How to Craft the Perfect Love LetterWhile Hallmark may tell you otherwise, there’s simply no better gift for your spouse than a romantic love letter.

It makes your spouse feel special, and it expresses your emotions in a format that creates a very personal keepsake.

Plus, if you’re on budget, you can craft an awesome letter for free!

If you’re like me, the idea of writing a romantic letter to a loved one brings back memories of my high school days.

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I wrote a lot of “late night love letters” (as my Mom teasingly called them) during my teenage years, and I actually got pretty good at it.  At least that’s what my girlfriend (and fortunately now my wife) tells me.

A love letter will be appreciated whenever you give it, but let’s make sure your husband or wife knows just how much you love and appreciate them this Valentine’s Day.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

If love letters are so great, why don’t we write more romantic letters…especially after we get married?

We know they’ll put a smile on our spouse’s face and make them feel fantastic.  It doesn’t take long to write a great letter, it doesn’t require a trip to the store, and it’s a simple way to add some fun and romance to your marriage .

Love letters seem to fall into the category of something you know you SHOULD do, but you never get around to it. So what gives?

The problem is we tend to get overwhelmed when we think about sitting down to express our feelings in a letter.  We’re not sure what to write about, how to get started or the best way to deliver our letter when we do finally get around to writing it.

Use This Love Letter Checklist to Make It Easy

What if you had a checklist to follow that would make your love letter writing simple and effective?

Good News! We're giving you our popular Perfect Love Letter Checklist as our gift to you: Click here to grab it now.

The Perfect Love Letter Checklist-1

When you use this checklist, you’ll find it’s easy to romance your spouse with a love letter…plus:

  • How to never get stuck on what to write about
  • Discover the secret ingredients to craft the perfect love letter, no matter how uncreative you think you are
  • Exactly what to say to make your spouse melt every time
  • How to deliver your romantic letter in a way that will WOW your spouse

Let’s make this the best Valentine’s Day (and night 😉 ) yet – grab your free love letter checklist.


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