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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  If you’re starting to think about what to get your man, the good folks at have offered to give away a very cool package of their products to one lucky winner here at Engaged Marriage.

They specialize in making it easy to have an unforgettable date night with your spouse at Valentines or anytime.

The Giveaway

Here is what you will win:

Instantly Improve Your Date Nights! Download This Free Game-Changing Tip.

  • A Ten Month Membership to the Loving Wives Club (each kit comes with a date night card, thematic ideas and printables) – $29.99
  • An “Opposites Attract” Valentine’s Date Kit – $7.99
  • A Prince of Persian Passion Hot Date Kit for Three Nights of Fun and Frolic.  Perfect for your husband’s birthday or anniversary – $15.99
  • The total value of this giveaway is $54.00

Here is how you can enter to win:

Write a short entry in the comments below sharing why your husband “needs a little more lovin’” this Valentine’s Day.  Be sure to include your email address anonymously when you post your comment.  I’ll pick one lucky winner at noon CST on Tuesday, February 8th.  Romantic Marriages will email you your digital kits that day.

It’s that easy.  Go ahead and enter with your comment for your chance to win.

And even if you don’t care so much about winning, it’s always great to reflect on the goodness that our spouse’s represent to us and to share our love for them with community here at Engaged Marriage.


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Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen. He has many passions, including sharing ways to enjoy an awesome marriage in 15 minutes a day, but his heart belongs with his wife Bethany and their three young kids.

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  1. We have 2 full time jobs and 5 year old twins. As you might imagine, “lovin” doesn’t make it very high on our to do list. We get home from work, feed kids, bathe kids, put kids to bed, do laundry, clean up from dinner, and often both get back to work. Then we basically pass out, get a couple of hours sleep and start it all over again. It’s obvious my husband needs a little more lovin!

  2. My man is a fireman & paramedic, and I work 3 jobs in the special education field. By the time I get home, he often has this wonderful dinner cooked, and I barely have enough energy to eat it… He deserves so much more love on a daily basis, and this would help me make that happen.

  3. Well, like many others, he works hard – two and sometimes three jobs – so I can mostly stay home with the kids [I work two mornings a week]. We have four kids which can make it hard to find ‘quality’ time together [especially with a destructive 3yo who won’t sleep :p]. We have no Valentine’s Day plans [as far as I know] but next month we’re going on our second honeymoon. Due to medical problems on my part, the first one was only so-so [at best] in the honeymoon department. The vacation part was good, but the rest… We’ll be spending more than a week away with the kids at home. It’s a working vacation as hubby is going to be at a conference, but I can go for free and we’ll have our evenings together. I would LOVE to make it extra special for him.

  4. He’s been working hard the past couple of weeks…getting up early and coming home late. He’s a hard worker and I love him!

  5. My husband could use some more lovin’ because he is the romantic one and I am not. It would be great to give him some love in the romantic way he always shows it to me.

  6. Well, my husband needs little more lovin because I found out last week he has been contemplating leaving. He just wasn’t getting the 3 As… appreciation, approval, and affection. Our youngest child is now 5 and it is time for mom to wean emotionally and start focusing on her man.

  7. My husband is a Marine that has been serving the last 6 months in Afghanistan. He is coming home JUST in time for Valentines Day…and is in DEFINITE need of some romance and love…as am I!! 🙂 We’re pretty laid back about Valentines, but this year would be the perfect year to make it extra special…JUST BECAUSE WE CAN! This is the first year in the last three that we’re able to be together for Valentines Day(and not apart because of military duty).

  8. We’ve recently been diagnosed with infertility and it’s such a blow to us. Husband’s been so strong, but it’s a hard battle and it’s been getting us both down. We have learned to lean on each other and God more than ever before, and I’m trying to show him in as many ways as I can, how much I love and appreciate him.

  9. I’ve been married for nearly 21 years to my wonderful man, and lately, I’ve been forgetting to let him know just how wonderful he is. I found this site on the list of the Top Ten Marriage Blogs (Congrats, by the way), and I’ve been voraciously reading your articles and suggestions, and thought this would be a great way to help me let my guy know how much I really love him. He does all the little things for me, loves to hide little notes around the house for me, helps around the house, gets up early to drive the kids to early morning school events. He’s a great guy, but (and I’m being honest here) I have gotten lazy in showing him that I love him too. I promise to use each of the items in the giveaway to rekindle the flame we felt when we were engaged and first married. Thanks for all the great advice and info and for the chance to enter. Good luck to everyone!

