How to Communicate Your Way to a Better Marriage!“We just don’t talk anymore.”

“He doesn’t listen to me.”  “She’s so defensive – I can put her in a bad mood without saying a word.”

“When we first got together, we could spend hours just hanging out and talking. How can we get that back?”

“I love her SO much, but I really struggle to make her feel it.”

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“The kids require so much of my energy and attention, sometimes he gets what’s left over at the end of the day.  He deserves better.”

“On our wedding day, the advice we got over and over again was to make good communication a priority.  I never thought we’d actually need help, but I know things can get better than they are right now.”

Communication is the core of any good relationship.  And it’s especially vital to communicate well within your marriage.

Of course, effortlessly talking for hours on end like you did when you were dating is a great form of communication.  But as your relationship has matured, the need for healthy and effective communication in many forms has expanded (even if you or your spouse didn’t notice).

The way you interact in the morning, the way you argue, the decisions you make with your kids and the “feeling” you give off to the household when you get home from work are all important forms of communication.

Communicating well is not easy.  But the great news is that nothing can compare to the power of high-quality communication when it comes to serving your spouse and enjoying a fun, passionate and deeply connected marriage.

The line between great, good and bad communication can seem pretty fine sometimes, but that’s part of the fun and challenge of being married.  If you invest some effort in learning and practicing better communication, I promise you’ll enjoy a better marriage as a result.

I’m excited to share that help is on the way – real, practical help that I know is going to leave you excited and reengaged. We’re hosting a very special online event soon called “How to Communicate Your Way to a Better Marriage (Talking Optional).”

I’ll be joined by my go-to resource on this topic – Dr. Corey Allan – who will be our main presenter.  Corey has helped couples across the world interact better with practical, fun and powerful tools for more effective communication . Here’s a brief bio:

Dr. Corey AllanDr. Corey Allan is a husband, father, author, speaker, as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist with a Ph.D. in Family Therapy. Corey has been married for over 20 years, and he regularly counsels individuals and couples around the world on how to have better relationships. He is also the founder of Simple Marriage, a leading online resource for practical marriage advice.

Corey is a Christian who believes that love is not a feeling, it’s a process. And marriage is no different. Prepare yourself for a powerful workshop that will give you a fresh perspective and take the communication in your marriage to new levels!

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be covering in this live workshop:

  • Hear what your spouse is saying without overreacting or jumping to conclusions (and be heard by them)
  • Be crystal clear in the messages you send (with or without talking)
  • Speak more from the Best in you – both to your spouse AND children
  • Live more authentically & better connected with others
  • Get empowered with a completely different way to view communication and use effective communication tools to stop constant fighting, avoid gridlock & break out of the routine in your relationship

We’ve decided to keep the cost of this workshop very reasonable, and in addition to some awesome “take action tonight” live training and lifetime access to the recordings of the event, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask any question you’d like of Dr. Allan and me. Plus, Corey is including copies of TWO of his popular e-books – “A Simple Marriage” and “Buck Naked Marriage” for everyone who joins in the fun.

The live event takes place on Thursday evening 11/21, but if you already have plans, no worries – everyone who registers gets a full recording (both video and audio versions) to enjoy at your convenience and you can submit questions in advance.

That said, we have to limit the number of “seats” to the event because our webinar service can only accommodate so many live attendees, and we want to be able to respond to every question that’s submitted personally and thoroughly. So grab your seat soon.

Dustin and Corey Workshop

Click here to reserve your seat to this special event

By the way, I’m all about delivering the goods and making sure you love your experience with this event. So, even though I’m sure you’ll love what Corey has to share, I’m covering all attendees with a 100% guarantee. If you’re not blown away by the workshop, I’ll refund your money – and you can keep both books to enjoy!

I’m so excited for this second Engaged Marriage “How-to” Workshop, and I hope you will join us for a marriage-enriching event!


About the author 


Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen. He has many passions, including sharing ways to enjoy an awesome marriage in 15 minutes a day, but his heart belongs with his wife Bethany and their three young kids.

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