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If you have been with your partner for a few years and you’ve recently gotten engaged, then you are sure to be in one of the most exciting times of your relationship.

If you are a romantic person who loves making whimsical gestures, then why not surprise your partner with some spontaneous surprises in the week leading up to your wedding?

If it’s the week before your wedding and everything is arranged, paid for and sorted, from the bridesmaid’s dresses with their matching jewelery, to the band and the venue, then you and your partner deserve a well earned break from all the organizing you have done. But why not add an extra bit of romance and excitement by surprising your other half with something special each day before the wedding?

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Here are seven romantic gestures to make the week before your wedding even more exciting:

1. Buy some heart shaped pieces of paper and on each one, write something loving and romantic. Hide them around the house and see if your partner can find them all before the big day.

2. On a warm summer’s evening, take your partner to a quiet spot in your local park where you can surprise them with a sunset picnic.

3. Make a CD of the most romantic songs you can find and spend the night dancing together.

4. Surprise your partner with a collage, made up of photos from when you were first dating.

5. Buy a chocolate fondue set and indulge yourselves all evening while watching your favorite films.

6. Wake up a little bit earlier than normal to beautifully decorate the dining table and make a special breakfast for you both to enjoy.

7. If you are sticking to tradition by not seeing each other the night before your wedding, send flowers or champagne to where they are staying with a romantic note.

Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable days of your life.  Why not add some romance and make it a wedding week to remember?


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  1. Wonderful ideas, it will help the couple to approach wedding happy and in love with each other letting the day happen, and the bride be bride

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