No Time for Sex? How Much Time Does it Really Take Anyway?!

My husband and I have had some fairly incredible lovemaking sessions. I mean, off-the-charts “I think the neighbors can probably hear us by now” lovemaking. And even those sexual episodes of “my-world-has-been rocked” have not lasted hours. Nope.  It would probably be a stretch to say they lasted an hour. My point? If the “no time for sex” argument seems […]

What Do You Like About Sex?

What do you like about sex? This is an important question.  A lot hinges on what you and your spouse would each say in response to “What do you like about sex?” Nothing? Everything? Some things? Most things? “I like the pleasure, but not the mess.” “I don’t like the vulnerability.” “I do like the […]

These 4 Letters Could Destroy Your Marriage

There’s an incredibly serious problem facing many marriages today. It’s also the fastest growing addiction in North America. It’s spelled P-O-R-N and there’s a good chance that you’ve either been affected by it or will be at some point.   In this recent post, a counselor shares the first-hand accounts of several women who have been […]

The Sexiest Thing You Can Do For Your Wife…

It may look like this post is just for the guys. But I encourage you wives to read it as well. Not long ago on my site, I did a post titled The Sexiest Thing You Can Do for Your Husband. The attention that post received got me thinking that doing sexy things is an […]

When Was the Last Time You Made Love?

Okay, I admit it. This is kind of a trick question. On the surface, it looks like this post is only for people who can’t remember when they last had sex with their spouse. But really, this post is for all married couples with regard to sex in their marriage. When was the last time […]