We’ve already covered some Awesome Online Valentines Day Gift ideas for the ladies. Now it’s time to look at some great online Valentine’s gifts for guys.

Once again, I think you will find that it’s really easy to find a unique, memorable or just cool Valentine’s Day gift online.  There are obviously a lot of great ideas out there, but I have compiled a list of five unique “guy gifts” from the pages of Amazon to give you a head start in your Love Day shopping.

Take a look at these and let me know if you think the husband, fiance or boyfriend in your life would appreciate getting one as a gift.  I know I would!

1. Fine Meats and Cheeses

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Meat and Cheese for a King

I think most guys would agree that a nice piece of exotic meat and some cheese is tough to beat.  It’s the stuff of Kings.  I was amazed by the variety of unique meat delicacies available online.  For a simple spread, check out the Wild Game Pack (Venison, Elk, Buffalo) by Wisconsin Cheeseman.

2. Massaging Cushion

A Nice Massage at Home

We all enjoy a great massage after a long day or a tough workout.  But you may not feel like being a masseuse on a regular basis (bonus points if you do).  Why not give your man the Therapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat and let the chair do the work!

3. Boxed Set of Great Tunes

The Beatles Anthology

Is your guy a music fan?  There are some awesome boxed sets of classic tunes available on Amazon.  Perhaps the cream of the crop is The Beatles Anthology.

4. Braun Pulsonic Shaver

There are few things better than a nice shave.  With this higher-end razor, your man can get the baby smooth face you enjoy, and make it fun and easy. Win!

5. Kindle Fire HD.

If my wife’s reading this, here’s a hint! 🙂

Honestly, there is no better way to expand your mind than reading, and a well-read spouse is a better spouse in my opinion.  The Kindle Fire HD opens up the world of books both through Amazon and your local library (check out those great books found in this post to get started), plus it plays HD movies and lets you surf the web all from the same device.

So there are some ideas for great online gifts for your special guy this Valentine’s Day.  

What product would you add to the list?


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Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen. He has many passions, including sharing ways to enjoy an awesome marriage in 15 minutes a day, but his heart belongs with his wife Bethany and their three young kids.

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  1. I’d love a massaging cushion but we probably need some chairs first.
    Great ideas, thanks. I like the idea of the meats and cheeses. But i won’t buy them online. I’ll take a trip to the local deli, and do a gourmet hamper.
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Comic Book Confidential =-.

    1. Thanks, Mary! Yeah, I’m sure a local deli would be best. However, I’m not sure you can buy these things in all states. I know here in IL they don’t sell deer meat (venison) commercially. Luckily, I’m a bowhunter so we always have some available in our freezer. 🙂

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  3. I’m sort of disappointed, not in you but in North America in general, that every minor holiday has become a “Hallmark holiday” and is therefore worthy of gift giving. I think Doing Something Special on Valentine’s Day, meaning sharing an experience together, is more important that Buying More Stuff. My husband and I exchange 2-3 well-thought-out coupons for experiences and voila… You get TIME together, the most valuable gift of all.
    .-= Carrie @ Make Mine Happen´s last blog ..Winner & Wrap-Up: Living In the Trenches Giveaway =-.

    1. I actually agree with you, Carrie! I doubt we’ll actually exchange much in the way of gifts…I’ll probably buy Bethany something small and give her something more heartfelt.

      However, I know for many people that’s not the case. So, I thought it would fun to find some unique online gifts for folks to consider. After all, you can’t go wrong buying your man a table top hockey game! 🙂

    2. Right on Carrie. My wife and I have felt this way about Valentine’s Day for many years. We should be loving each other, showing our love, and building our marriage everyday not on one specific day. We actually get out a week before Valentine’s Day and celebrate, that was last night. It’s a lot of fun to be ahead of the crowd. I like your thinking.
      .-= Tony´s last blog ..004 ONE Extraordinary Marriage – Listener Feedback =-.

