Everyone knows that regular date nights between married couples are a super good idea.

We should all do it. The same way we should drink less coffee and get 30 minutes of exercise every day. It’s good for you.

Even better, date night is an enjoyable thing to do together as a couple. Not that you’d know it, the way some people manage to avoid it.

The biggest issue with having regular date nights is that humans crave the coziness of routine. Taking even a small step outside our little regular habits requires some effort. It’s way easier to simply sit on the sofa and stare at the TV than it is to plan and execute a date night with your spouse.

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There is nothing wrong with lazing on the couch to watch TV together. It’s great relaxation and switch off time. But engaging in that behavior every single night is hardly going to make your marriage sizzle.

Break the Routine with This One-of-a-Kind Date Night

So what’s a great way to ease into date night that doesn’t require straying too far from your couch, or your TV, but with all the benefits of having some fantastic, one-on-one quality time with your spouse on date night?

I’m so glad you asked. For your consideration: our couples massage videos.

Massage At-Home Date Night
Enjoy a fun, relaxing & unique date night at home – with couples massage!

I am totally biased. I’ll admit that upfront. But if I do say so myself, the product my husband and I have created hits all the right spots for a fantastic stay home date night without the problems of advance preparation, getting out of the house or even coming up with conversation topics together, which can be difficult if you’ve seen your spouse every other night for the week already.

Learning to massage your partner also ticks one very crucial box for any effective date night – novelty.

1. The planning is taken care of

The lifetime membership to our Melt: Massage for Couples video series gives you instant access to three pre-packaged date nights that are fun to repeat whenever you like. The entire series is broken down over three separate stages where you build upon your massage techniques as you go. Each stage finishes with a follow-along massage routine so you can treat your sweetie to a five, 15 and then a 30-minute massage at the end of each respective date night.

The one and only thing you will need to do in advance is get your hands on some massage oil, cheap and readily available at the grocery store or drugstore next time you’re passing through. You won’t need any other special equipment.

2. You get to stay home for this one

No babysitters. No braving the elements, or deciding whether to drive or take a cab…

This massage date night idea can be done from your very own lounge room floor. Stream the courses right to your smart television or laptop, it couldn’t be easier than that.

3. It’s something else to focus on

Massaging each other for date night means you’re not sitting across a table in a restaurant, with the whole date hinging on dazzling conversation. Some days in a marriage, the conversation will naturally flow. Other days, you may find yourselves with not much to say, which is why some people decide on the movies for their date nights instead (a.k.a. The “Look! We left the house!” version of watching TV on the couch).

In my humble (totally biased, remember) opinion, the massage videos are a better option than a movie because although you’re watching the tutorials on the screen, you’re actually engaging with each other at the same time. You quite literally have your hands on each other for the whole date night, which is tons of fun and a little bit sexy.

4. You’re acquiring a new skill

Learning new things together as a couple as well as doing something very novel and different are two ways of sparking the same brain chemistry as when you first fell in love. You’ll feel a rush of dopamine and serotonin, causing tummy-butterflies and happy sighs on your date night. Dreamy.

Get Your Date Night On!

Because we want you to have a chance to try a romantic massage date night at home, we’re offering Engaged Marriage readers a special price for our lifetime memberships to Melt: Massage for Couples. Get instant access to the videos now and get a special deal using the link below:

Click Here to Save BIG on Melt: Massage for Couples & Cure Your Date Night Boredom!

If you do the math, it works out to less than $20 per date night… plus, you’ll have the videos forever so you can load it up and use the follow-along massage routines anytime you feel like pampering your spouse (or sweet-talking them to pamper you!)

Note from Dustin: This lovely post was written by Emma Merkas, your co-host in the Melt: Massage for Couples video series.  Bethany and I LOVE these videos – they seriously make for a fun, intimate and totally relaxing date night.  I encourage you to take Emma and her husband Denis up on their special offer for a great discount on an awesome investment in your marriage.


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