Marriage and MoneyIn the early years of our marriage, money was not a fun subject as we struggled with a lot of debt and only a little understanding of the importance of financial harmony in our life together.

We had no plan and just followed the (really, really poor) example of money management we witnessed among our friends and in our culture as a whole.

Fortunately, we learned a lot along the way and now enjoy a great deal of freedom in the financial area of our marriage. We’re debt-free and honestly never argue about money.

I want to share our journey and give you the guidance that I wish we would have had before we were married over 11 years ago.

Like our own path, this journey will generally follow the advice of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, but it will include our personal experiences and specific advice for engaged, newlywed and not-so-newlywed couples.

To give this important topic the attention it deserves, the steps are broken down into 8 detailed posts to guide you through your financial journey successfully, no matter where you are starting.

There are two things you should know before we get started:

  • I am not a financial counselor or professional, and you should view this information only as input from a friend who has “walked a mile in your shoes.” I take no responsibility for your application of the information. OK, end disclaimer. 🙂
  • If you know of an engaged or married friend that could benefit from this series, please share this post with them so they can get signed up for the series. You can email them a link or use the Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter buttons on every post to spread the word.

Alright, without further ado, please check out each of the steps listed below and jump in – start right where you are and go from there!

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