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74 Simple Things You Can Do to Brighten Your Spouse’s Day

By Dustin | Romance

In a recent giveaway we had for Marriage Time newsletter subscribers (sign up here for free so you don’t miss the next one), I asked this question:

What is one simple thing I can do to brighten my spouse’s day today?

I received dozens of responses back, and I was really touched and impressed by some of the ideas.

74 Simple ThingsSo, I filtered through all of the duplicates, and I would like to share these unedited responses for everyone to see.

Which of these simple acts can you use today to show some thoughtfulness toward your husband or wife?

  1. Simply tell her one thing that makes her special to me.
  2. Texting him at work and keeping him from getting bored in the minutiae of the day. (Check out these sexy texts for ideas)
  3. Declutter the bedroom.
  4. Compliment her via text every hour on the hour all day!
  5. I could surprise my husband by taking him to the Irish Festival this afternoon.
  6. By sending him a love letter to tell him I appreciate him & I’ll be taking the lead in the bedroom tonight – this will totally make his day…and week! 🙂
  7. Tell her how much I’m glad I married her (married 20 years).
  8. Take the kids to the park while they are on Spring Break and let her have a nap.
  9. Give him an encouraging note or email during the day.
  10. I took the kids because she was sick. That way she could rest.
  11. One thing I could do to brighten my spouse’s day is to buy her some flowers.
  12. Dinner. Then dishes. She loves that!
  13. A simple thing I could do (and actually just did!) to brighten his day is give him a call, unexpectedly, just to tell him I love him & wish him a great day 🙂
  14. One simple thing I can do?  Compliment her sincerely on something specific with her appearance.
  15. One simple thing I could do to brighten her day is let her sleep in and get the kids ready for school.
  16. I could call him and tell him I love and miss him while he’s at work.
  17. My husband is easy. Smile at him and say, “I appreciate you, honey!” makes his day. I know I look grumpy much of the time with stress, pain and worries. I don’t smile enough. So when I do, it makes a difference!!
  18. A simple thing I can do to brighten my husband’s day is a phone call to simply remind him that I love and appreciate him.
  19. When he comes home after his long day at work, I could have dinner ready and let him know I have a REALLY special dessert ready after the kids are in bed! (Click here for some new ideas to spice up your lovemaking).
  20. One thing I can do to brighten my husband’s day is to watch the BYU basketball game with him!  🙂  Go Cougs!
  21. Send him a text message telling him what I’m looking forward to about our night tonight (especially if physical!)
  22. A three-minute hug.
  23. Give her flowers for no special reason at all – apart, of course, from saying she’s the love of my life.
  24. I could send him a text message letting him know I’m thinking of him & offer support as he prepares for his final exam tomorrow!
  25. I could bring him coffee in the morning, pack his lunch and make his favorite dish for dinner.
  26. Empty the dishwasher before I leave for work.
  27. Call him and leave him a special voice mail!
  28. Greet him by dropping my work bag and showering him with hugs and kisses…for the rest of the evening!
  29. A quick 5-10 minute back rub can turn my wife around if she has had a bad day (or make her day great if she is having a good day already).
  30. To brighten my wife’s day, I can clean the bathroom. She hates to do it!
  31. Sending him a daily email while he is deployed with thoughts and moments from my day and letting him know I love him and I am proud of him.
  32. I will give him a massage tonight, just because, without him having to ask.
  33. Tell my wife how much I appreciate all she does for me, the kids and our home and that I pray for her constantly.
  34. I’ll be using your One Simple Thing trick on him tonight!
  35. Clean the toilets.  Sexy, huh?  Depends what I’m wearing while I do it – like a smile, for instance.
  36. I could draw funny faces on the eggs in the refrigerator.  =)
  37. One simple thing I could do to brighten my husband’s day TODAY is locate a copy of Boondock Saints for us to watch!
  38. I can have dinner ready and a cheerful disposition when he comes home from work.
  39. I could get out of bed on time so we can get the kids ready more quickly and not make him late for work (being late is his pet peeve and I push the limits every day).
  40. To brighten my wife’s day I make her coffee in the morning.
  41. Practical: Put away the laundry. Fun: Make out session.
  42. I can tell him that I appreciate him and everything he does for us.  Sometimes I get in the habit of complaining about what he’s not doing, and I forget that telling him what he is doing is 10 times more important!
  43. To brighten my spouse’s day I will wake up cheery, not grumpy and tell him how much I love him and how much he means to me.
  44. Have dinner waiting for him when he gets home.
  45. Drop by his office with a cupcake from the shop across the street on my lunch break.  Just so he knows I’m thinking of him.
  46. Make Rice Krispie treats
  47. My husband works night shift, so I buy a Red Bull (his fave pick me up) and put it in the fridge for him when I get in.
  48. Do his laundry while I’m working from home today!
  49. I can thank him for his awesome management of our finances and his hard work to pay off our student loans so that we can start a family!
  50. Put a Love note (post it) on his computer screen.
  51. When he came out of the bedroom to head to work (we were running late coming back from crew practice) – I had his toast ready, hot water in his tea thermos, and the tea was almost completed….
  52. One thing I can do is let her know that I love through notes left around the house, emails, or flowers.
  53. Say “I love you”.
  54. Thank him for his support as I face challenges.
  55. I will look at my wife’s eyes, give her a kiss and say I LOVE YOU.
  56. One simple thing I sometimes do is pre-toothpaste his toothbrush.  It saves him just like 4 seconds in his morning routine but when I do it I always hear him say “awww” from the bathroom.  Haha.  It’s silly, but it’s something.  😉
  57. I had to work today at our church office, and he has been away since Monday.  He’ll get home before me – so I have some delicious corned beef and cabbage cooking in the crockpot, so we he walks in the door he’ll be greeted with love cooking in the kitchen!
  58. I can make him a cup of coffee. I love it when he does it for me.
  59. Make him his favorite brown bread… and have it come out of the oven as he comes in the door.
  60. Be sure that your eyes light up when you see her.
  61. Let him sleep in!
  62. I could give my husband a back massage. I think I will.
  63. Today, I will keep my three year old awake in the afternoon, when he would normally want to nap.  This means an earlier, easier bed time for him, and more time in the evening alone for my husband and I.  I know he’ll really appreciate that, especially on a Friday.
  64. To brighten my spouse’s day, I could write him a love letter telling him why I married him, and why I love him!
  65. All I did was ask him if there was anything I could do for him today.  I have never done this before, but I wanted to let him know that I am here for him and I want to help him if he needs something.
  66. I make my husband his favorite dinner and make sure to have warm water in his glass (his preference) when he gets home from work.
  67. Wash the dishes…Naked!!!
  68. Pray with him in the morning.
  69. Clean the house
  70. I do my best to write a quick love note on a sticky note and hide it somewhere that my wife will find it each day.
  71. Write an encouraging sticky note for him to find when he gets in his truck to go to work!
  72. Something unexpected that she usually does, like perhaps cleaning a bathroom?
  73. Drive her to the training the morning and pick her up at the end of the day.  It’s always exciting to see her get off the train and come home with me.
  74. The one thing I can do is set his slippers out by the couch when he comes home from working all night so he doesn’t have to go into the bedroom to get them before he relaxes for a while.