  4. I vote yes on the fine meats and cheeses. I definitely vote yes on the fine meats and cheeses.
    .-= Dan´s last blog ..Encouragement =-.

    1. Absolutely Dan! Like I said in a previous comment, we always have plenty of venison on-hand in our house. My wife doesn’t care too much for it…must be a guy thing!

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  6. Hi Dustin!

    Great ideas! While Matt always loves the latest and greatest video game, I do agree that some of the greatest Valentines days we have had together have been when we spend time together and find a way to make it special. The greatest memories are when he or I have taken the time and effort to make the other one feel really, really loved!

    Happy Valentines day in advance! 🙂 ~Meg

    1. Thanks, Meg! You definitely won’t find the best gifts online. While this post was fun to put together, I’d much rather give (or receive) a heartfelt letter or a night out with my wife. Time is always the best gift…but Ipods are cool too! 😉

  7. I’m with Carrie on this one. Why buy into our society’s consumerism? I think we should be encouraging our readers to refrain from consumerism and to show love in non-commercial ways. I vote for giving real massages.
    .-= Kathleen Quiring´s last blog ..Marriage Often Follows the Unplanned Route =-.

    1. You know I agree with you about the best kinds of gifts, right Kathleen? That said, I guess I don’t take these things quite so seriously. I put together a couple of posts with some unique gift ideas (which certainly aren’t limited to Valentine’s Day) and had fun doing it. I think most would agree they’ve had fun reading them.

      I think the community here knows that there are much more meaningful ways to show their love and devotion than commercialism. If they want to write a romantic love letter and then go online to check out some Elk sticks and Beatles music for fun, I’m personally cool with that.

      1. That’s true — you do offer other (freer) ideas for gifts for Valentine’s Day. I know that you would always choose the meaningful gifts first. I’m just not really into gift-buying and thought it would be interesting to hear some thoughts on why NOT to buy gifts.

  8. Mmm. . .Meat and cheese. What guy wouldn’t have a smile on his face with that gift! Maybe a good beer with the meat and cheese, but I don’t want to get greedy! Nice ideas Dustin! If you can create the right combination of a really nice present that is also very thoughtful, you have done well! Always nice to help people with gift ideas.
    .-= Matt | Opal Elephant´s last blog ..Ten Ways to Get Warm =-.

    1. Thanks, Matt! I’ll second the beer with the meat/cheese. Maybe a cold Fat Tire and some Elk salami. A guy can dream, right? 🙂

  9. This is not necessarily a Valentine’s gift, but I have to add another great guy present… a home beer brewing kit! They sell them for less than $50 dollars and come with the ingredients to make your own beer. My sister bought my husband (a microbrew fanatic) one for Christmas and he looked just like a small boy opening a Red Ryder BB gun. You can buy the supplies too to keep on making batches. Anyway my husband is having so much fun playing around with it.

    That said, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts. I will probably just make a fancy dessert for him and attempt a gourmet-ish dinner while he shows his love by playing with the baby and keeping the toddler out of my hair!

    1. Lacey, that sounds awesome! I LOVE microbrews and I’m sure I’d have fun trying to craft my own brew. Has your husband had much luck with it or is his beer “tough to swallow”?

      1. The first batch has been drinkable, not awful, but not fabulous either. Lot’s of room for tinkering around with the recipe though, right? We know lots of other people who have successfully made fabulous beer at home though, so it is possible!

  10. Amazing post! I totally love your site. I’m sure I’d visit here more often. Anyway, feel free to drop by my site as well. It’s about valentines day gift ideas for him. Catch you there sometime.

  11. What great gift ideas for him. When I saw this on twitter the other day, I thought it was a list of what to get a woman, and at first I was shocked when I was looking at your list then I realized that it’s because it’s for men and it fits great!
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Momma Feels Young =-.

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  13. I like idea number 4 for the nostalgia factor, and because I really enjoy hockey too. My brother and I used to have a table top hockey set when we were growing up and we used it so much that it fell apart.

    Great idea!

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