Why “Going Through The Motions” is Robbing You of Great Sex

My husband recently switched from a second shift schedule to a more “normal” day schedule. Americanized life — and maybe life in other countries too — tends to gravitate toward “work during the day” and “off in the evenings and on weekends.” While I know that’s not everyone’s reality (it wasn’t ours for years), it is what [...]

Why Is Sex a Struggle in Your Marriage?

Recently, I went to a graduation party where I was able to catch up with some people I have known for decades, but don’t see often. One person who I hadn’t seen in awhile shared with me that he and his ex-wife were now back together after quite a few years apart. The ex-wife had [...]

Hanging on by a Thread: Sexual Trauma and Marriages

Trigger Warning: If the topic of sexual assault or sexualized violence is one that is deeply troubling to you, please do what you need to take care of yourself in this moment. Some of the material in this article could be triggering to you.   April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Sexual violence [...]

Stuck at a Sexual Crossroads in Your Marriage?

I didn’t know when I started blogging about sex. I didn’t know how many people struggle – I mean really struggle – with sex in their marriage. It all seems ironic now, but when I started writing and speaking about sexual intimacy in marriage, I must have naively underestimated the power of the internet. And [...]

Why Everything You Thought About Hot Sex May Be Wrong

Have you seen some of those video segments that show the extent that professional photographs are digitally manipulated? To help people (particularly women and teen girls) grasp a more accurate picture of beauty, these documentaries visually show, step by step, how an original photo is tweaked to look more striking or more beautiful. What we [...]

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