The Sexiest Thing You Can Do For Your Wife…

It may look like this post is just for the guys. But I encourage you wives to read it as well. Not long ago on my site, I did a post titled The Sexiest Thing You Can Do for Your Husband. The attention that post received got me thinking that doing sexy things is an […]

When Was the Last Time You Made Love?

Okay, I admit it. This is kind of a trick question. On the surface, it looks like this post is only for people who can’t remember when they last had sex with their spouse. But really, this post is for all married couples with regard to sex in their marriage. When was the last time […]

3 Things Sex WILL Do For Your Marriage

I met recently with a bride-to-be who wanted some insight on sexual intimacy in marriage. In a few short months, she’ll be joining her life with the man she loves. She had a few questions about sex, and she wanted me to shed some light on the realities (good and bad) of sex in marriage. I was […]

Do You Want Better Sexual Intimacy in 2015?

  I used to be a New Year’s Resolution junkie. I mean, I was hard core. I loved the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings and embracing optimism to its fullest. Honestly, I’m still a little bit that way. But I’m less enthralled with the “thinking” about resolutions and much more focused on the […]

Does Sex Increase or Decrease Your Stress?

  When “benefits” of sex are listed, “stress reduction” is usually somewhere in the mix. It may be phrased a number of different ways, alluding to both physical and emotional side benefits.  No matter how we label it, the people who study this sort of thing often hold up “feeling less stressed” as a big plus […]