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Engaged Marriage was created as a source of information and motivation for those that want something more from life and agree that our most important relationships shouldn’t be mired in mediocrity.

But the mission of this site goes beyond the standard marriage advice you’ll find in most books and blogs.

Practical Advice From A Guy Who is Living It

As you’ll read below, I’m living the crazy life of a husband and father with all of the demands that come with it.  I understand it’s a very real struggle to find time to devote to improving your married life.  I know how it feels to struggle to even keep up with the everyday requirements that we face as couples in the earlier years of our marriage.

I know it’s hard.  But I also know that it’s totally worth it.

That’s why a central theme of the posts here at Engaged Marriage is candid and practical advice that you can learn and put into action without a huge time commitment.  Whether it’s fighting fair or achieving financial peace in your marriage, you will find a plethora of “no B.S.” information to help you in every area of family life.

But It’s Not All How-Tos and Practicalities

I’m an engineer, and I love practical, actionable information.  However, as I have learned all too well, marriage is not quite so easy.  Marriage involves people in a very intimate relationship, and that can get complicated.

This is where the other, equally important side of Engaged Marriage shines.  Alongside the practical information that you need, you’ll find healthy doses of motivation in the form of humor, personal stories and spiritual reflections.

Of course, when you read personal stories and insights, you’re going to be exposed to some unique perspectives and you may be challenged in your thinking.  I sincerely hope you’ll challenge me right back.

If you read something personal on this site, it will be genuine and it will be based on real experiences from my marriage.  And with that comes my spiritual perspective.

I am a Catholic guy.  I am proud of my faith, which I adopted as a convert back in my college days.  So you should expect to see some posts sprinkled with a little Christian perspective, and some that are squarely aimed at providing some inspiration or insight based solely on a Christian/Catholic belief.  After all, it was marriage that helped make me a Christian, and it was our involvement in the Church that called me down a path to create Engaged Marriage.

That said, much of the information shared here is universally applicable, and I trust that you will find it helpful regardless of your particular faith.  And you may just gain some insight into some of the seemingly crazy things that us Catholics believe and practice.

By the way, have you heard of Natural Family Planning and the awesome benefits it could provide your marriage?  And no, that’s not just a Catholic thing.  See, you learned something already. :)

Join in the Fun!

I firmly believe that our lives are too short and too precious to spend them living a “good enough” marriage and an “okay” family life.  Do you agree?

I invite you to join our community and take a proactive approach toward your own relationships.  I guarantee that you will not regret it.

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About the Author

Thank you for checking out Engaged Marriage!

My name is Dustin, and I am basically just a normal guy with a passion for marriage and life and a knack for helping others achieve big things.  I’m an engineer by trade, and I try to be a good husband and a mostly patient Dad to our three great kids.

My life is pretty typical for a 33-year old family man these days with a hectic schedule and the demands that come with balancing a wife, kids, a career, a mortgage, church, community service, soccer practice, my daughter’s tea parties and the occasional beer or round of golf with my buddies.

So why would I spend any of my scarce free time writing a blog about marriage?  Well, I have come to know first-hand the challenges and, more importantly, the amazing rewards that an extraordinary marriage provides.

I love my marriage, and I don’t want that part of my life to be normal.  When it comes to the most important relationship in our lives, normal sucks.

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