Time For A Romantic Tuning?

I’ve inherited my parent’s player piano, something for which I’m grateful because of the memories it holds for me. But when I play it something is wrong, very wrong. The notes seem off a bit, and they are. After moving this heavy piece from my Mom’s home to ours it lost it’s tune. I can […]

5 Awesome (and Worthless) Ways to Improve Communication in Your Marriage

So, what’s the #1 thing most couples say is the key to a happy marriage? Communication. Duh. And of course it’s become the cliche, go-to response from grandparents when the video camera comes around at every wedding reception for good reason.  It’s true! Good communication skills impact every single aspect of your relationship – from […]

The Golden Rule of Marriage: You’re Doing it Wrong

My wife recently told me about a friend of hers who decided to give her boyfriend flowers for their anniversary. She figured that she would love getting flowers, so why not get them for her boyfriend? He would love them! He was less than thrilled. Oh, sure, he thanked her for the gift. But he […]

Squeezing Romance Out of a Busy Life

Face it marriage is hard work. Add to it children, a full-time job with deadlines and demanding bosses/clients, homework, sickness and bills to pay, who has time to think about romance, much less plan something special? In fact you may not want to finish reading this post because you’re afraid I’m going to add one […]

How to Craft the Perfect Love Letter for Valentine’s Day (in about 15 minutes)

While Hallmark may tell you otherwise, there’s simply no better gift for your spouse than a romantic love letter. It makes your spouse feel special, and it expresses your emotions in a format that creates a very personal keepsake. Plus, if you’re on budget, you can craft an awesome letter for free! If you’re like […]