How To Make Extra Money On The Side Without Spending All Your Spare Time Working

Discover How To Make More Money For Your Family...
Whether You’re Working Or Not

Most of us want to make more money.

But we don’t want to give up our free time to do it.

Sure, you could get a part time job on the side but that means more nights and weekends away from your family.

You want a way to get more income without working longer hours.

You Need to Control Your Family's Income

Do you ever feel stressed about your finances?

Personal finance statistics in the US say that…

  • 30% of people have less than $1,000 in the bank
  • 56% have a net worth less than $25,000
  • 95% of Baby Boomers don’t have enough for retirement
  • Over 50% of Americans didn’t save one red cent last year

Even if things aren’t that bad…

What would happen to your family if you suddenly lost your job?

I'm Not Pointing Fingers Here

Most of us were taught to go to college, get a good job and live happily ever after.

But this financial plan isn’t working out for most of us.

Finances are tight and the government isn’t going to bail us out.

So if you don’t look after your family… no one else will.

But You Can Control Your Destiny

You can create financial security for you and your family with a part time business.

You’re about to learn how to generate a side income every month.

And you won’t have to give up your free time to do it.

In fact, it can even be fun and based on a hobby you love doing.

It Doesn't Take Much
To Make A Difference

Imagine feeling financially secure.

With an extra stream of income coming in each month.

You can use it to buy what you like or take a well deserved vacation with the family.

Just because you turned your passion into a side business.

I Know Because I've Done It

Golf was one of my biggest passions a few years ago.

And I turned my love of golf into a side business selling golf clubs that earned over $1,000 per month.

Since then I’ve run multiple side businesses that have brought in hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

One sold a Shin Splints Treatment Kit and the income was pretty passive (I made money whether I worked or not).

Another involved tutoring and teaching (online and in person) with my wife.

And of course there’s Engaged Marriage.

All because I know how to turn my passions into income.

But Don’t Just Learn From Me

DustinDan MillerDan Miller is the author of the New York Times best-selling books 48 Days To The Work You Love, No More Dreaded Mondays and Wisdom Meets Passion.

He has been a guest on CBS’ ‘The Early Show,’ MSNBC’s ‘Hardball with Chris Mathews,’ Moody MidDay Connection, and the Dave Ramsey Show.

Over 130,000 people have subscribed to his weekly newsletter to help them create work and businesses they love.

Want To Make Extra Money?

A side business can...

  • Earn extra income so you can buy what you want… not what you can “afford”
  • Be based on your passions so you enjoy what you do
  • Fit around your busy schedule so you’re not losing time with your family

And there are tons of ideas on what you can do.

Just Look At This…

Here’s a screenshot of my golf club business…

A handful of the golf club sales I made on eBay

And here are a few of the Shin Splints Treatment Kit…

We sell a lot of these little kits... very passively with no ads or real effort

Amazon even sells them for us!

Plus I have many other examples I’ll share with you as well.

Please note that these are a few specific examples of results from my businesses.  These results should not be considered typical and your results will vary.

Let Us Show You How To
Create Your Side Business

In How To Make Extra Money On The Side you will learn…

  • The difference between a side business and a side job (this is critical if you want to leverage your time)
  • How to start a simple side business that will bless your family with extra freedom, fun & opportunity (plus money of course)
  • The best types of side businesses for busy married folks... including many real-life examples from Dan (married 45 years), Dustin (married 14 years) & those we've worked with personally
  • How to find the right side business for you... even if you have no ideas right now
  • How to get started earning a side income this week... there's no reason to wait!

Even if you have no business experience at all.

This is an recorded online seminar I did with Dan that includes video, audio, presentation slides and a full text transcript… you get access to it all.

How Much Do You Invest?

Obviously creating a side business can be worth a lot of money to you and your family.

After all, how much would you invest to get back an extra $100, $500 or $1,000 every month?

But you’re not going to pay through the nose for this.

Your access is just a one-time payment of $49 $29 when you act now.

Have You Tried
Making Money Before?

There are lots of “get rich quick” schemes online.

I know, I’ve invested money in products that didn’t help me make money.

