How to Have More Sex and Better Intimacy in Your Marriage“I want to feel closer before I’m in the mood for sex with him.”

“I want to have sex with her so we can feel closer.”

“He’s just not romantic anymore – we need a spark in our intimacy.”

“Our love life is just so routine & monotonous – I wish she was more open to new things.”

Add More Sizzle to Your Sex Life

Download This Simple 10-Minute Tip to Break Free of the Bedroom Routine.

“His sex drive is just so low.” “She has no interest anymore.”


As busy married couples, we know that healthy intimacy is SO important to our relationships.  Heck, a great sex life makes our whole family happier.

This is one area of your marriage where “good enough” isn’t and seemingly small problems can create some really major issues.

Yet, I hear these statements every week from members of our Engaged Marriage community – from newlyweds to those who have been married for decades.  And we know the reality is that the majority of couples never speak up at all about their sex lives…not even to each other.

Well, I’m excited to share that help is on the way – real, practical help that I know is going to leave you excited and reengaged.  We’re hosting a very special online event next week called “How to Have More Sex & Better Intimacy in Your Marriage.”

I’ll be joined by the fabulous Alisa DiLorenzo who will be our main presenter.  If you don’t know Alisa, you’re in for a real treat.  She is a Christian wife and mom who is uniquely knowledgeable and remarkably approachable when it comes to this topic.  Here’s a little bio:

Alisa DiLorenzoAlisa DiLorenzo is co-host of the #1 marriage podcast in iTunes. She speaks to a worldwide audience about sex, love and commitment, as she challenges every listener to make their relationship a priority. Author of Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage and The 7 Days of Sex Challenge, Alisa is transparent as she takes a no-nonsense, tough love approach to the issues that all marriages face.

Alisa is an in-demand speaker on the topic of intimacy, and she recently presented at the National Association of Relationship and Marriage Experts. Prepare yourself to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary with your relationships!

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be covering in this live workshop:

  • How to Romance Your Spouse Throughout the Day in Anticipation of Sex at Night
  • What It Means to Take the Lead Inside the Bedroom
  • How to Deal with Low Sex Drive in Your Marriage (yours or your spouses)
  • How to Think Outside of the Bedroom for Sex
  • How to Schedule Sex and Keep Your Love Life Spontaneous

We’ve decided to keep the cost of this workshop very reasonable, and in addition to some fabulous “take action tonight” live training and lifetime access to the recordings of the event, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask any question you’d like of Alisa and me.  Plus, Alisa is including a copy of her popular “7 Days of Sex Challenge” e-book for everyone who joins in the fun.

The live event takes place next Thursday evening, but if you already have plans, no worries – everyone who registers gets a full recording to enjoy at your convenience and you can submit questions in advance.  That said, we have to limit the number of “seats” to the event because our webinar service can only accommodate so many live attendees.

Reserve Your Seat!

Click here to reserve your seat to this special event 

By the way, I’m all about delivering the goods and making sure you love your experience with this event.  So, even though I’m sure you’ll love what Alisa has to share, I’m covering all attendees with a 100% guarantee.  If you’re not blown away by the workshop, I’ll refund your money – and you can keep the 7 Days of Sex book to enjoy!

I’m so excited for this first Engaged Marriage “How-to” Workshop, and I hope you will join us for a marriage-enriching event!

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Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen. He has many passions, including sharing ways to enjoy an awesome marriage in 15 minutes a day, but his heart belongs with his wife Bethany and their three young kids.

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