Did Tiger Woods Simply Have a Car Accident? I Sure Hope So.

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Tiger Woods Car Accident and Marriage

When I started seeing “Tiger Woods car accident” flying around on Twitter yesterday afternoon, I was immediately concerned.  I am a big fan of Tiger on the golf course, so I would hate to see anything happen that could derail his seemingly inevitable path toward capturing all of the important records in golf. My focus online is typically marriage related resources and news stories, but this was a favorite sports icon and it legitimately concerned me.

Those thoughts were fleeting, though, as I remembered that Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren have two small children.  I was particularly concerned when I read initial reports that Tiger had wrecked his 2009 Cadillac Escalade, and the results were serious injuries.  This news story was very concerning to me.

Wait a Minute, Where & When Did the Car Crash Occur?

As the news reports started to materialize, it became clear that this was no mid-afternoon freeway crash.  Instead, Tiger Woods had wrecked his SUV in his neighbor’s driveway.  Strange by itself, but when accompanied by the fact that this occurred at 2:25 a.m. and it was a single vehicle crashing into a fire hydrant and tree, the story was taking a turn for the strange.

Naturally, those facts start to raise serious questions.  Why was Tiger leaving (quickly it would appear) his home at that hour?  How do you hit a tree in your neighbor’s yard with enough force to cause what were initially reported as serious injuries?

Say It Ain’t So.

Fast forward to about an hour ago, when I read that TMZ was reporting a totally different version of what had taken place.  According to their reports, Tiger’s wife had actually caused the facial lacerations that had previously been attributed to the car accident.  They alleged that Tiger was fleeing from his home after a serious argument with Elin, and she had actually hit his SUV with a golf club out of rage and not to “free” him from the vehicle after the crash as had been reported.

And the real kick to gut was the TMZ assertion (also reported by several other news outlets) that the cause of the couple’s fight was the suspicion that Tiger Woods could be having an extramarital affair.  I just really hope that this is not actually the case.

Don’t be Like Mike…or Kobe…or A-Rod…or…

I love the way Tiger Woods plays golf.  That is what he is known for, and he has done a great job of keeping his private life out of the public eye.  That’s the way it should be, and I for one hate tabloids and their parasitical reporting practices.

So, why did I write this post?  I felt compelled to write this post because what I have admired about Tiger more than his insane golf game is the way he manages his life.  He seems to have it together and not be involved in self-destructive activities.  He has a beautiful wife, two small children, a fantastic charitable foundation, and he seems to have his priorities straight, particularly for someone with so many pressures for his time and attention.

In an era where the biggest faces in sports represent our society to many around the world (children and adults alike), it was refreshing to hear Tiger’s name and think about him as one of the “good guys” who respected the importance of family life.  Too many of the other faces in this arena have unfortunately been tarnished by scandal.

Michael Jordan has quite a fondness for gambling and got divorced from wife of many years.  We all know about Kobe Bryant’s admitted affair and criminal rape charges (which were later dropped).  Alex Rodriguez got divorced after allegations of affairs with a long list of women, including Madonna, and recently had his past use of performance-enhancing drugs exposed.

Of course, these stories only represent the tip of the iceberg.  It seems that scandal, adultery and divorce are the rule among sports celebrities rather than the exception.  I hate this.

I Hope Tiger’s Marriage is Strong.

We need more good guys for our kids to admire because whether we or they like it,  these players will always be looked up to by those growing up playing their sports.  We need more examples of sports “heroes” that play by the rules, serve their community, and respect their family and their marriage vows.

This is one marriage blogger that sincerely hopes I can remain a fan of Tiger Woods for what he does both on and especially off of the golf course.

UPDATE 1/1/2010: Well, so much for wishful thinking.  It appears that Tiger is a dog and one with a far-reaching history of infidelity at that.  I am very disappointed in him and just hope that he can reform his ways.  It looks like his transgressions are going to cost him dearly both professionally and personally.  Sad situation.

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