And that’s why I want to share with you what actually works.

Plus Dan is a best-selling author who really knows his stuff.

I’m so confident you’ll love it I’m offering my…

60 Day
"Make Money Or Refund" Guarantee

If you get How To Make Extra Money On The Side…

And you don’t make money with it in the next 60 days.

I’ll refund every cent you’ve paid.

Even if you never bother to watch it.

No hassles, no shenanigans… just email me and it’s done.

All because I know that if you try it… you’ll love it.

Plus You Get These Special Gifts

  • Bonus #1 - 48 Low or No-Cost Business Ideas ebook

    This 158-page book is complete with 48 ideas that you can use or modify to get started building your own side business today.

    It’s valued at $20 but it’s yours free with your purchase today.

    “48 Low or No Cost Business Ideas was exactly what I needed to get me from frustration to intentional planning and working.

    I realized that there are so many options available for creating a business and creating a life from my passion that don’t require a lot of money to start!

    Dan’s special report gave me the “kick in the pants” I needed to do the work and make something happen.

    I went from dreaming to planning to doing! Thank you!”

    – Melissa

  • Bonus #2 - Case Study: 3 Simple No-Cost Side Income Ideas We Used to Earn an Extra $54,448 in Less than 3 Years

    Side Income Case StudyThis case study shares a behind-the-scenes look at the top three side businesses we use to bless our own family with extra income every month.

    We’ll link you to the exact websites, products and services that we use and even show you screenshots from our sales so you’ll have real-life examples to follow in creating your own side business.

  • Bonus #3 - How to Find a Profitable Side Income Idea in 15 Minutes

    Profitable Side Income IdeasThis workbook will walk you through a step-by-step process so you can discover the ideal side income ideas that will work best for YOU and your family.

    If you’ve ever wanted to start making money on the side but you weren’t sure what idea to pursue, this will be your guide.

But Don't Delay...
Act Now Before It's Too Late

How often do you dream about having extra money for your family?

And you think "I should start a side business... someday".

But let’s face it… someday never comes.

So now is the time to act.

Just imagine what you'll be able to do for your spouse and kids with an extra $100, $500 or $1,000+ each month.

Today is the day to invest in your family's financial future.

Here's What You Do Next

You get immediate access to How To Make Extra Money On The Side.

Plus an exclusive Q&A session where Dan and I answered lots of detailed questions from aspiring entrepreneurs just like you.

Plus a digital copy of Dan’s book 48 Low Or No Low Cost Business Ideas.

Plus a detailed case study showing you the exact side income streams our family uses today.

So you can get started earning a side income as soon as you desire.

Just click the Add To Cart button below, fill out your details and you’ll get instant lifetime access.

I can’t wait to hear your success story.

I'll see you on the inside,

- Dustin Riechmann

P.S. You’ll get instant access to all the information you need to start your side business and start earning income fast.

You’ve seen how I’ve started multiple side businesses that earned over $500 a month (with some passing the $1,000 a month mark).

And Dan Miller is a best-selling author with over 130,000 followers.

Plus you’re protected by my 60 Day “Make Money Or Refund” Guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Stephanie's Success Story

See how Stephanie and her husband managed to pay off their student loans in 2 years instead of 5...

What Stephanie posted on Facebook (note the Outstanding Balance)

And here's a short video explaining her experience...

Here's What Others Had To Say...

"This workshop was right in my wheelhouse and gave me some great suggestions, but more importantly gave me encouragement to find more creative and fun ways to make side income.

I will definitely put the principles I learned to good use and make money!"

Ryan R.

"I was definitely inspired. The workshop left me feeling like the possibility of earning an additional income is within reach.

More importantly, the income would come from endless possibilities that stem from my life experiences, my interests, and what I already know that I could share with others.

The idea that I can take an existing idea and put my own 10% twist on it has a completely different feeling than believing that I have to come up with the next perfect or new idea to really make money.

I immediately shared my enthusiasm with the people I love because I already see the opportunities that could come from their unique talents and interests.

I believe that incorporating this mindset as a way to earn extra income can make a significant difference for our financial future and bring us even closer as a family as we work together to get creative, using what already interests us, to fund our dreams."


