Regain Your BalanceIf you’re like me, you know what it’s like to struggle to find the right balance of time, energy and interest in your crazy-busy life.  We have so much going on that weeks can pass in a blur while we attend to all the seemingly urgent tasks that hit us from all directions each day.

Meanwhile, our real priorities don’t get the attention they need, our creative side never gets a chance to shine through and we’re left feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled despite pouring our energy into doing the best we can.  Sound familiar? 🙂

Regain Your Balance

Well, it is truly my pleasure to introduce you to an awesome resource that can help you.  In Regain Your Balance, Ali Hale offers real, practical advice to help you find the right balance and achieve all that you want for your life.

To borrow Ali’s words, her e-book is for you if:

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* You can’t understand where your time and money goes. It feels like there should be plenty of both, but there isn’t …

* You shelved your painting or writing or music a few years ago, and never went back to it …

* You keep trying to make improvements, but somehow life keeps on reverting back to the same busy state.

Does this sound like you?  I know it sounded really familiar to me!

I encourage you to head over to the full-page description of Regain Your Balance for the run-down on the full contents and awesome bonuses being included right now as the e-book is launched.  However, to give you a quick taste for what’s included in this 78-page e-book, here’s the list of chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Taming Time
  • Chapter 2: Cultivating Creativity
  • Chapter 3: Finding Focus
  • Chapter 4: Energizing Environment
  • Chapter 5: Real Recharging
  • Chapter 6: Managing Money

Also, if you’d like a taste for what the book’s like, Ali has a link to download the Introduction and Chapter One for free at her site!

My Full Endorsement (and a little contribution by yours truly)

As the creator of Engaged Marriage, I have the opportunity to review a lot of products and books.  In fact, I’m sent things to review on probably a weekly basis with the hopes that I’ll feature them on the site.

Well, you don’t see many of those because I’m very selective in the products and services that I share with you.  I know anything featured here reflects on me and our community, so I only share resources that I can fully support because I’m confident they’ll really help you.

Regain Your Balance has my strong endorsement.  It has really helped me make better use of my time and feel more fulfilled in my life.  It’s not a theoretical book, it’s a book of action and practical advice you can actually use.  And I love that!

After I reviewed it in draft form, I was given the opportunity to suggest changes to Ali, which she graciously included.  One of my criticisms was that the e-book was light on information to those with young children (since we often struggle so much to find balance).  Ali doesn’t have kids yet (but she IS getting married this fall!), so she let me write up some advice for young families, and it’s included in Chapter One!

Regain Your Balance is also the first product that I’ve ever agreed to endorse right on the landing page for the site.  When you click over, you’ll see my smiling mug there sharing my thoughts on the mix of topics included in the book…don’t hold that against the book, please. 🙂

Don’t Take My Word For It

I don’t expect you to hear that I liked (or loved) the e-book and then go buy your own copy based solely on that.  But I would encourage you to head over to read the full description and see if it’s something that could help you.

By the way, Ali has included a lifetime full money-back guarantee if you do buy it and decide it wasn’t all you hoped for.  You just let her know, and she sends your money right back to you.  She’s cool like that.

Please check out Regain Your Balance and leave your thoughts in the comments below.  But don’t be too harsh on my section! 😉


About the author 


Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen. He has many passions, including sharing ways to enjoy an awesome marriage in 15 minutes a day, but his heart belongs with his wife Bethany and their three young kids.

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  1. Like many working couples, we struggle with keeping family, work, finances, etc. in balance but our life is even more challenging because we have a daughter with special needs. While there is tons of great Christian-based advice out there for strengthening marriage (some of the best of it is here!) it can be much more difficult to implement for families like us. It’s much harder to keep things in balance when your child is home from school sick 3-4x more often, you have behavioral therapy 3 nights a week and you can’t do “date nights” because you use up all your babysitters to go to small group because your child doesn’t interact well with the other kids. I wish there was more out there addressing our unique needs, but until there is we still look at the “mainstream” books, advice and tips and feel blessed if 10% can apply to our life.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Brian. As tough as it is for “typical” families, I can only imagine the strain for time, balance and energy that a family with special needs children faces every day. My wife is a special education teacher at the elementary level, so I do hear of similar situations frequently.

