The Cure for Boring (or Non-Existent) Date Nights

Everyone knows that regular date nights between married couples are a super good idea. We should all do it. The same way we should drink less coffee and get 30 minutes of exercise every day. It’s good for you. Even better, date night is an enjoyable thing to do together as a couple. Not that […]

Just Friends: 5 Red Flags to Help You Steer Clear of an Emotional Affair

A few weeks ago, I asked a question on my Facebook page: Once you’re married—What are your thoughts on having friends of the opposite sex? Yay or Nay? Much to my delight, the responses came rolling in—each with equally unique perspectives and degrees of passion. One contributor offered a simple “Absolutely not. Completely inappropriate”. Other’s […]

The Safety Net of Romance

Cultivating romance into your marriage on a regular basis helps you stay connected heart-to-heart when you don’t see eye-to-eye. Every marriage goes through seasons of conflict, and it’s usually quite intense when it happens. Things can be going along really well and your spouse says something that doesn’t sit right in your mind. So, you […]

Faithfully Fit: How Exercise Can Keep Your Marriage Healthy

The American Journal of Epidemiology monitored the health behaviors of nearly 8,900 adults over several years and found that both men and women who got married during that time tended to lose a significant amount of their cardiovascular fitness. Most husbands and wives don’t need a study to tell them that being married might derail […]

Practice Makes Passion Possible (+Free Book)

Note: Don’t miss the FREE BOOK info at the end of this post! When you first fall in love, happiness comes easy and it seems so effortless to be a good partner. Your jokes are funny, your thoughts and actions are romantic, and your time together is pretty much all rainbows and butterflies. It turns […]

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