Meet Your Hosts

DustinDan MillerDan Miller, President of 48 Days LLC, specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work blends our natural skills and abilities, our unique personality traits and our dreams and passions. Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living. He believes that a clear sense of direction can help us become all that God designed us to be.

Dan is the author of the New York Times best-selling 48 Days To The Work You Love, No More Dreaded Mondays and Wisdom Meets Passion. He has been a guest on CBS’ ‘The Early Show,’ MSNBC’s ‘Hardball with Chris Mathews,’ Moody MidDay Connection, and the Dave Ramsey Show.

Dan has spoken at the White House Christian Fellowship, and is in high demand at national conferences speaking on aging and changes in the workplace as well as at universities and churches. Over 130,000 people have subscribed to his weekly newsletter, his 48 Days Podcast consistently ranks in the top 3 under Careers on iTunes, and the business community is viewed as an example around the world for those seeking to find – or create – work they love.

Committed to personal priorities, Dan and his wife Joanne recently celebrated their 45th anniversary and have 3 world-changing children and 12 amazing grandchildren.

DustinDustin RiechmannDustin Riechmann is the author of 15 Minute Marriage Makeover and creator of Engaged Marriage, a site devoted to helping other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen.

Dustin's passion is providing practical tools that you can use to keep your marriage fresh and fully "engaged" even when life gets hectic.  He is especially excited about helping others find greater freedom by adding side income sources.

He's been married for over 18 years to his best friend Bethany and is a proud Dad to three very energetic kids.

Got A Question? Here's Your Answer...

How do I know if How To Make Extra Money On The Side is right for me? What if I don't have any good ideas? +

This program is for you if you're ready to start bringing in some side income doing something you enjoy without spending all your spare time doing it.  While it's great if you have some ideas already, the workshop will lead you through a powerful brainstorming idea to help you find just the right idea and lead you through the first steps to success.

The easiest way to know if this side income workshop is right for you is to TRY IT! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, I encourage you to pick it up and give it a try for 60 days. I know you’ll love it, but if you're not blown away by the positive change you experience, just let me know and you're getting a full refund. No problem, no hassle, no risk.

Who teaches this program and why should I listen to you? +

You're a fellow skeptic - I love it!  The formal bios are above for your reading pleasure but the bottom line is this workshop is taught by two guys who are committed first and foremost to God and our families, and secondly to helping YOU find success.

We're passionate about building multiple streams of income, and we've got many years of experience not only teaching others but building successful side businesses for our own families.

Dan is a New York Times best-selling author and coach who has a passion for helping people find and thrive in work that they love.  Dustin's passion is helping busy married couples achieve their dream marriage and live a rich life.  We make a great combo to teach you how to earn extra income in a practical, family-friendly way.

We live for this!

How long do I have access to the program and bonuses? +

For life!

We are here to serve you for a lifetime of happy marriage, and this side income workshop will be here for you whenever you need it.  As we make updates or add new bonus material, your member's area will automatically be updated as well.

Will you be shipping anything to my house? How do I access the program? +

Nope, nothing via snail mail.  I want you to have instant access to everything just minutes from now.

Immediately upon purchase, you’ll get an email with your personal log-in information to your private member’s area where we’ll have everything waiting for you.  The workshop will be available to you immediately, at your fingertips, from any computer, tablet or smart phone whenever is most convenient for you.  And all future updates are yours, too, totally free.

By the way, if you want to share the program with your spouse by sharing your member's area, that's totally cool as well.  In fact, I encourage it!

Seriously, if I want a refund, you won’t give me the run-around? +

No run-around and no hard feelings, I promise.

I'm 100% confident that you’ll love this workshop and want to tell all your friends about the incredible value you received when you purchased it. I believe this so strongly that I take all the risk and offer you a full, money-back guarantee for two months after your purchase.

If you buy it and don’t love it for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your purchase price promptly. And we’ll still be your friends. :)

What if I still have a question? +

No problem at all.  Go ahead and shoot me an email to with the subject line "How To Make Extra Money On The Side Question" and I'll be happy to help you.

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