Why Everything You Thought About Hot Sex May Be Wrong

Have you seen some of those video segments that show the extent that professional photographs are digitally manipulated? To help people (particularly women and teen girls) grasp a more accurate picture of beauty, these documentaries visually show, step by step, how an original photo is tweaked to look more striking or more beautiful. What we [...]

Great Sex and Your Marriage: What You Must Know…

I’m a Christian wife who blogs about sex, so as you can imagine, that makes for interesting conversations at social gatherings. My husband and I were at a wedding reception once, sitting with a friend of mine and her husband. With a mischievous laugh, my friend looked at my husband and jokingly said her husband [...]

5 Secrets of Sexually Confident Wives

I love to make cheesecake. It wasn’t always this way, though.  Despite my deep love for cheesecake (I mean, it borders on obsessive), I was always hesitant to actually make one. I had heard that it was difficult, wrought with several things that could go wrong. Then I started thinking how ridiculous it was to [...]

The Sex Tragedy the Church Could Fix

A friend emailed me the other day, asking if I would be willing to meet with her friend who is engaged. This young lady has kept herself pure as she prepares for marriage and she wants to talk to a Christian wife about sex. Believe it or not, I pray for opportunities like this.  Who [...]

Wedded Mess Versus Wedded Bliss: How a wedding can more than throw libido

The stress we bring to important moments like marriage is terrible.  And stress isn’t good for sex and intimacy.   In fact, Christmas stress is what inspired this article.   Stress breaks us down.  It breaks us apart.  It is bad for our health.  It is bad for our relationships.  We can’t even think clearly [...]

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