Hey, it’s Dustin here.  I just opened the doors to Go Improve Yourself – be sure to click here to claim your spot.  The first 15 members are getting something VERY special.

I hope you’re getting ready for a wonderful holiday with your family with an eye towards making 2013 your absolute best yet.

I have two big things to share with you today:

1. The winners of the Go Improve Yourself contest

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2. Exactly what Go Improve Yourself IS and how you can take advantage of it

The Main Purpose of Go Improve Yourself

The main purpose of Go Improve Yourself is to show you (side-by-side with me) exactly how to find more time, get motivated, set and meet goals quickly, and experience the incredible power that achievement in one key area will bring to your entire life – especially in your busy marriage.

I decided to lead a small group of 50 people to new levels of success in 2013 by walking with you step-by-step through the goal achievement system that I originally created for myself and then used with great success to help friends, family members and private coaching clients.

Here’s how your life will improve in just 30 days when you join Go Improve Yourself:

  • You’ll gain clarity by creating a personal success plan for 2013 and establishing what’s most important to YOU.
  • You’ll get focused by selecting ONE (and only one) area of your life to improve together in the month of January.
  • You’ll finally find the deep-rooted motivation you need to make real progress that sticks.
  • You’ll learn to Master Your Time and enjoy more time and margin in your busy life (this alone is worth more than the price of admission).
  • You’ll experience the joy of making real progress on a goal that may have eluded you for years – weight loss, paying off debt, rekindled romance – the choice is yours.
  • You’ll have the power of Accountability to drive you forward to success – both from my leadership and your fellow GIY participants.

Over the course of our 30 days together, you’ll learn how to do everything above as a repeatable process that will allow you meet any goal, develop healthy habits and enjoy living intentionally for the rest of your life.

That’s the essence of Go Improve Yourself, and I’m super excited to share it with you – enrollment for Go Improve Yourself is now open.  Be sure to click here to claim your spot before they’re all gone!

What Go Improve Yourself Can NOT Do

I want to be clear that this program is NOT therapy or counseling.  As I read through some the entries to the contest, I was very moved to see some members of our community really struggling with serious issues like depression, addiction and abuse.

I am not a therapist, and if you are dealing with serious issues like these, I strongly encourage you to seek professional help.

Please do not join GIY if you are in need of counseling or therapy to deal with serious issues that are best addressed by professional services.

Examples of What You CAN Achieve in this Program

Go Improve Yourself is a catalyst for living intentionally. 

If you feel like you have no time, you struggle to set priorities and achieve goals, and you are ready to make 2013 your best year yet, you’ll love this program.

I know first-hand that achieving seemingly unrelated goals like losing weight or paying down debt can absolutely improve the quality of your marriage and family life.  And working on setting aside quality time and romancing your spouse with intention are fantastic goals.  This program will absolutely help you make these important goals happen in your life.

The beauty of GIY is that you will choose an area of your life that YOU want to improve (and I’ll help you choose).  While the possibilities are endless, here are a few goals that are definitely a great match for the program:

  • Losing weight
  • Eating better
  • Running a half marathon (I’ll be working on this personally during our time together)
  • Paying off debt
  • Saving more money
  • Starting a side business
  • Working toward a promotion at work
  • Rekindling romance in your marriage
  • Increasing the intimacy with your spouse
  • Reducing stress
  • Quitting smoking or cutting back on drinking
  • Spending more quality time with your kids
  • Getting more engaged in your faith life
  • Learning a new skill like playing guitar (if Santa brings the right gift, I’ll be focusing on this in 2013 too 🙂 )
  • Cooking more meals at home

In most cases, I have first-hand knowledge in all of these areas (although I’ve never smoked).  So, I can certainly point you to amazing resources specific to your needs as part of our time together.

That said, Go Improve Yourself is all about the framework and learning a process that works for meeting any achievement in your life that matters to you.

You can tackle any goal using this program, and once you learn it for yourself, you can apply it to the next big item on your “to achieve” list throughout 2013 and beyond!

To claim one of the 50 spots in the program, be sure to click here to sign up before they’re all gone!

Announcing the Winners of Our Go Improve Yourself Contest

We had SO MANY ridiculously good entries into our contest.  Be sure to click here and read them all, and leave a comment below thanking all of the participants.

Thank You for all of the amazing and thoughtful entries!

Picking *two winners* was extremely difficult.

But after lots of reading and getting input from Bethany, I chose the winners late last night.  I decided to go with one person that has more “concrete” goals in mind and one who can use more help choosing their right path.

After all, GIY will help you whether you know exactly where to go or you just know you want to move forward but can use some help holding the compass. 😉

Winning Entry #1: Stephanie

I would LOVE to be one of the winners.

Go Improve Yourself could help me and my marriage in 2013 by giving me the courage to go out and find more piano students. I have some idea of what it will take to do that, but I lack the self-confidence I need to really accomplish it.

We need the extra income from three to five more students to help us put our Baby Emergency Fund in place, and then to turn right around and put that money onto our debts. I just responded to a post on another blog about savings, because the author was suggesting that people should try to live on 80% of their income, tithing and saving the other 20%.

That’s just not feasible for us right now, but I would love to get there, and one way I can do that is by starting this piano teaching business. I have one student already, and I have some idea of how to get more, but as I said above, I lack the self-confidence I need to take the next step.


Winning Entry #2: Tim B.

I think that “Go Improve Yourself” can really help me in 2013 because I am notorious for making lofty goals and leaving them unfulfilled.

I’m a husband, a father of four girls and a pastor of a local church… so too often my life seems to be driving me rather than me (through God) driving it.  There is a constant concern and struggle to provide for the family and make ends meet so that meeting my personal goals gets pushed to the margins.

I have a number of goals, like writing a book, publishing a journal article, and renewing my Greek and Hebrew language skills that have been pushed off several years in a row by the “tyranny of the urgent.” Church life and family life are often intermingling, which can lead me to feel like neither are excelling.

This stress tends to boil over into my marriage. I would love to control the tension and stress that life creates rather than being controlled by it.

But I need more than a plan, I need action. I need to generate momentum.

It sounds like “Go Improve Yourself” is just the tool.  I believe using your program would help my marriage thrive again. I would love to finally meet these goals by re-engaging in life and marriage.

Tim B.


Congratulations again to our winners, and I’m excited to help you achieve what you deserve in life.  If these are your entries, I’ll be in touch real soon.

If not, I hope you’ll consider joining Stephanie and Tim to create your own success story for 2013.  Be sure to click here to claim your spot before they’re all gone!.

By the way, I have something VERY special for our first 15 members – so don’t miss it.


About the author 


Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen. He has many passions, including sharing ways to enjoy an awesome marriage in 15 minutes a day, but his heart belongs with his wife Bethany and their three young kids.

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  1. Thank you, Dustin! I’m honored that you picked me! I’m excited to work on this with you and the others who will join in!

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  3. Good luck with the program Dustin, I hope you get a full class. Let me know if you want help promoting it out and I can post up on Twitter.


  4. Very pertinent points, Dustin.
    Technology has not only changed the marriage equations dramatically, but also introduced new risks to the marital harmony.
    Would love to see more posts on this topic.
    Oh, and before I forget, a happy 2013!

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