Enabling your children can weaken your marriage

When Kansas farm girl Dorothy closed her eyes and murmured longingly, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!” she was speaking as a twelve year old who had come to recognize the true magic of home, not as a young adult comfortably and seemingly permanently ensconced under your roof. Home is a wonderful place, […]

Make Better Purchasing Decisions with the Power of 10-10-10

Every so often you hear or read about an idea so simple and useful that you automatically add it to your life “toolbox”: Using the 3 Door Rule for more peace of mind in a situation Implementing the Five Why’s to get to the bottom of an issue Remembering there’s a pony in there somewhere when the going gets difficult. Last […]

7 Reasons Every Smart Couple Needs a Side Income (and How to Get One)

How would your family benefit from an extra $250, $500 or even $1,000 every month? In this post, I want to share why it’s so important that your family develop a side income and show you how to make it happen – complete with real-life examples of the many ways we’ve added to the bottom […]

12 Surprising Takeaways from our Debt Freedom Journey

My husband and I were Ostriches. You know the breed: Not exceptionally self-aware, since when they feel threatened they will try to flatten their nine foot tall, 350 pound bodies against the ground in an effort to become invisible. Assuming that move fails, they can run like the wind from predators at sustained speeds of […]

What’s in your wallet?

The question in the headline may bring to mind ads full of burly, weapon-waving Vikings in all sorts of amusing modern situations. However, the question What’s in your wallet? is a serious one because it will determine your ability to think outside the box when you and your spouse have set your sights on a purchase. You […]