10 Ways Millennial Couples Can Spice Up Their Relationship.001Are you and your spouse struggling to keep your relationship alive in a world full of distractions (and amid your crazy schedules)?

Are your dates starting to feel more like a chore than something you both look forward to?

If you can totally relate to these situations, it’s time to change things up. Amp up your #relationshipgoals with these 10 ideas:

Display Your Wedding Photos Creatively at Home

Nothing is a better visual reminder of your lifetime commitment to each other than the collection of your wedding photos.

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You can have your wedding photos printed as a collage on classy, professional-quality acrylic, canvas, or metal and hang it on your bedroom or living room wall.

Immortalize Your Love Story on a Photo Book

Are you the type of couple who constantly posts mushy Facebook statuses and photos?

While garnering a lot of likes and heart emojis seem to add a little excitement to your relationship, it’s not really helping that much.

In fact, several studies have shown that couples who frequently post about their partners on Facebook are those who feel insecure about their husband’s or wife’s affections, so there’s a need for them to share their happiness to the world. So work on that first before you even attempt to hit the “Post” button again.

You know what’s better than sharing your love story on Facebook? Have your best couple photos printed on a photo book.

This will help you reminisce privately about every single detail of your relationship’s beginnings and your romantic moments. Your photo book can live for generations to come, which is perfect to show to your future kids and inspire them with your love story.

Have Spontaneous Travels

Now is the perfect time to cross out some items in your couple travel bucket list.

Take a leave from work and explore places you’ve never been to! Visit romantic vacation spots, go on a road trip, or book a flight to your dream destination.

Relive the First Day You Met

Reliving the day when you first met your partner will definitely bring back your fondest memories as a couple!

If you started out as high school sweethearts, you can have a photo shoot wearing your old high school uniform or re-enacting a moment from your homecoming dance. You can also visit the place where you had your first date.

Savor the moment and be thankful that you’ve gone this far in your relationship from where it all started.

Do Crazy and Exciting Activities

Do something exciting and crazy together!

Go skydiving, eat exotic food, or experience a one-of-a-kind mud bath—anything that pleases and excites you as a couple. Overcome your fears together, just like what every couple should do.

Dine in a Fancy Restaurant Occasionally

Because of their busy lifestyle and the need to save money, millennial couples tend to eat home-cooked meals and fast food. But it doesn’t hurt to splurge on food occasionally if it means you’ll get to enjoy yourselves.

If you can afford it, why don’t you dine at a 5-Michelin-star restaurant on a random day? No special occasions needed; spontaneous date nights are always the best.

And hands off your phones, please!

Learn a New Skill Together

When you learn a new skill together, you hit two birds with one stone: you develop your skills individually and you get to bond more often. For example, if both of you happen to love sweets, sign up for a baking class.

If you don’t have enough time for a skill class, buy cheap, blank canvasses and paint portraits of each other. You can squeeze in a little messy (and hot) paint war, too.

Don’t Forget to Do Sweet Nothings

Leave your partner simple things that can brighten up his or her day. A simple good morning, prepared breakfast, or back rub can do wonders.

Always remember that even the littlest thing matters, especially if you want your partner to feel loved and cared for.

Binge-Watch Your Favorite Series

Got nothing to do on a Friday night? Your favorite series got you covered!

A Game of Thrones or a Stranger Things viewing marathon (or any series you both love) is perfect for relaxing (plus cuddling and snuggling) after a long week of work. Add in some popcorn and a tub of ice cream, too!

Have Sex Without Having Sex

Yes, you can have sex without intercourse.

Keep the passion alive by teasing your partner and showering him or her with kisses and long, warm hugs. A little foreplay will definitely build up excitement for both of you.

Always remember that making a relationship work entails a lot of team effort. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do together—as long as you enjoy yourselves and keep the fire of romance and intimacy burning, you’re on the right track.


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