4 Tips for Going Back to School…After You’re Married

Note: This is a guest post from Amanda Brown. Getting a better education is stressful, and adding marriage into the equation can certainly take the stress level up a notch. So what’s the best way to handle going back to school when you’re all grown up and married? Here are four tips to help reduce […]

5 Workplace Lessons for a Healthier Marriage

Have you ever worked for a dysfunctional company? Odds are you have, and you probably were very unhappy. By the same token, if you have been blessed to work for a terrific company, you probably really enjoyed your time there. As someone who has experienced both, I have learned there are practices that successful companies have […]

6 Questions to ask before saying “I Do!” to college loans

How is it possible you are thinking about and discussing college preparation, possible school choices, and potential education costs with your children? Didn’t you just graduate? It may seem like just yesterday you were considering those decisions for yourself, but times have changed, and so have the stakes: College costs have risen dramatically—1,220% in the […]

Essential moving tools to save your back, your sanity, and maybe even your marriage

 Tis the season to be moving, fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, UGH. Whether you are one of the over 40 million people that will move to a new home this year, a parent moving your child to a college dorm, or a person who adores moving furniture around the living room, I have some […]

Now You’re Married, What About Your Career?

Note: This is a guest post from Amanda Brown. Although there is an increasing trend of later-in-life marriages in the United States, plenty of young lovers are still tying the knot as their first step towards building their lives. But once the wedding has come and gone, it may be time to think about adding […]

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