We often get questions about products that we use or tools we recommend, so I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your marriage needs.

I’ll add to this list over time as we find more fantastic tools (and feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for other “best of” resources). We recommend bookmarking this page for your reference and convenience.

Here’s a handy listing of each area covered below.  Just click on the topic to jump right to it:


Want A Happier Marriage?

Great! Grab our 7 simple steps to improve communication in your marriage (in less than 15 minutes):

Our Book

15 Minute Marriage MakeoverWe wrote this book based on our own experiences and the requests we heard over and over from the EM community. If you’re looking to get the spark back in your marriage and reconnect with your spouse like never before, you need to read this book.

It’s full of simple, but powerful, 15-minute experiences that you and your husband or wife can share to feel closer than ever.

From romance to sex, money and communication, 15 Minute Marriage Makeover will guide you through fun, exciting experiences that will lead you to a married life you’ll love.


  • How to Have More Sex & Better Intimacy In Your MarriageIntimacy Workshop

As busy married couples, we know that healthy intimacy is SO important to our relationships. Heck, a great sex life makes our whole family happier.

This workshop was created to help you rekindle the intimacy in your marriage and create a lifestyle that encourages more and better sex. Join Dustin and guest expert Alisa DiLorenzo to learn the exact steps you can take starting today to make it happen.

When you purchase this package, you’ll get the practical, action-oriented help you need to enjoy better intimacy and a reinvigorated sex life with your spouse. Plus, you’ll get access to an in-depth Q&A session covering 23 common questions in these areas and two popular books to take your marriage to the next level.

500 Lovemaking Tips and SecretsI’m a big believe that the right mindset makes all the difference when it comes to enhanced intimacy in your marriage. Treating sex as a sacred and intimate form of communication with your spouse will open you up to more and better lovemaking in your marriage.

However, that’s not to say that sexual techniques and lovemaking tips aren’t helpful.

Michael Webb is a bit of a legend when it comes to sharing lovemaking tips – he’s even done it on Oprah – and he’s compiled over 500 of his best lovemaking tips in this classic resource.

When couples love each other but one (or both) are suffering from a low sex drive, it can be very difficult.

Gina Parris is a friend and performance coach who has put together a really remarkable program to help couples enjoy great sex even when they’re not in the mood. Sexy Marriage SolutionCheck it out and see if it may help your relationship get that spark back.

When it comes to the topic of married sex and intimacy, my go-to resource is my friends Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo with ONE Extraordinary Marriage.

They do a masterful job of talking openly and honestly about sex, while maintaining a respectful Christian tone on subjects that can be tough to handle publicly with grace.7 Days of Sex Challenge

Their first book Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage is a must-read that will open your eyes to the power of intimacy both inside and especially outside of your bedroom.

And if you’re looking to really commit to each other and create a spark in your sex life, I’d encourage you to check out their latest book The 7 Days of Sex Challenge. It leads through a spiritual (and physical) journey that will absolutely improve your intimacy.


  • How to Communicate Your Way to a Better MarriageCommunication Workshop

Communication is the core of any good relationship. And it’s especially vital to communicate well within your marriage.

Your relationship has matured and so has your need for quality communication – the way you interact in the morning, the way you argue, the decisions you make with your kids and the “feeling” you give off to the household when you get home from work are all important forms of communication.

This workshop was created to help you rekindle the intimacy in your marriage through better communication, in all forms. Join Dustin and guest expert Dr. Corey Allan to learn the exact steps you can take starting today to make it happen.

When you purchase this package, you’ll get the practical, action-oriented help you need to enjoy better intimacy and reinvigorated communication with your spouse. Plus, you’ll get access to an in-depth Q&A session covering 10 common questions in these areas and three popular books to take your marriage to the next level.

This is one book EVERY married couple should read. It’s really that important.

Marriage should be based on love, right? But does it seem as though you and your spouse are speaking two different languages? Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse’s primary love language—quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

I really was enlightened by this book, and my wife Bethany counts it among her favorites. Also, be sure to check out my interview with Dr. Chapman for more insights.

Love EverydayWith over 100,000 readers, Love Everyday is probably my single biggest accomplishment when it comes to helping couples around the world experience more romance in their everyday lives.

This beautiful e-book represents the collective advice of over 20 of the top relationship experts in North America, all packaged in a series of short, powerful stories that you can put into action today.

This book is free for you as an Engaged Marriage newsletter subscriber. Just sign up right here, and it will be sent to you instantly. I know you’ll love it!


Text the Romance BackIt ‘s amazing how powerful a simple text message to your spouse can be when it’s crafted the right way.

While I thought the idea was a little cheesy at first, I’ve found this to be a favorite resource for bringing the sexy back to your marriage – using your cell phone, no matter how busy your day may be.

Check it out and grab the free “3 Magic Texts” that you can start using today.

I have to say that when it comes to making Romance happen in your marriage, you’d be hard pressed to find a better resource than the amazing gals over at The Dating Divas.

Eleven women – the divas themselves – contribute awesome ideas for dates, how to serve your husband, tips on keeping the romance alive in your marriage, and so much more!

The Ultimate Date Night Book

In The Ultimate Date Night Book, they gathered all of their TOP dates (voted by readers and Divas) plus fresh, never before seen or published date ideas…and compiled them into an awesome DATE ebook!

This is the perfect book to have on hand for planning fun, unique and sexy date nights!


For most couples, the absolute most important thing you can do to improve your finances is to make a budget.

You Need A BudgetI have tried every budgeting tool out there, and I take great pride in recommending YNAB as the best resource you should use to improve your finances. The link above will bring you to my detailed review of this great tool, and if you want to check it out for yourself please click here to try it for yourself.

