4 Ways a Midlife Career Change Can Help Your Marriage

Note: This is a guest post from Amanda Brown. A more fulfilling life outside your marriage can help you find the way to more fulfillment within the marriage. If you’re not happy with your current career, why wait to make a change? Check out these four ways to improve your career and your marriage simultaneously. […]

The Secret to Buying a Home That You Can Afford

When the desire to become a homeowner latches onto your heart, it’s all too easy to lose your mind and ignore your budget. Even on our most recent adventure—our fifth time around—my husband and I had difficulty keeping our priorities in the forefront. It becomes even tougher when friends and family members are encouraging you to buy because It’s the […]

When Should a Couple Rent vs. Buy a Home?

Note: This is a guest post from Jennifer Riner of Zillow.com Most individuals dream of becoming homeowners one day. Home-ownership is not a reality for everyone, and purchasing property is one of the riskiest and most profitable investments. However, most financiers would agree that buying trumps renting. Rent can cost more than a fixed-rate mortgage, […]

4 Tips for Going Back to School…After You’re Married

Note: This is a guest post from Amanda Brown. Getting a better education is stressful, and adding marriage into the equation can certainly take the stress level up a notch. So what’s the best way to handle going back to school when you’re all grown up and married? Here are four tips to help reduce […]

5 Workplace Lessons for a Healthier Marriage

Have you ever worked for a dysfunctional company? Odds are you have, and you probably were very unhappy. By the same token, if you have been blessed to work for a terrific company, you probably really enjoyed your time there. As someone who has experienced both, I have learned there are practices that successful companies have […]