How great are these ideas!?!

Keep this post handy, and you’ll always have a way to make your spouse feel special.  After all, that’s the key to simple, everyday romance!

To make it super easy for you, we’d like you to take a copy with you to use anytime you want to brighten the day for your husband or wife.  Just click the button below to get your free copy!

Just Click Here to Download 74 Simple Things You Can Do To Brighten Your Spouse's Day to take it with you to use anytime!


About the Author

Dustin Riechmann created Engaged Marriage to help other married couples live a life they love (especially) when they feel too busy to make it happen. He has many passions, including sharing ways to enjoy an awesome marriage in 15 minutes a day, but his heart belongs with his wife Bethany and their three young kids.

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Tariq and Shaheera

Hi Dustin!

Nice post you have here. We’ll be sure to bookmark it for some instant inspiration to cheer each other up!

Tariq – I love it when Shaheera calls me up the moment she gets up in the morning. I know then that I’m one of the first few things she thinks of after waking up. Oh, and I also love it when she gives me her handwritten love letters. 🙂

Shaheera – Seeing Tariq pick me up with a smile already brightens up my day! Oh, and also when he does random, unplanned sweet things like buying my favourite snack without asking, giving us the day off for some romantic time and giving me a back rub. 🙂

Thanks for the list!

Tariq and Shaheera


    Thanks so much Tariq & Shaheera! Your additions are awesome, and I like how you included what the other does for you that makes you feel special.


Fill up your wife’s gas tank (especially early in the morning when she doesn’t know you are doing it). That can be a major chore hauling three kids around, so she will greatly appreciate it!


    That’s a great one, Mike. I almost always fill up our cars, so seeing my wife take the initiative to do it would be fantastic. (hint, hint sweetie 🙂 )

Paula Lee Bright

My father used to leave notes for my mother and for each of us in places he knew we’d get to eventually, but probably not immediately. He was witty, so the notes were always funny. It made our day when one of us came across a note, and my mother adored hers.

