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Text the Romance

Text the Romance with Rachael Ray

It seems like everyone uses text messaging anymore – even my father-in-law sends me texts on his flip phone. 🙂

Have you ever taken advantage of texts to spice up the romance in your marriage?

Bethany sends me texts from time to time simply to say “I love you” or to tell me she appreciates something specific that I’ve done.

Given that Words of Affirmation is my primary Love Language, this puts a big smile on my face every time!

I do the same to share how I’m feeling, especially during the rush of a hectic or stressful day.  It’s really amazing how powerful even a few words can be and text messaging makes it fast, easy and instant.

This got me thinking about some ways to capture all the goodness of a romantic love letter by taking just a few minutes to tap out a message on my cell phone.  What I’ve found is that even a simple thought can make a BIG difference in our relationship…just beware of that damn autocorrect so you don’t send the wrong signals. 😉

Text the Romance Back

While I was researching (sorry, it’s the engineer in me) the most effective ways to text your spouse, I came across a fantastic video clip from The Rachael Ray Show last Valentine’s Day.  You can view it right here, and I think you’ll enjoy seeing how seemingly simple little messages can have a lasting impact.

To my amazement, I found that the guest on that show actually has a blueprint that he developed to help couples “text the romance back” in their relationship with specific phrases and techniques.  According to Michael Fiore, the key is to cater your messages to the “triggers” that really resonate with the way we’re wired as men and women.

It makes sense – just like the Love Languages – we all have certain phrases that really touch us and make us feel loved, desired – and raise our feelings of intimacy.

The 3 “Magic” Texts

I went ahead and grabbed Michael’s top three text messages, and I’m impressed.  I was going to share them here, but after reading through his suggestions, I realized that you really need to understand the context to make them most effective.  Plus, there are very different messages depending on whether you’re sending them to your wife or your husband.

The good news is that he gives them away for free.  You can click here to grab them for yourself – you just select whether you’re male or female, enter your email address and then they get sent to you instantly.

I think you’ll get a lot of this.

Like I said, there is an entire blueprint that lays out all the details.  If you’d like to find out more about that and check out Michael’s presentation on where all of this came from and how it works, you can check that out here.

I think this is a really useful product that can let all of us improve the romance in our relationships, even when we’re feeling super busy and stretched for time.  If you do decide to pick up the full program, I earn a small commission for sharing it with you so you’ll be supporting Engaged Marriage while investing in your marriage.  Thanks either way!

Share Your Favorite Texts!

I’d love to hear how you use text messages to stay connected with your spouse.

In the comments below, please share your favorite text to send or receive and how it helps your marriage.




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