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When you’re a parent with young kids, it can be difficult to carve out time to spend with your partner.  You might be so exhausted that the idea of coming up with a creative date idea for parents seems like climbing an impossibly high mountain.

What if you didn’t have to do the creative thinking?

One of my favorite ways of coming up with creative ideas for date night is to outsource the thinking to my children.

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Kids are naturally creative – and there are some real benefits to getting them involved in planning your next date night.

Creative Date Ideas for Parents…from Kids

It might seem odd at first to include your kids in the planning of your next date night, but your kids will love the idea of being involved.

And, you can bet that they’ll come up with some fun and interesting ideas for you and your husband or wife.

You never know what experience awaits you when you let your kids plan your date.

If your kids are too young to come up with ideas, you can ask nieces or nephews – or if your kids have flown the next, try asking your grandchildren!

Give the children at least a week’s notice and ask them to design a fun date night that you can experience together.

If you want to keep it a surprise, you can wait until the day of your date to have them reveal their ideas.

Or, if you prefer, you can ask them a few days ahead of time, so you can make plans.

From the Mouths of Babes

You may be pleasantly surprised by the creative ideas that your kids have.

They’re likely to include some things that you may not consider traditional date night activities, such as:

Your job is to do your very best to live out their ultimate date night.

We recommend taking photographs as proof that you used their ideas. Photos will also show your kids that you appreciate and value their input.

The Benefits of Having Your Kids Plan Your Date Night

Having your kids plan your next date night can be fun, but that’s not the only reason to do it.

The truth is that every time you interact with your spouse, you’re showing your kids what a happy and healthy marriage looks like.

When your kids come up with a date idea for their parents, they’re learning these things:

  1. Parents are people too, and they need time to spend with one another away from the kids. Spending time as a couple doesn’t mean that you don’t love them and value them. It just means that your relationship is important.
  2. All of you are a family unit and even when you spend time apart from them, they are an important part of your life. Having their input is a way of showing them that you care about what they think and how they feel.
  3. It teaches kids to respect your couple time and value it as something that’s necessary and beneficial to the whole family. When you have time alone, it makes your family time all the more precious.
  4. It encourages your kids to think creatively and teaches them compassion as they work to come up with date ideas that will appeal to you and your spouse.

When your kids grow older and begin their search for partners, they’ll remember that you and your partner made time for one another while still respecting your kids.

That’s a lesson that will increase the chances of them having happy and healthy relationships of their own.

Get Out of Your Date Night Rut

It’s easy to fall into a rut with date night. A lot of couples end up doing the same thing every time they go out rather than trying to find a creative date idea for parents.

A kid-planned date night is by definition going to be different from anything you might come up with on your own. Your kids are less likely to fall back on the tried and true.

They might come up with ideas that truly surprise (or even shock) you – but that’s all the more reason to stay open to what they suggest and make a sincere effort to do it.

Keeping the spark in your marriage requires dedication and effort!

If you close yourself off to the idea of having fun with your spouse, you may end up losing sight of what you love about them.

Getting your kids to come up with a creative date idea for their parents is a great way to keep things fresh, exciting, and new.

The next time you plan to go out with your spouse, have your kids plan a creative date idea instead of doing the same old thing. It will bring you close to your partner and your kids.

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