So I continue the habit with my pseudo-husband! I plant them in a suitcase when he isn’t leaving town for a while, or in a box of cereal he isn’t eating a lot of at the time. Just silly little stuff, but it keeps things fun. And the forethought shows a lotta love!


    Wow, I REALLY like that idea, Paula! I have left notes around but always where I know Bethany will find them almost immediately. It’s really cool to think she may not discover a thought until months later…when I may have forgotten what I wrote.

Niki G

My hubby often switches the radio to my favourite station when he gets out the car and knows I will be using it next – I love that! I thank him for all the little things he does – stack the dishwasher, when he drives us somewhere, when he picks up a bottle of my favourite wine – he’s an awesome husband!


    Thanks for sharing, Niki. I got a smile out of your comments because I used to be pretty notorious for leaving the radio cranked up when I got out of the car. When my wife would take it in the morning, it would make her jump out of her seat!

    I’m better about that now. 🙂


This post really made me think… My husband does so many nice things all of the time without ever being asked; washes the dishes, fills up the cars, brings coffee to me while I am in the shower in the morning, gets up early with the kids every weekend, folds socks (which I hate) — the list goes on and on. He has always just naturally done nice little things that make my life easier and happy. But what was hard for me was to think of things I actually do for him. This list should get me pointed in the right direction, hopefully the next time you ask for nice things it won’t be so hard for me!


    I’m glad I got you thinking, Jaycie. 😉

    You certainly have a good man (and one of my best friends), but don’t discount your worth. You’re a great wife, and I’m sure he sees more little things that you do day-to-day than you realize.

    Now, go fold some socks! 🙂


My boyfriend always weaks me up with a kiss and fresh black coffee………..



Excellent information, glad i came across it. 🙂


I love how most of these suggestions are free and don’t make much time (5-15 minutes). It goes to show how simple, inexpensive things go a long way!


    Absolutely, Paula! That’s what we’re all about around here. 😉

The Student

Great post. Thanks for all the great advice!


    My pleasure!


Dustin, how do I get my husband to read your posts??!


    I think you should give him more time to go hunting, and let Bethany know I need to join him, and I can relay this information in person. 🙂


This is a great list. Thank you for sharing it.


    My pleasure, Lauren!


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When hubby comes home tired and worn out. I give him a bath, rub down, and a massage. By the time I get to the massage he’s a sleep. I think he really likes it.


    Wow, that sounds fantastic, Dannie. He’s a lucky guy! 🙂

Debbie @ Happy Maker

Wonderful Dustin. My hubby and I always find something nice to say to each other every day and never forget the hugs and kisses each day. Marriage is the most important thing one can have and it needs water every day to grow and be its best. Thanks you for the 74 simple things to do when it comes to marriage. Debbie


    It’s my pleasure, Debbie. I love your watering analogy…so true!


My husband and I have a little, red plastic heart clip (it used to say “Joy” on it, years ago) that we trade back and forth by leaving it someplace the other will find. It’s fun to try to come up with someplace new (after 20 years, this is quite a chore!) and even more fun when I find it after he’s hidden it for me.


Write SHMILY (See How Much I Love You) in random places ie: unroll the toilet paper and write it on a piece of the TP. Write it on the eggs in the egg carton in the frig.

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Something funny I do sometimes is act like one of the dogs when he comes in from work. We have three of them and they are so excited and jump all over him when he comes through the door, so I do it too. It’s a sweet gesture and funny as well.


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Excellent ideas! I think I’ll use a few today 🙂


Great list!! Keep up the great work






Love your post. I will surely use some of them 😉 thanks Dustin


HI 🙂 my partner knew i was having a bad week at work and so when i came home on the friday (he was at work) but as I go to walk up the stairs, there is a A4 page on every step, just simply saying I LOVE YOU! YOURE AMAZING!! it was perfect. also leaving notes on the window when your randomly parked somewhere, always a winner!! thanks for some great ideas!!

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What we alwasy overlook in these type of lists is that they are usually wrong — becaue the question is wrong!

Instead of asking “What can you do for your spouse” we need to ask “What could your spouse do for you”.

Let face it. Men are basically clueless on what they can do for their wives (why would they be looking for ideas if this were not true). And women — yes you too are clueless about what you can do for your husband. We can all try to come up with the perfect “what I could do for”…but the most insightful lists will only be had by asking the receiver “what do you want”.

