The Opportunity Cost of Your Job: Live with it or leave it?

The hours you have available to work represent a fertile field of opportunity to grow in skills, obtain wealth, gather knowledge, gain power and prestige, form strong personal and professional relationships, and to live with a true sense of purpose and satisfaction. How and where you choose to spend those hours determines the Opportunity Cost of your […]

3 essential keys to furnish your home on a budget

You’ve been watching those shows about how to buy and makeover a house, and visions of your very own HGTV style home are now dancing in your head. You’ve pinned hundreds of images of cheery kitchens, welcoming living rooms, and restful bedrooms on Pinterest. Furniture and home decor catalogs litter your apartment, and you can’t […]

There Must Be a Pony In Here Somewhere

Do you remember the cool prizes that used to come in the cereal boxes when you were little? Did you pray every week that your mom would buy the brands with the best freebies? Were you disappointed when she’d bring home some “But it’s good for you!” cereal which never had any surprises inside, and […]

4 Ways a Midlife Career Change Can Help Your Marriage

Note: This is a guest post from Amanda Brown. A more fulfilling life outside your marriage can help you find the way to more fulfillment within the marriage. If you’re not happy with your current career, why wait to make a change? Check out these four ways to improve your career and your marriage simultaneously. […]

The Secret to Buying a Home That You Can Afford

When the desire to become a homeowner latches onto your heart, it’s all too easy to lose your mind and ignore your budget. Even on our most recent adventure—our fifth time around—my husband and I had difficulty keeping our priorities in the forefront. It becomes even tougher when friends and family members are encouraging you to buy because It’s the […]