Roses have different meanings, depending on their number and color. A single, gold-dipped rose conveys any sentiment, though.

Whether you wish to express love, friendship, confidence, trust, comfort, or appreciation, the sentiment will last forever with a real, single, 24-karat gold-dipped rose like those offered by our friends at Love Picker.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

An authentic, gold-dipped rose makes the perfect gift for any occasion, or for no occasion at all. Ideal for work or wedding anniversaries, wedding gifts, sympathy or encouragement gifts, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Mother’s Day, the Love Picker Rose is sure to delight.

Gold dipped roses satisfy even the most selective customers, making them the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything. Or, show yourself appreciation and care by adding a gold-dipped rose to your own home décor or art collection.

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Thoughtfully, Masterfully Crafted

A real, 7” rose, dipped in 24 karat gold, the Love Picker Rose retains all the natural beauty of a single rose. Additionally, each rose comes its own certificate of authenticity, so you can be assured your gold-dipped rose is of the finest quality.

Created by master jewelers, each real rose is picked at its peak, trimmed to perfection, preserved, and dipped in genuine 24 karat gold. The delicate look of each rose petal and leaf is retained, though the product is strong and sturdy. Through the gold, the smell of the rose underneath still lingers.


Every gold rose is delivered in a luxurious black leather box, adorned with gold hinges and clasp and a custom-engraved gold plate.

Exceptional for both presentation and display, the classic black leather display case is the perfect accompaniment for such a thoughtfully crafted, unique piece of art.

Strikingly brilliant in any light, the 24-karat gold-dipped rose is especially stunning under LED lights or under mini accent spotlights. Your rose can be displayed in its case, on a stand, or alone on a shelf, dresser, or piano.

These roses are especially dazzling mounted, alone or in multiples, as art on a wall or in a wall vase.


These gold-dipped roses can be shipped worldwide. Orders to be delivered in the United States typically take 3 – 5 business days for shipping. Canadian orders arrive in 5 – 10 business days. Deliveries to any other country arrive in as little as 7 – 15 business days.

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Real flowers, beautiful as they are, wither and fade. A gold-dipped rose ensures your gift and sentiment last forever.

These roses can even be passed on as family heirlooms. Both a jewel and a piece of art, gold-dipped roses last a lifetime, even for generations to come.


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