    Anna and Taras

    mmm well i agree but at the same time it would be nice to get flowers from ur husband cuz he just gets them not cuz you brag and ask for them,. you know what i mean. I do agree we need to as each other what can i do to make you happier what can i do for you but surprises are always good) i got my hubby weight machine pretty cool he almost had a heart attack from surpeise like that)

Anna and Taras

well every day try to make the best of it ans surprise each other. My Love works on construction and i write little love notes and what he means to me and put them in hi luch box or more fun i cleat tape them and put them in his food LOL and he does dishes for me our bed laudry My Husband is just a Blessing to me in my life! Love one another and dont pay attention to bad days. God Bless!


Something I like to do sometimes, is even if we are staying inside for the evening, I put on my makeup and fix my hair. Put something cute on. When he gets home he always has a big smile and tells me how pretty I look. I know he feels special when he asks me why I got so dressed up and I tell him “Just wanted to look pretty for you”. I think women should try and look good for their husbands so they will be proud to show you off, and wont be able to take their eyes off you 🙂


I write on the bathroom mirror I love you so when he gets out and brushes his teeth he sees it and it brightens his morning.


My husband has not done one single thing on that list


    Yeah – I was just wondering how I could get him to read this so he could get a clue that there are some husbands that DO think about their wives in other ways than the obvious male desire. He is a good husband, gentle and kind, but he just doesn’t think to do any of these sweet things. So, I will be thankful for his gentle and kind nature. That goes a LONG way.


All I have to do to brighten my husbands day is eagerly give him a blow job…It lets him know that I do care about his needs and desires, no matter how much I pester and nag at him! Its a win/win situation!




    When I get out of the shower and the mirrors are still steamed up, I write I love you, and other things that towards that.


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We have a foam red heart that we leave for each other around the house. Last night, my husband was out of town and he left it on my pillow.


Regarding the above post… For my husband, every now and then I’ll stay up after he goes to bed. I’ll get out a sheet of paper and write a short love note stating how blessed and thankful I am for all he has done for me. I’ll tape the note to the bathroom mirror or the door leading to the garage. He is always in the best mood when he comes home from work!! Especially since he wasn’t able to hug his thanks to me because he gets up and is at work before I’m even awake. One of his buddies once said that these letters are “powerful”. I said really? My husband said, “You have no idea. The surprise and sincerity in your letters make me feel like the most accomplished man.” Score!! Because I think exactly that 🙂


When my husband has a bad day at work, I drive all around town finding a dinner that reminds him of his Washington DC home: Five Guys burgers, Utz crab chips, and Dogfish Head beer.


Bake something for my husband to take to work. He loves being the envy of all the guys at work and he gets a treat in his lunch box too!


Well, he could look at my pinterest stuff,, lol


Just act even partly interested in things that I like or enjoy and do the same for him.

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I know When I used to leave for a week or more my mom would put small sticky notes thoughout my trunk and I’ve always looked forward to doing that when my spouce travels with work.


Whenever my husband has to go out of town, I like to take his truck and do a deep cleaning. He is always so happy to come home to a nice clean vehicle!

I love all the ideas on this list!!


We tank you guys for helping us in hard timr


I like the way you think!!! Click the link for 70 Ways to Brighten HIS Day, some other different ideas along the same lines. 😉



    I have a hot lunch ready for him to take to work in a tupperware container, his coffee ready and if he’s really lucky, i’ll have made his favorite banana bread and have it heated and buttered. He’s set for the day.

Suzanne Sheldon

My son and his live-in girlfriend are having a difficult time communicating constructively. Both were interested when I offered to find a book that might help them to learn this crucial skill. However, I was unable to find a book geared towards couples, rather than married couples. While there are many mutual concerns, there are many differences in the dynamics. They are only learning about love, sacrifices, and priorities. The relationship exit option is too readily available. I wish someone would come up with a application or interview type of long form that might bring up crucial situations that usually present themselves at some point in a long term relationship. Some of these very sensitive subjects can be a deal breaker. If I had known my boyfriend would put himself first, before our children, I never would have married him. But it never came up, that was over forty years ago and I assumed he felt as I did. It seems to me, a workbook that contains many scenarios that couples face in a life together, would help them to sort out disagreements before they make a marriage commitment, sort of like an application or interview. It could be framed playfully yet serious questions would still be addressed.


    It is geared toward married couples, however, we weren’t married when we read it.
    The 5 Languages of Love is a book i recommend. Married or not – it will change any relationship for the better. Try it, if you agree, pass it on! I swear your post almost asked for everything that book talks about – I don’t often comment, but this was like a request for something i felt could be helpful!

    Wishing you & yours every happiness!


Two things that my boyfriend actually does for me that make my day are throwing a towel in the dryer while i’m showering so its hot when i get out, and starting my truck for me in the morning and bringing it around to the front door so it’s toasty warm and right there when i’m ready to go to work! 🙂 It’s the odd little things you would never think of that mean the most!


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