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Have You Tried a Marriage Retreat?

By Dustin | Communication

My wife and I experienced our first marriage retreat over the weekend, and  I must say I am pumped!  The particular retreat that we attended was called “Living in Love” and it was presented from a Catholic perspective.  This is appropriate for us because we are practicing Catholics and our faith is very important to us.

That said, I came away from the retreat with the strong feeling that any couple, regardless of their religion or lack thereof, could benefit from participation in one of these weekends away.  I am sure that quality marriage retreats are available in a wide variety of spiritual and even secular settings.

When is the last time that you and your spouse blocked out an entire weekend just for yourselves without the distractions of kids, family, work or social activities?  And beyond that, have you ever taken two solid days to focus exclusively on your marriage and the unique relationship that you share?

This was the first time for us, and I can tell you that it was a very powerful and moving experience!  We shared our deepest desires for our lives, we unearthed deep-seated goals and passions that we hadn’t considered for years, and we shared some moments together that brought us both to tears.

From the perspective of someone who rarely cries for any reason, it was the tears that surprised me the most.  There were healing tears from old wounds, regrets and reconciliation.  But there were many more tears of joy and honest thankfulness for the life that we have shared.  I have truly never appreciated my wife and our marriage more in all of our years together.

So, I am asking you, imploring you really, to consider experiencing a retreat with your spouse.  I am confident that you will come back to your daily lives with a new perspective and a better appreciation of your marriage and your life.

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