  10. My man has flat out told me that he would appreciate it if I did more romantic things for him. Sometimes as women we feel entitled to all of the romantic efforts in a relationship. Dr. Gary Chapman also stated that men love romantic things. I’d love a give myself some ideas to boost the level of romaticism in our relationship.

  11. I love my hubby so very much…but I admit that lately it’s been hard to really show it. We just went through a VERY hormonal pregnancy and are now going through an equally hormonal postpartum period – the poor man! He always says how much he loves his three girls, but lately his biggest girl (aka, ME) hasn’t been quite so loving back. 🙁 He just takes everything in stride and is truly the calming presence in our family.

    *sigh* He’s just a good man who loves God, his children, and his wife….

    He could definitely use some extra lovin’ this Valentine’s day to make up for the past…oh I’d say YEAR of getting pounded by a hormonal (but very grateful) wifey.

  12. Well, as you know, my hubby has been unemployed for nearly four months now… And during this time he has dilligently looked for and interviewed for countless jobs, all while working on an investment opportunity. And while those don’t sound like amazing feats he is also a “stay at home Daddy” to our two small girls. He drives our son to school and picks him up daily, works hard on homework assignments and projects with him. He does more than his fair share of the house work and cooks dinner every night, without so much a a complaint. (He is a great cook too!) I know this is not how he had planned for things to turn out for us, and I know that this is not the ideal way he would like to be spending his time, but he is making the most of our situation and is keeping a smile on his face, even when it is tough for me to keep one on mine. He is cherishing every moment that he has to spend with our children and is thankful for the blessing in disguse that he feels he has recieved.
    He is truely an amazing man, who we are more than blessed to have in our lives!

  13. My hubby needs a little bit of extra lovin’ because after four months of being unemployed, he’s back to work full time. He’s an excellent husband, father, and provider for our family and I’m so lucky he’s mine 🙂

  14. We’ve been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months now and I’ve been gradually getting more stressed about it. My husband is in the last few months of graduate school and is working long days every day of the week to finish up, so with everything we’ve had going on lately, he definitely deserves some more lovin. 🙂

  15. ‘Mine’ as I often call him, is off at deployment training right now (not deployed! not that scary!) with the fact that we need to find an apartment in 10 days looming over our heads – I have a place a different city for work, so the stress is on him – AND his birthday is just a week after Valentine’s Day … so after doing his standard grand gestures for me, I think he deserves a lil sumthin. 🙂

    I hope after the giveaway, everyone shows these comments to theirs! These are so nice.

  16. My husband is a stay at home Dad. He does MORE than I will ever know and more than I ever thank him for. When I come home from work, he lets me visit with the kids, play, read books, while he gets me dinner ready. He cleans, cooks (better than i can), does laundry, baths, bed times (I work late). I often get pulled in the “I’m too tired” category. The grind of daily life just weighs on me/us. This would really help spark some new love and life.

  17. My husband has been working a very awful job with a grueling work schedule (8 a.m. to sometime between 8 p.m. and midnight) for the past two years, quite often working weekends as well. His schedule has thrown me, and our marriage, in to a tailspin and I have been battling depression (unmotivated, unable to make even simple decisions, bad moods, etc.) for the past year, so not only does hubby work his butt off at work, he has been picking up some of the slack at home and with the kids, as well.

  18. My husband is married to a four-months-along, first-time pregnant woman. She’s pretty emotional and wacky a lot of the time (I know – I’ve seen it), and I have the feeling he’s probably perpetually anxious, wondering how his wife will be feeling when he gets home. I’ll bet something like this prize could really motivate his wife to find wonderful ways to show him she loves him more than ever now, and to prove to him that her emotional wackiness has nothing to do with him. This is a couple who could really benefit from this prize, and appreciate your opening up this contest. 😉

  19. My husband and I have been married for 2 1/2 months, and I know that sounds like we would have a lot of lovin’, being newlyweds and all, but it’s been difficult because I have a condition that makes sex very painful for me (we waited until marriage for sex, so this is new for us). My husband has been so patient and sweet with me, but I know it has been a disappointment for him, as we waited so long to have sex and now, although it does happen, it is a letdown, and not as often as either of us wish it could be. I am confident it will get better (I am going to see a doctor), but I KNOW he could use some more lovin’! I also lost my job about a month into our marriage, and it has been very stressful trying to make ends meet, so he has been picking up extra hours at work and doing about 5 hours of homework a night on top of that. Through it all, he has been a real sweetheart about everything, and has encouraged me and loved me through a very difficult time. He definitely deserves some extra lovin’!

