24 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Wow Your Wife This Christmas

24 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Wow Your Wife This Christmas

By Dustin | Romance

24 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Wow Your Wife This ChristmasThe Christmas season is here!

Are you looking for an awesome gift for your wife to let her know how much you care?

Here are 24 unique ideas to get you started in the right direction.

These all come from Amazon so they’re super-easy to get shipped right to your door.

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Even if a particular item doesn’t fit your fancy, you may find some option from the links below to give you the perfect idea!

The list is in no particular order and prices range from ten dollars to over a hundred.  So whether you are trying to find a stocking stuffer or a big gift, this list should help you give your wife a gift she’ll love.

Happy shopping!


Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarves are a fun way to spice up an outfit.  This particular scarf comes in many color combinations, so choose one that you think your wife would enjoy!

Knitted Infinity Scarf

Knitted Scarves are another trendy type of accessory.  These scarves come in many colors and can change the look of any outfit!

Space Dye Infinity Scarf

Chunky Infinity Scarves also add a cozy look and definitely keep you warm during the cold winter months!


Alex and Ani Rafaelian Silver Finish Initial Bangle

Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelets are so versatile.  These are meant to be worn stacked, so even if your wife has one, there are so many styles to choose from!

Bella Ryann Silver Plated Birth Crystal

Bella Ryann Bracelets are similar to the Alex and Ani ones, but are about half the cost.  No matter what your wife’s style is, a bracelet (or two) can be found for her!  These are available in silver or gold!


Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hand Stamped Necklaces can be personalized with the names of family members.  You can’t go wrong with jewelry!


Perfume is a gift for both of you!  This fragrance is a classic choice.


Coach Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a useful accessory!  This pair of Coach sunglasses are a trendy look this year.


Crossbody Purse

Crossbody Purses are both functional and stylish.


Weekender Bag

This Weekender Bag looks fantastic and would be useful when you take your wife away for a romantic overnight stay!


Fringe Bootie

Fringed booties are very stylish right now.  They look great with casual or dressy outfits.

Buckled Knee-High Riding Boot

Riding boots are a great accessory.  This taupe color is very versatile, so she can wear them with lots of outfits!


Tervis Cup

Tervis Cups are a fun stocking stuffer.  These are great quality and can be found in many different styles!

Insulated Wine Glasses

Insulated Wine Glasses may be the perfect gift!  These can keep her wine or champagne chilled while you relax together!



Keurig coffee makers are a fantastic kitchen appliance!  If your wife is a coffee lover, this may be just the ticket!


Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift idea for those wives that enjoy reading.  There are many types of Kindles to choose from, but this one allows the reader to use it even in the sunlight with no glare!  She can relax in the sun while reading her favorite book!



Amazon Echo is a fun gift for those who love technology! Using voice technology, it can share information, music, audiobooks, news, weather, traffic, sports, and more–instantly!


Fit Bit

Fitbit designs products and experiences that track everyday health and fitness, empowering and inspiring people to lead healthy, more active lives.  Fun gift for those wives who are interested in fitness!


Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a fun and useful gift for the whole family!  Lots of movies and apps.  Hours of entertainment!


Bluetooth Headphones

LG Bluetooth Headphones are comfortable and useful!  Whether she is working out or driving in her car, she can listen to music or talk on the phone with ease!


Coffee Mug

Best. Wife. Ever. coffee mugs make fun gifts, but also let her know what you really think of her.


Roomba robotic vacuums are a great way to help your family save time cleaning!  This means more couple time for you!


Luxury Robe

Luxury Robes are a fun gift to receive.  Especially if you give her a gift certificate to a spa or make her some homemade coupons to let her have reasons to use it!

Fleece Robe

Fleece Robes are a slightly less expensive type of robe, but can be given with bath salts, or other relaxation items!

If you’re the husband, I hope this list gives you some great ideas to really pamper your wife…and if you’re the wife you have some new ideas for your wishlist!

What’s on your gift wishlist right now?  Share it in the comments to help other couples with some new ideas!


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Great stuff, so good for jogging the mind. Thanks!


    Awesome William!


Hey Dustin,
Thank for the ideas.
Please pay attention to your description of LG Bluetooth Headphones – it is highly not recommended to drive while listening to music using headphones, that’s very dangerous. In some countries it’s even forbidden.


    We use them for hands-free phone calls – it’s actually a recommended device for that in our state. But I definitely see your point when it comes to listening to music.

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