Find the Perfect Engagement RingEditor’s Note: This is a guest post that I wish would have been available about 10 years ago. 🙂  Pammy Rosen offers some great insights into the process of selecting the right engagement ring.

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases in your lifetime, especially for the bride. Most men could care less if their own ring came from a Crackerjack box, but when buying a ring for their bride-to-be, a little education about the types of rings that are available and how they might effect the cost can be a great help.

Here’s how to pick out a ring that will have your bride-to-be blushing while getting your money’s worth.

The Four C’s

There are four key terms to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Just think of them as the 4 C’s of wedding ring shopping:

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1. Clarity
2. Carat
3. Color
4. Cut

There are ways to save money and still get the ring you desire by simply keeping these terms in mind.

The clarity of the ring has to do with flaws that are present on the ring. It is possible to find a ring that may have some minor flaws that are not noticeable by looking at the ring. This can result in getting a bargain on a ring that would have been too expensive to purchase had the ring not had any flaws.

The carat is used to describe the weight of the ring. When buying a gold or diamond wedding ring, this becomes very important as the more the stone or gold weighs, the more expensive the ring will be. Shopping around can help you find the best deal possible for a ring that has a higher carat level.

Typically, the more colors that are present in a ring, the more expensive the ring will be. For grooms on a tight budget, finding a ring that is uniform in color will likely be the best option.

The cut of the ring refers to the overall look and shape of the ring. Rings that are shaped abnormally will typically cost less.Wedding Ring Set

Shape, Setting and Size

The most popular type of rings of course involve diamonds. Whether they are diamond promise rings or diamond engagement rings, those precious stones are indeed a girl’s best friend.  While keeping the 4 C’s of wedding ring shopping in mind, you will also want to consider the different types of diamonds available.

The most popular shape of a diamond wedding ring is a round diamond. Keep in mind that a ring can include one stone or multiple stones, but the number of stones will have a dramatic effect on the price of the ring. Other popular shapes include ovals, hearts, pearls and emeralds.

Selecting the right setting for the ring will be important as well. Typically, this means choosing between platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. It is important to be sure the setting of the ring and the stones that will be part of the ring look good together.

And guys, don’t forget what may be the most important part of shopping for your future wife’s wedding ring: the size. Whether it means borrowing a ring she is currently wearing or getting help from someone close to her, you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a ring that doesn’t fit.  Talk about starting off your marriage on the wrong foot.:)

By keeping this and the other tips here in mind, you will be prepared to come up with the perfect wedding ring for your bride-to-be, which can start your long and happy life together.


Pammy Rosen is a freelance writer for My Jewelry Box, a North American online jewelry store. Pammy is a style and fashion addict who can never pass up a beautiful piece of jewelry. For all of your jewelry needs, visit


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  1. Important note, it’s usually a good idea to ask her what she likes, too. (Stone shape, white gold vs. yellow gold, etc.) Or enlist a good (discreet) friend of hers to help fish for hints.


    1. Now, that’s a GREAT point, Krystal! I did have solid input from my wife back before I bought her engagement (and wedding) ring. There are so many options, you need to make sure you’re in the right ballpark with the style you’re considering.

  2. I totally agree with Krystal above… this post is very good if you’re looking for a fairly traditional diamond ring. Many girls do not want a fairly traditional diamond ring – or even a diamond at all!

    1. Absolutely, Rowenna. My wife preferred a pretty traditional look with her ring, but I know it’s increasingly common for women to prefer something “out of the box” when it comes to their engagement ring.

  3. Because of concerns over how diamonds are acquired and valued, we opted for something non-traditional. My husband new my wishes before proposing and got a gorgeous aquamarine ring made at a jeweler. The light blue color actually goes well with everything.

    Lots of options out there beyond the traditional!

  4. : ) Loved this post! I just had this “conversation” a few weeks ago with my fiance to be… So excited! And great advice!

  5. There were so many articles around when I was looking for my engagement ring about finding the right one, and none of them outlined what i wanted, because it was all so diamond focussed. I didn’t want a diamond, and i didn’t like any of the settings a traditional engagement ring has. My husband picked out an awesome ring with sapphires, that is everything i could have wanted. I mentioned in your other engagement ring post that my mother-in-law didn’t like it due to the lack of diamonds and any sense of tradition in it, but I think its perfect.

  6. Hey! Saw your appearance in Family Foundations magazine. Great reading! 🙂 I got excited and said to my husband ~ “Hey I read his blog!”

  7. When people think about jewellery, they often consider it as being something for girls. The truth of the affair is that some jewellery, chosen scrupulously, can be ideal for men too.

  8. One very important point: don’t get a huge stone. She is going to feel obligated to wear this every single day until you get married. It’s not a real problem if she’s less clumsy than I am (wait… everyone is less clumsy than I am). However, even if she’s not going to hurt herself on it (and get it stuck in everything), it’s still awkward. This applies more if you’re getting a non-diamond gem, as you wouldn’t be getting a huge diamond. It’s incredibly tacky to get a huge diamond, trust me, she won’t thank you for it.

    (And even if she’s not clumsy, and has the elan to pull off a huge diamond, remember: she’s not going to want to wear $5,000 every day).

  9. I think it’s important to note that it’s not about the ring, but the commitment and future of marriage that are important in becoming engaged. My husband and I decided we did not need a ring to make those commitments. This was initially hard for my husband as he thought that he was not showing that he could provide, but actually was an incredibly wonderful and freeing decision for us! We did not have to be consumers, we did not have to be tuned into any of the (all of the) junk advertising and information, and we felt incredibly committed to each other – knowing that we were and we didn’t have to show it via some flashy ring. In the end we purchased a tandem bicycle as an “engagement tandem”. It’s something we could learn to ride (not so easy at first!) and enjoy together. During our marriage preparation we kept mentioning to each other how all the prep stuff was easier and required less trust and communication than riding a tandem! So, don’t be afraid to go ring-less! It required a lot of trust and communication – two things necessary for a good marriage anyway – and also left our consciences free!

  10. You forgot to mention the jewelry style she prefers. Does she choose vintage, antique looking pieces, or does she opt for more simple gold or platinum pieces? Take her style into consideration too, she will appreciate the attention to details.

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