  20. Hi,my husband and I have been married for almost 7mths,and I have six kids with a previous marriage,and he took all six kids has his own,and loves them all the same,ages 14,11,10,6,5,4,so not much time for him and I to enjoy time to are selfs,I work,and he does all house cleaning,laundry,so he is,and he deserves to alone time with his wife,We also have a puppy,who he cleans up after,he is a wondeful husband,father,and pet owner who deserves this prize,Thanks

  21. My husband definitely deserves some “Fun and Frolic”, because he somehow finds the time (and the heartfelt emotion) to tell me I’m sexy. Even after I leave him home alone with the kids, numerous phone calls and emails to deal with, a sink full of dirty dishes, and a dog that constantly wants in and out. All that, just so I can go and get dirty and stinky at the barn on a cold and very wet day. I return to him tired, anxious, and irritated about the prospect of having to prepare supper (and zero concern about how badly the children behaved in my absence). He loves me, anyway. He still writes me sappy, romantic (and often suggestive) notes. He deserves more than “fun and frolic”. Do y’all have any medals? Perhaps a golden statuette of a nekkid Greek Goddess? He’d like that. Not that we wouldn’t enjoy 3 days of “fun and frolic”. We would. Oh yes. We would. I take that back and change the verb tense. We WILL.

  22. My husband has struggled with his wife having two surgeries, his Mom having heart surgery and he just spent a week in the hospital due to a ruptured gall bladder and resulting surgery.

    Two days after being released from the hospital he was back at work as a Christian Counselor.

  23. I am so proud of my sweet husband! Like many others, he is a humble, hard worker. However, he is not currently getting paid for his hard work, as he is a full time graduate student. Every day, he and I live on faith in God and faith in one another. I put my trust in my hubby, since even though we are currently getting by on my salary alone, soon he will be supporting me financially and we will be able to start a family. My husband definitely deserves “some lovin” because every day, he gives me reason to put my faith in him.

  24. I’m in the process of finishing up graduate school. This involves acquiring an internship for next year and so I spent nearly the entire month away from my husband and preschool age son so that I could attend the necessary interviews. During that time, my husband bore the brunt of running the household mostly independently. In addition, he went out of his way to make certain there was a plan of something for us to do as a couple and as a family over the weekends and evenings when I was home. He is amazing, loving and supportive and I’d like nothing more than to make sure he knows that I appreciate this!

  25. My husband deserves more love because he gives unconditional love. He is a hard working U.S. soldier, he helps with the kids, helps around the house, loves me for who I am, loves not only my good qualities, but the bad ones too, although I’m sure they fustrate him on occasion, he still loves the whole me! He’s an outstanding loving father of our three children. He’s a giving, loving, unselfish husband and father! We are lucky to have him in our lives and he deserves more love than he receives! That’s why I’m a fan of romanticmarriages, engaged marriages, and loving wives club…I’m finding more ways to love him and he deserves it!!!

  26. My husband was laid off more than a year ago (before we were married). He’s started college at the ripe age of 31. I’ve been working overtime to pay for college. He’s loving college so far & has been a great home husband. He does soooo much housework – with no complaining!! He even doesn’t say anything when I make explosions in the kitchen with my branching out with cooking – and that’s been pretty regular lately!! He tries so hard to make me happy, even when I’m being very rough around the edges. Life has been so crazy with all my overtime, that I’m out of creativeness by the time I get home – winning this would be so refreshing & we would BOTH appreciate it!

  27. WOW!

    Just Wow. You ladies are so amazing, open and gracious. Unfortunately, I can only pick one winner for this contest, but you all clearly have very loving and deserving husbands. Your comments are just incredible, and I encourage you to let your husband read your words. It will mean A LOT to them!

    For this contest, I have chosen Jaycie as the winner. We definitely need to have more giveaways and opportunities for all of you wonderful wives to share some romance with your husbands.

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