Sometimes marriages hit a rough patch.

I am not a professional therapist or counselor.  Fortunately, I have collaborated with several who have contributed their expertise to this site for your benefit. And I’ve done the research to find valuable resources to help you.

Do not give up on your marriage!

Whether your problems are related to money, sex, infidelity or any number of difficult issues, please take some time to check out the resources below and seek the help you need.

Helpful Advice to Get Your Marriage Back on Track

Recommended Resources for Repairing the Damage or Getting Back Together

I recommend this affordable resource for couples who are looking for a therapist-led refresher on the big issues that are impacting their relationship.

The Marriage Refresher Course is intended to get back to the basic (and vitally important) foundational issues in your marriage and strengthen your relationship from there.

For many couples, this kind of focus will have a dramatic impact on the quality of their marriage and family life.

Save My Marriage TodayThis program is the #1 online resource for saving troubled marriages.

If you and your spouse have uttered the word (or thought seriously about) divorce, then I recommend you give this program a try.

From simply feeling disconnected to infidelity to serious financial problems, the experts behind Save My Marriage Today are committed to helping you find a solution that saves your relationship.

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