10 Places to Find Free and Nearly Free Stuff

Some folks are just not comfortable with the thought of obtaining previously owned clothing and household items, and that’s fine. Others, like my husband and I, make our dollars go much further by taking advantage of gently used goods. What we especially love is finding merchandise in good, usable condition for free or nearly free. [...]

Letting Go of The Jones’: Finding Relief from the “Supposed To’s” of Financial Goals

If you ask me what my least favorite topic to write, talk or counsel others about in the entire world is—I will tell you right now, it’s money. Which is terribly inconvenient for several reasons, not the least of which being that finances are still touted as being close to, if not #1 on the [...]

Your Life is a Job Interview: 10 Tips for Creating Luck

Every day, whether you realize it or not, your life is a job interview. You might be interviewing for a promotion, a change in responsibilities, or a completely new job, even if you aren’t necessarily looking for something different. These stealth Q & A’s can happen in these situations, for instance: When you ask a [...]

“We know how much money you have.”

Note from Dustin: Enjoy this great post from my buddy Derek! All throughout high school and college I suffered from extreme allergies. My allergies would come out of nowhere, hit me like a train, and leave me in bed for days trying to recover and regain my energy. After college when I got my first [...]

7 Steps to Leaving a Legacy of Love

When you think of leaving a legacy of love, what comes to mind? How about writing a will, choosing a guardian for your children, and generally leaving your affairs in order? Those suggestions probably are not the ones that came to the forefront. After all, no one likes to think of themselves as mortal, especially [...]

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