10 occasions to wear your walk away shoesHave you ever worn figure skates or downhill ski boots?

Both provide very snug support for your feet and ankles.

While they may feel unusually tighter than your everyday footwear, their very support allows you to be more accomplished and comfortable at either sport.

The same goes for your Walk Away Shoes, which I wrote about previously.

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They take a little getting used to, but their support is invaluable towards being successful in achieving your goals.

Now that you’ve completed the three simple steps to create your Walk Away Shoes (if you haven’t just go here), I’m sharing ten occasions to wear this uniquely helpful footwear.

10 Occasions to wear your Walk Away Shoes

1.  Yard sales. How often do you say, “It’s only a quarter, a dollar, a few bucks. What a bargain! I might need this one day!” Leave those items behind unless they meet a need you have already noted.

2.  Christmas. The season is notorious for overbuying. Use your shoes—and your budget—to walk unscathed through the minefield of marketing.

3.  Anniversaries. Bigger is better! If you love your spouse, you’ll buy them this very expensive gift! No, no, no. There can be much more value in providing what money can’t buy.

4.  Hostessing. I understand fretting over guests and being afraid of how they’ll judge you based on your home and what you serve. I’ve been there, done that, got the sleepless nights to prove it. My guests never did that, and if they did, they were not folks I’d want to spend time with anyway. I imagine the same is true for you.

5.  Vacations. Again, bigger is not necessarily better, especially if you have to go into debt to travel. Remember it’s the experiences that create the warm memories, not the pile of money you’re burning through.

6.  Activities. How full is your calendar? Are you living on the road because of everything you’ve signed on to do, especially if you have children in sports? Time to cut back, or at least begin to say no. Just as your car engine will overheat and shutdown when there’s no downtime, so will you.

7.  Career searches. I understand being very unhappy at work. When you go looking for something new, be sure to set your parameters in advance so you don’t end up with, for instance, a miserably long, two hour a day commute in good weather, when gas was at its most expensive ever, and you work nights and weekends when your goal was to get some sort of regular schedule in your life again. Not that I ever did that.

8.  Promotions. Yes, getting a promotion can feed your soul and fill your bank account. However, the cost may be more than you realized you would have to pay. Weigh your options and your life and family goals carefully  before moving up.

9.  Buying a home. Oftentimes, pride wants to take the lead in choosing your home. Bad idea. Focus instead on your long term goals, needs, and wants. Be sure to keep those Walk Away Shoes handy as you include quality questions as part of your research.

10.  Giving of yourself. When you become overwhelmed, discouraged, and resentful because of your giving, it’s time to take a deeper look at what’s going on. Perhaps it’s time to let go of one or more things to make room for something better.

Dr. Seuss wrote in Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

And so you do, have feet in your very unusual shoes.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.

The more you grow accustomed to this custom-made footwear, the more occasions you will find to wear them.

Remember that when you use your Walk Away Shoes, you are focusing on the continuing hits of gratitude, joy, and flat-out satisfaction from making the best decision you knew how instead of allowing emotions to rule the day.

Question: Where will you use your Walk Away Shoes this week, or where have you worn them recently? We’d love to have you share in the comments!

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  2. Ha. I used those on Thursday in a big way. Squashed my impulse buying self. It was hard but I am sooooo glad I did. Anyhoo, I miss you-thinking of taking a trip to K-town in January and I want to have lunch and have you meet the rest of the kiddos! Can’t wait!

    1. Hooray for squashing your impulse-buying self! Just give me a call if you want to some help squashes those impulses. 🙂
      Missing you too. If you come to K-town, we must, must get together!

  3. #11 Car shopping!

    Carrie and I are car shopping right now. Some of those salesmen will do anything to “get you into a car today.” One even tried to up-sell us by $4000.

    We are paying cash, and about half of them tried to get us to finance too.



    1. We ran into the same thing when we were shopping for a car last weekend. The sales guys tried to get us to finance by saying that we could get a loan through them, qualify for a promotion (of an undetermined amount), and then pay the car off in full after 3 months (rather than pay in cash like we told them we were going to do). They were practically holding onto our ankles as we walked out the door, pleading with us, “what do we have to do to get you into this car today??”

      1. I can practically smell the desperation from here, Alexis! Isn’t it so refreshing to be able to walk away, knowing that you 1)know what you’ve settled on an amount to spend 2)you’ve done your research, 3) you’re sticking to your guns for paying cash. Hooray!
        Thanks for sharing your story. I hope others are inspired!

    2. That’s a great addition, Derek! I’m hearing the words to an old song, but with a new twist: Those boots were made for walking…away from the pushy car salesmen. 🙂

      Woohoo that you are able to pay cash AND that you were able to walk away from the upselling!

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