Is There “Plenty of Time Later” to Fix Sexual Struggles in Your Marriage?

The phone rang at 4 a.m. No surprise that my husband and I both startled out of our groggy slumber. It was my mother-in-law, who lives in her own home, but cannot drive. She was in pain. A lot of pain. My husband and I decided I would take her to the hospital while he stayed with […]

Is Sex in Your Marriage Inconvenient?

Recently on my own blog, I wrote a post about the 5 Worst Excuses for Not Having Sex. Someone commented on that post inferring that husbands need to let go of this “woe is me” attitude about not getting more sex. The woman went on to imply that if the husband had to walk in the wife’s shoes […]

Headache Again? 3 Real Reasons Why Married Women Lose Interest In Sex

Has earth shaking, bed breaking sex  turned into a Saturday night snooze fest, or a quickie between taking the dog to the vet and picking the children up from school? Even though sex is an absolutely critical part of a healthy and happy marriage, many women are losing interest in intimacy with their husbands. Why […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Have More (and Better) Sex

Do you think there will be plenty of time down the road to nurture sex in your marriage? Maybe. Maybe not. When my husband and I married, we were 37 and 33, respectively.  And though we had each had sex in previous relationships, we did not have sex with each other until our wedding night. We […]

Wives: Why Being a Little Selfish Will Lead to Better Orgasms

It seems a bit counterintuitive. This idea of being selfish in bed.  It even — dare I say — seems to fly in the face of that beloved Christian platitude of being self-sacrificial in marriage. But ladies I gotta tell you — if you aren’t experiencing and enjoying orgasm in your marriage bed, then your marriage […]