      I’d be willing to bet that you have a lot of expertise in this area based on the reading you’ve done and, most of all, your experience. If you ever want to share some advice for all of those out there with special needs families, please know that I would love to publish a guest post from you on the topic here at Engaged Marriage.

  2. I think my biggest balance is between what I want to do versus what I have to do. For example, I want to get my degree but I don’t want to do my homework – I’d rather spend time with my family. It’s just a hard balance between school and work and my future husband. I think my trick to it is though to make sure I give time for what I want, even if it’s just a little bit. It makes me feel like I’m doing something worth while.

    1. Thanks for the awesome comment, Miss Lissy! I can totally relate to your issue of balancing wants vs. needs. It often feels like the “wants” always have to wait, but I agree with you that small doses can make a real difference!

  3. The biggest struggle for me is work/home/church/school. So…I guess basically LIFE. lol. I’m trying so much harder lately to be in the moment & not let my mind stress about church functions when I’m at home or the laundry while I’m at school. In similar style to Miss Lissy, I worry that getting my degree is taking my time from my loved ones but to make a better life for my family I need my degree.

    1. I can relate, Skeemer118. I completed a Master’s Degree in engineering at night after we were married, and my wife is slowly working through a Master’s in special education between having and raising young children. 🙂

  4. As a small business owner with 3 teenage/twenty somethings, my wife and I struggle with keeping up enough energy and carving out time for just the two of us.

    Looks like this book might be quite helpful!

  5. My biggest struggle is finding time for myself. After caring for the kids, managing our household, and trying to spend some quality time with my husband there isn’t much time for me to pursue my own interests.

  6. I seem to be having trouble balancing my time. I have so many commitments to different organisations that i made before i got married. I’ve actually given up quite a bit of them, but it doesn’t take me long to sign up to something else. For some reason, people are always keen for me to have me on their committee. Some weeks i’ll have a meeting every night, and all i want is to go home to my husband.

    1. I totally understand, Mary! My work requires evening presentations on a somewhat regular basis, plus I’m involved in several community and church organizations…and I’m a tee-ball coach. I’ve just had to say “no” to further opportunities when they come up.

  7. I have trouble balancing homemaking. I have a hard time even remotely keeping up with household stuff with 4 kids under 5.

  8. I find it hard to find time for housekeeping. I work and have a husband and son. I prefer to spend any and all free time with them, but by the time the baby is in bed at night, I just want to rest and be with my husband. But I figure a perfectly clean house is not as important as my time with them.

  9. My biggest balancing act is trying to work full-time, be a good wife and mother and work on my new business that is all about what I REALLY want to do! I focus on one of these, and I feel like I’m neglecting the others!

    This ebook has just what I need! I would like to share it with our readers too because part of our business is helping others simplify and enjoy life by finding balance!

    Thanks for the link to the book!!

    1. Awesome, Shawna! The book just really hit a nerve with me (in a very good way). I’m glad you are enjoying it as well!

  10. Gee, can I say “ditto” to almost everything above? Being a full time worker outside the home, with a stay at home daddy until I get home, then he goes to work, and 2 under 2 makes it a challenge to get anything done unless I’m well rested. Unfortunately, I’m not getting much sleep. How to get it all done and still have time for me…ugg!

  11. The biggest struggle I face in finding balance in my busy life? Being able to remember what needs to be done at any given time.

  12. My biggest struggle is finding time to spend along with my wife. I am involved in the Boys Scouts, my church (teaching Sunday School), my full-time job, I am a High School Basketball Referee, I have my blog, family-my 2 yr-old, and I am president of my HOA. Needless to say it is challenge to spend alone time with my wife on a daily basis, most days its limited to Pillow talk, because after all of the above activities, we always try to go to bed at the same time.

    Thanks for this contest, sounds like a valuable book!

    1. I can absolutely relate, Eric. I think your goal of going to bed at the same time is awesome, and that move alone can really enhance your intimacy and give you the “Couple Time” you need each day amidst all the madness. I hope you check out the book…I think it’d be right up your (busy) alley!

  13. Congratulations to Eric from Better Husbands & Fathers who’s Twitter entry won the drawing for a free copy of Regain Your Balance. I know he’ll love it!

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