Note: I invited Elliot to share a really cool new app he’s launching that I think you’ll enjoy using with your spouse. Enjoy!

This summer we launched a closed-beta of a web application called Unbucket. It’s a platform for people to plan future experiences through shared lists. As with any new venture, the quicker you learn from your target audience, the better chance you have of building a successful product.

One audience I believe Unbucket serves well is couples seeking out practical and actionable ways to introduce meaning and engagement into a marriage. I was excited by the opportunity to reach out to you, the Engaged Marriage community, to validate this theory and to help me learn what steps we need to improve Unbucket to serve your needs.

Before extending you an invitation to join Unbucket, I thought I’d answer a couple questions that better explain what we’re all about.

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In practical terms, how would you describe the way Unbucket works?

“That sounds fun, we should do that,” is a common phrase heard in marriages. What happens next is often, well, nothing: A moment of intention disappears into the ether and whatever sounded fun, never actually comes to fruition.

With Unbucket, couples can create private, jointly accessible lists stored in the cloud. All future experiences get added to the list so, “That sounds fun,” is always followed by, “add it to our Unbucket list!” Notes and media can be added to individual list items before and after experiences are completed to aid in planning as well as to capture memories.

Why did you choose lists?

The motivational power of lists is well documented. The very act of transferring intentions from our minds to the physical world gives those intentions a better chance of actually coming to fruition.

Therefore it’s our theory that a list of things to experience shared between a married couple not only gives that couple a better chance of living a more active life, but it also represents a commitment to a more active life lived together.

So Unbucket is about lists of experiences, not task lists?

Exactly. There are some great task list applications out there; Unbucket isn’t one of them.

We truly believe in the necessity for a relationship to share a different type of list, life lists, and we think these deserve and demand a unique type of application catered to not only planning experiences, but to documenting the memories born from them too.

What are some lists you’ve seen married couples create on Unbucket?

A favorite example of ours is a list between a husband and wife leaving Washington D.C. for good. On their shared list are all the things they want to do in the city before they move (e.g. Visit the Smithsonian).

Another couple has created a list of things to do with their unborn child in the first years of its life. Restaurant lists, movie lists, and travel lists are all very popular too.

How can the Engaged Marriage community help?

Join Unbucket for free and start a list with your significant other. Let us know what we got right and what we got wrong. Tell us what’s missing or what we should change.

We live for feedback and as I acknowledged before, we recognize it’s absolutely core to our success. My email address is; I assure you I’ll take the time to respond to each email you send personally and with care.

With that, here is an invitation to Unbucket:

Thank you for your time, I sincerely hope Unbucket enhances your marriage. Either way, I can’t wait to hear from you all.

Elliot Darvick lives in Los Angeles and is the Co-Founder of Unbucket. He enjoys reading technology news, listening to a full-length albums with no distraction, and thinking about new burger recipes. He’s very proud of his Midwestern roots.


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