Trust me, you’ll love how easy it makes it to manage your money!

I don’t know about you, but one of the areas we have consistently struggled is in our food costs, especially when it comes to eating out.

Check out this simple service we use to save a ton of money in feeding our growing family – plus, you’ll discover some amazing new dishes!

The Total Money MakeoverIn many ways, our journey with money started with receiving a copy of Dave’s Financial Peace early in our marriage (and promptly ignoring its advice).

I love Dave Ramsey’s “God’s and Grandma’s advice” approach to finances, and this book will give you the step-by-step plan you need to get your finances under control and get ahead with money.

Even if you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration, the many financial success stories from real families throughout the book will make it well worth your investment!

Health & Fitness

  • Thrive90 Fitness – The Fitness Solution for Busy Couples

Thrive90 Fitness
This 12-week online program (with optional DVDs) from Fit Marriage was designed specifically for busy couples and on-the-go parents. All 15 workouts are filmed as step-by-step, full length routines to make it easy to follow along with Dustin and co-creator Tony DiLorenzo as your hosts.

Thrive90 features three distinct phases of increasingly intense exercise routines along with bonus nutrition and marriage-enhancing resources. Best of all, every workout can be completed in the comfort of your home in less than 30 minutes!

Get more information about the Thrive90 Fitness system here.

This is the book (an action guide, really) I co-wrote to help you regain control of your schedule, get back in shape and feel great about your body.

The book starts with a step-by-step plan to find the time and motivation to get fit and then provides you a specific workout and nutrition plan to make it happen.

Get rid of “Mom or Dad Guilt” and start feeling fantastic!

  • Team Fit Marriage

Team Fit MarriageIn addition to developing programs with Fit Marriage co-creator Tony DiLorenzo, I am also an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. Beachbody is the company behind the most popular at-home exercise and nutrition programs in the world – such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Brazil Butt Lift and many others.

And since I’m a Beachbody Coach, you can have me coach you for FREE simply by joining our team.

The Team Fit Marriage website provides reviews for most of the popular Beachbody programs, plus it’s home to our popular Beachbody Success Show podcast. If you’re thinking of starting P90X or Insanity, you’ll also want to check out our free programs at those links for helping you maximize your success as a beginner.

Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning– these three words may be among the most misunderstood and overlooked in modern marriages.

NFP has been an absolute miracle for our marriage, and spreading the truth about this natural means of fertility awareness has become a real passion here at Engaged Marriage. That’s why I put together this free compilation of the best information I know of on the topic.

Natural Family Planning Kicks Ass

Good news about sex and marriageThere are several good books on NFP specifically, but I would encourage you to read this gem by Christopher West.

It’s a super-easy read presented in question-and-answer format, and it does a masterful job of sharing the truth behind Christian sexuality as well as the teachings of the Catholic Church in this controversial area.

After several years of using the Couple-to-Couple League method, we made the switch to the Marquette Model. We felt that it gave us more flexibility, and we loved the fact that it incorporated a test for fertility hormones.

Please read this article to learn about the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, which we use and love.

Marriage Preparation & Dating

Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT is a licensed marriage counselor and a friend who will guide you through all of the key areas of marriage preparation.

While there’s no replacement for face-to-face marriage prep work with a professional, this book provides a really affordable, convenient and effective tool for busy couples.

Things I Wish Id Known Before We Got MarriedThis book by Dr. Gary Chapman (author of one of favorites – The Five Love Languages) is a real down-to-earth advice guide for dating and engaged couples.

With decades of experience working with couples and being married, Dr. Chapman shares all the top myths about being married and how to prepare for them now before you tie the knot.

Also, be sure to check out my interview with Dr. Chapman for more insights.

Three Magic TextsI mentioned this one above under Romance, but it’s not limited only to married couples.

If you’re still dating, or you’re involved in a long-distance relationship, I think you’ll really enjoy this.

Check it out and grab the free “3 Magic Texts” that you can start using today.

HELP! My Marriage is in Trouble

I recommend this affordable resource for couples who are looking for a therapist-led refresher on the big issues that are impacting their relationship.

The Marriage Refresher Course is intended to get back to the basic (and vitally important) foundational issues in your marriage and strengthen your relationship from there.

For many couples, this kind of focus will have a dramatic impact on the quality of their marriage and family life.

Save My Marriage TodayThis program is the #1 online resource for saving troubled marriages.

If you and your spouse have uttered the word (or thought seriously about) divorce, then I recommend you give this program a try.

From simply feeling disconnected to infidelity to serious financial problems, the experts behind Save My Marriage Today are committed to helping you find a solution that saves your relationship.

  • Melt Your Man’s Heart

Melt Your Mans HeartThis program is specifically for women who desire to close the gap with their husband and get close again.

Licensed marriage therapist Randy Bennett has helped thousands of women better communicate with their man to enjoy a deeper, intimate connection.

If you’re feeling distant from your husband, check out his free video presentation to see if this will help close the gap in your marriage.

Time Management & Productivity

  • Time to Thrive

Time to Thrive is a proven time management and productivity system for busy parents who are ready to get control of their schedule and accomplish big goals in their personal or professional lives.Time to Thrive

When you follow the step-by-step videos in this online course, you’ll get control of your schedule, focus on what matters & learn to achieve any big goal in about 30 days.

Plus, you’ll get access to marriage-boosting bonuses and the private Thrive Community for support and encouragement!

Click this link to get the details about the course and redeem a special 30% discount that we’re currently offering to Engaged Marriage readers.
Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, Engaged Marriage will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that we have experience with all of these companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we make if you decide to buy something.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals for your marriage and family.