Support Your Spouse Working From Home

Many people enjoy the opportunity to work remotely from home, and it has become an increasingly more popular setup over recent years. While this type of flexibility and arrangement certainly has its perks, it can often be a difficult situation to successfully navigate living at home with your spouse whose office is also your shared home.

Here are some of the best ways you can support your spouse working remotely for a happy work/home life balance.

Gift Some Blue Light Glasses

Is your partner having trouble winding down at night after a long day in front of the laptop?

It’s most likely a side effect from overexposure to blue light. This particular type of light that gets emitted from computer screens, or other digital devices, not only can have adverse effects on the eyes themselves, but it can also throw off one’s circadian rhythm, which lets the body know when it’s time to fall asleep at night, resulting in a lack of quality sleep.

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However, stylish blue light glasses can be great to look into for your spouse should they be struggling to maintain a consistent sleep schedule since working remotely. As more time is clocked in front of the screen, blue light glasses block these higher energy wavelengths of light, protecting the eyes—allowing for better sleep and a less cranky partner!

Preserving a healthy sleep schedule has many health benefits, and this simple gift can make all the difference on screen-heavy days.

Discuss Workspace Options

Just as each marriage and relationship is unique, so are people’s working styles.

While some individuals thrive in group settings and enjoy the company of others as they complete their work, others may find it distracting and prefer a quieter or private working environment. Additionally, each job will have different requirements when it comes to meeting schedules or working hours.

Having an open conversation and communicating with your work-from-home spouse can provide great insight as to what type of support they need from you, as well as prove that you value the time and effort they put into completing their daily tasks.

Even finding small ways to create a calming home office space, like helping to keep things tidy or incorporating soothing colors, can be a great form of encouragement. Dedicating a set space for them to complete their work offers an outlet should the distractions of working from home take over.

Plan a Staycation

For remote employees, it can be difficult to recognize when to power off for the day when their office space is also their home.

Specifically now, with travel being discouraged due to the pandemic, a great way to help your spouse make use of their vacation time in a safe, but fun, way is to plan a staycation.

Taking advantage of their earned vacation time is something that some remote workers may be hesitant to do at this time. However, taking needed time off work can help prevent burnout and is overall beneficial to one’s mental health.

A staycation allows for the luxuries of a typical vacation without breaking the bank, less time needed to plan, and is a safer option to relax during this time of limited travel.

Small Reminders

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference, especially when considering the specific disadvantages that come with remote work—including a lack of motivation and a feeling of disconnect from their coworkers or team.  

Taking on small tasks, like offering to make the bed or a cup of coffee in the morning, are easy acts of service that can help motivate your partner on the days they may feel less motivated to get up for work.

If your partner values a routine and remote work is a newer setup for them, trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in their workday can go a long way in showing your support.

Whether this means having a conversation with them on their lunch break like you typically would if they were in the office or slipping a note in their laptop, there are small ways to show your love around the house. 

As remote work seems to show that it won’t be going anywhere for some time, learning to navigate having a spouse work from home is a crucial step in maintaining a happy marriage during these times.

Communicating with each other and offering small forms of encouragement can make a major difference in the job satisfaction of your partner.


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