was similar, but it didn’t say how it was different.

    1. Mary, I may not be the best one to distinguish between the intricacies of each method. However, it’s my understanding that Creighton is mucus observation only, and it’s really taken those observations to a detailed and reliable level. The Billings Method is sympto-thermal, so it uses basal body temperature as a cross-check. The Marquette Model is another alternative, and it uses a fertility monitor as a cross-check.

        1. The Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrM) is the most standardized and medically developed method of natural family planning in the United States. It is based on the observations of biomarkers of the menstrual cycles, particularly vaginal bleeding and cervical mucus. It can be used in all reproductive situations including regular, irregular, or absent menstrual cycles.

          The Billings Method is also based on mucus observation only. The charting is a little different between Creighton and Billings. In addition, Creighton is taught by practitioners who have gone through a rigorous training program and it also has the support of medical consultants for reproductive health issues, including infertility. Check out this link for more information:

      1. Dustin,
        I wonder if your answer to the differences between the Creighton and the Billings Method’s of Natural Family Planning could be deleted. In case a person didn’t read further comments, he/she would have the incorrect information.
        Joan Kenny

    2. Hi Mary, I am a Creighton Model Fertility Care System Practitioner. It is the most effective in family planning, but also the most precise in looking at overall health. It meshes and networks true family planning with true womens health. It is based upon cervical mucus, however there is a standardized terminology/language used to define the observations which make the signs and symptoms of a woman’s day to day fertility objective and easy to interpret.

      Often, couples come to learn the method for merely NFP/family planning purposes. Yet, when we start to look at the quality and quantity of various discharges and fluids, the chart starts revealing many VERY important things for womens health, such as biomarker tendencies for breast caner, uterine cancer, thyroid disease, cardiovascular disease, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Diabetes and more. It’s more of a science (but the more science I see,the more art I also see — Divine Design indeed!) and again, is more than a family planning approach. From puberty through menopause, our cycles do change, and so while many methods of NFP look at “ovulation time only,” Creighton looks at the day to day assessment. So once a woman starts charting her cycle with all these rich information, we send her to a creighton trained/NaPro technology doctor who will then perform lab work, ultrasounds and specific tests on particular/precise days of her cycle to determine target hormone profiles, AND correct the problem with bio-identified, patient specific, appropriate proportioned hormones. It’s truly amazing! We can also boast of our very high success rate in helping couples achieve pregnancy who are told they are not able to, with out IVF. Below are links if you are interested. Some couples and doctors talking about the model:)

      New Hope for Infertility:
      Part I:
      Part II:

      Clients speak:
      Part I:
      Part II:

  3. are there fees for this study >
    ANd if you use another method of nfp does that mean u first have to pay the usual fees for learning the creighton model
    Thanks in advance

    1. The fee schedule depends on location. If you are interested in long distance learning, we are able to offer free instruction for a limited number of participants.

      Participants are required to learn and chart according to the Creighton Model instructions.

      Feel free to contact us at or call us at (801) 231-6434 if you would like more information.

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