Couple-RunningAs a busy couple, it’s SO easy to let your fitness take a backseat to other priorities.

But the reality is that one of the keys to living a full, happy life is good health and self confidence.  And that comes from living a fit lifestyle.

The great news is that you really can make it happen.  It all starts with understanding why it’s important to YOU – then taking action with a plan that suits the needs of your busy family life.

These answers are all provided for you below.

You’ll notice some of this material comes from another site – I co-created Fit Marriage as the go-to fitness resource for busy couples.  If you have an interest in improving your health and your marriage, I’d encourage you to join our Fit Marriage community.
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Are you starting to feel motivated to get moving? Let’s do this:

Inspiration for Making Fitness Part of Your Healthy Marriage

Basic Training – Key Tips for Finding the Time, Motivation and Know-How to Get Fit

  • 3 Easy Ways for Busy Couples to Find Time to Workout

Recommended Resources to Get You Fit, Healthy & Happy

This is the book (an action guide, really) I co-wrote to help you regain control of your schedule, get back in shape and feel great about your body.

The book starts with a step-by-step plan to find the time and motivation to get fit and then provides you a specific workout and nutrition plan to make it happen.

Get rid of “Mom or Dad Guilt” and start feeling fantastic!

  • Thrive90 Fitness

This is the popular at-home fitness solution I helped to co-create specifically for busy couples and on-the-go parents.

Thrive90 Fitness

If you’re interested in shaping up and feeling fantastic with workouts that all take less than 30 minutes, I’d encourage you to check out this informational page and consider joining the hundreds of happy, healthy Thrive90 Fitness graduates.

  • Team Fit Marriage

Team Fit MarriageIn addition to developing programs with Fit Marriage co-creator Tony DiLorenzo, I am also an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. Beachbody is the company behind the most popular at-home exercise and nutrition programs in the world – such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Brazil Butt Lift and many others.

And since I’m a Beachbody Coach, you can have me coach you for FREE simply by joining our team.

The Team Fit Marriage website provides reviews for most of the popular Beachbody programs, plus it’s home to our popular Beachbody Success Show podcast. If you’re thinking of starting P90X or Insanity, you’ll also want to check out our free programs at those links for helping you maximize your success as a beginner.

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