Tis the Season… For Blindsiding Your Spouse?

Wait, what? I thought this was going to be a holiday post?!  It is a holiday post, friends.  Just not the holiday post you were expecting. If you’ve been watching the news at all lately, you may’ve heard of this “game” some kids thugs are “playing” in which they run up to an innocent stranger on [...]

Do NOT Ask This Question in Your Marriage…

If there’s a gene for being blunt, I promise you that my Jersey Italian family got it two-fold. We’re not crass or mean-spirited per se, but as my mother would put it, we’re “efficient in our honesty.” (Well, that’s one way to put it!)  Anyway, growing up in this family—this loving, open, boisterous and brutally honest [...]

5 Awesome (and Worthless) Ways to Improve Communication in Your Marriage

So, what’s the #1 thing most couples say is the key to a happy marriage? Communication. Duh. And of course it’s become the cliche, go-to response from grandparents when the video camera comes around at every wedding reception for good reason.  It’s true! Good communication skills impact every single aspect of your relationship – from [...]

How to Communicate Your Way to a Better Marriage
(Talking Optional)

“We just don’t talk anymore.” “He doesn’t listen to me.”  “She’s so defensive – I can put her in a bad mood without saying a word.” “When we first got together, we could spend hours just hanging out and talking. How can we get that back?” “I love her SO much, but I really struggle [...]

Troubled Marriages & Technology (Part 2 of 2)

So as you’ll recall, last month I wrote about two of the major ways technology can screw up marriages in Troubled Marriages and Technology (Part 1).  And to be completely honest, it was a heavy conversation.  This month, as promised, I want to talk about some of the ways that you and your spouse can use [...]

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