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37 Family Things to Do at Home on a Rainy Sunday

By Dustin | Children

It occurred to me recently how dependent our family had become on getting out of the house.

While I love playing outside with the kids or taking bike rides on a sunny day, the majority of this time was spent doing “busy work.”

We spend a lot of time in the car driving from place to place, eating at restaurants or my personal favorite (not so much)…shopping!

Even worse, when we do have the opportunity to spend some time at home with our young children, we all too often find ourselves sitting in front of the TV or at best spread around the house doing our own thing.

The kids color, Daddy’s on Facebook and Mommy is fixing a snack.  We are not engaged in our relationships with each other at these times.

A recent Sunday afternoon afforded the opportunity for some reflection.

It was raining, the kids were bored and Mommy and Daddy were quite miserable with a mild case of “cabin fever.”  Now, we know that God proclaimed Sunday as a day of rest, but this seemed ridiculous!

We had become a family that we would quickly criticize if we were judging their actions.

I decided it was time for some positive action.  So, I made a list!

37 Things to Do at Home as a Family

You will find below 37 things that you can do as a family on the next Sunday (or any day) that you find yourself cooped up with your young children (or just with your spouse).

Not only are these ideas family-friendly, but they are essentially free so you won’t be putting a strain on your budget or hurting your plans to get out of debt!

Better yet, use these fun activities on a sunny day when you could easily be mowing the yard or running errands.  I bet you will not regret it!

  1. Watch an old movie you enjoyed as a kid.
  2. Read stories to each other.
  3. Make up a funny story and take turns adding the next line.
  4. Play a good ole board game.
  5. Let the kids choose an activity.
  6. Invite Grandma/Grandpa over for cookies.
  7. Talk about your favorite times from last week & what you look forward to next week.
  8. Discuss the homily/sermon from the morning’s church service.
  9. Have a real tea party.
  10. Bake some cookies together.
  11. Play hide and seek.
  12. Grab an umbrella  and take a walk in the rain (galoshes optional)!
  13. Let the kids help make dinner.
  14. Have a friendly family wrestling match.
  15. Let the kids play dress up in your clothes.
  16. Make sock puppets and put on a performance.
  17. Draw a family portrait with each person drawing their own picture.
  18. Construct a monster Lego project.
  19. Paint a room together (only for the brave at heart)!
  20. Create a huge tower using blocks or plastic cups.
  21. Gather the whole family (in their PJ’s) into Mom & Dad’s bed and watch a movie.
  22. Go through and check all of the kids’ toys and set aside the old ones for charity.
  23. Have a Nintendo Wii tournament.
  24. Sing karaoke or play the electric ukulele.
  25. Watch old family videos and share your memories.
  26. Have a dance party!
  27. Build a fort (pillows, blankets and chairs work well) and play Army or Knights/Princesses.
  28. Dress up in your Halloween costumes whatever the time of year.
  29. Play together in the garage or unfinished basement (roller skates, bikes, soccer).
  30. Play a favorite card game.
  31. Make paper airplanes and see who’s can fly the furthest.
  32. Play I Spy.
  33. Act out a favorite story.
  34. Get out some pictures and make a family photo album.
  35. Play Charades.
  36. Build a huge puzzle together.
  37. Go out and play in the rain!

There you have it.  Next time you are faced with bored kids and restless parents, shift your thinking and look at the opportunity you have to spend quality time together.

You can create long-lasting memories for your children, and even better memories for yourself!

What are your favorite things to do together as a family when you are home?  What are some of your best childhood memories from long days spent around your house?

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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