When Did You Stop Nurturing Sex in Your Marriage?

Recently, there was a big fire in a treasured old building in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. I wrote a blog post about it here (I used the fire as an illustration for vital lessons for marriages struggling sexually). Today I again want to use the fire as an illustration. As is the case with most fires, the […]

Sexual PDA: Better to Give AND Receive!

It’s that time of year when you’re making the rounds of parties for Christmas and the New Year. Maybe you’re even hosting a few of these shindigs. (If that’s the case, then you’ll definitely need a way to relieve some stress!) I want to lay down a challenge for you and your spouse.  Be super intentional about communicating […]

Should You Have to Talk Yourself Into Sex?

So let’s say you don’t really like sex in your marriage. You maybe even would go so far as viewing it as a “necessary evil” – something you “have” to do to keep the peace. But you pretty much hate it. And you find yourself having to “talk” yourself into sex.   Not surprisingly, a vicious […]

5 Ways to Heal After Your Spouse’s Pornography Addiction

For some, pornography might not seem like a big deal—who doesn’t look at it? But the truth is pornography is addictive and can lead to serious problems down the road. Pornography and sexual addiction can have a devastating impact on your relationship. Research has shown that 56% of divorce cases involved one partner having an […]

Is Your Marriage Beyond Sexual Repair?

I tend to be in the camp that no marriage is beyond repair as long as two people are still in it. I’ve heard from couples who have gone literally years with dysfunctional patterns (sexual and otherwise), yet at some point, something compels them both to move toward each other and heal the disconnect. Maybe even grow closer sexually […]