5-smartphone-apps-to-make-your-marriage-more-romanticWhether you’re apart for a few hours during the day or separated for weeks and months because of work, it’s possible to stay connected with your smartphone and never miss a minute with your significant other.

On top of traditional methods like texting and Skype video chatting, there are apps out there made specifically for couples, and others that can help spice up your marriage and keep you two close.


Like its name, Couple is meant just for the two of you.

It’s a social network for you and your significant other that allows you to chat, post updates, share photos, and create events for you to attend together.

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This app reduces the clutter of other updates on social networks and essentially creates a virtual scrapbook where you can look back at the good times you spent together.

If you’re video chatting on this app, try out a “thumb kiss,” where you press your fingers to your partner’s lips on the screen while the phone vibrates and the screen turns red.


Is there anything more romantic than driving through the countryside with a great playlist and your loved one next to you?

The Roadtrippers app lets you plan your drive, from start to finish, with stops along the way to eat at iconic restaurants or take a photo together at a scenic lookout.

When you arrive, you can continue using the app to find a romantic bed and breakfast, a quiet spot for dinner, or couples activities to take in the culture of the region.

Whether you’re hoping to spend a weekend tucked into a cabin in Vermont or in the bustle of historic Savannah, there are many recommendations by the pros for turning your vacation into a romantic getaway.

How Did He Know?

The app—which aims to leave your wife asking ‘hey—how did he know…?’—is built specifically for men like me in mind.

Men who, whether they want to be or not, are pulled in many different directions every day, but who still want to prioritize their marriages and relationships.

Every day, I get a simple relationship tip delivered right to my phone. The tips are based off of information I provide about my wife and our marriage—like important days to celebrate, her likes and dislikes, and our stage in life.

But what I like most about the tips is that they touch on five hugely important categories, all of which we have covered here on Engaged Marriage, and each tip is quick to read and easy to act on.

So what kind of information am I receiving?

Every day is a different tip, and each tip covers one of the following areas:

• Intimacy
• Nutrition
• Physical Changes
• Emotions
• Lifestyle

From mood swings to sex drive to the best foods to serve after a long week, How Did He Know? helps me get right down to the actions, words, foods and things that my wife will love—and there’s not much to dislike about that!

Oh, and the really cool part is that the app can be “calibrated” to your wife’s fertility cycle…and the associated hormone changes that happen throughout the month.  As a couple that practices Natural Family Planning, we are REALLY excited by this technology!


One of the most common ways to stay close to your spouse while they’re away is to send intimate photos, but many couples don’t feel comfortable doing this or don’t want to risk accidentally sending their photos to the wrong person.

With Hidely, you take a photo on your smartphone, like the Galaxy S7 Edge on a reliable network like T-Mobile, but it doesn’t get saved in your camera roll. This way, your friends won’t see them when they’re looking at your vacation photos.

The only way to see them is if your partner also has the Hidely app, and photos are deleted 24-hours after they’re opened. This means your photos won’t get shared across the internet, making Hidely a great app for exploring intimacy while your spouse is away.

Loving – Couple Essential

While this is another social networking app, it also has a few additional features that make it worth downloading.

Users can find out whether their partners are asleep and set alarms to wake them up. This way, users can be the first people their partners hear and see when they wake up in the morning, even though they’re hundreds of miles away.

You can also pinpoint your distance from each other, so you know how far away the other person is, and let your partner know when Aunt Flo is visiting so they can plan accordingly.

Loving – Couple Essential takes the little day-to-day activities between couples into consideration, which is why it’s so highly rated.

These are just a few apps out there that are meant to bring couples closer together, no matter how far apart they are. Whether you’re looking to reconnect or spruce up your typical routine, give these a try and see if they make your relationship even more fun.


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