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10 Awesome Gifts for Married Couples

By Dustin | Book & Product Reviews

10 Awesome Gifts for Married CouplesIt’s always fun to make your spouse or another couple feel special with a great gift.

The problem is it can be tough to find a gift that is both unique and meaningful.

So, I thought it would be fun to assemble a “Top Ten Gifts” list of sorts.

Of course, this is an Engaged Marriage list, so the gifts here are a mix of pure fun and those that can enhance your marriage and family life.

Based on my own thoughts, input from my dear wife, a bit of research on Amazon, and some excellent responses that I received on Facebook and Twitter, I have assembled what I feel is a pretty nice list of ideas.

Rather than be a stand-alone list, I hope these ten ideas get you thinking a bit.  I really want to hear from you in the comments section of this post with your own suggestions as well.

10 Awesome Gifts for Married Couples

10. Dual Shower Heads

Dual Shower Heads

It can a lot of fun…and very “romantic” to share a shower with your spouse. These chrome dual shower heads make sure you can enjoy this special time together without fighting over who gets the hot water!

9. Luxury His and Her Robes

Luxury RobeLuxury Robes are a fun gift to receive. Especially if you give her a gift certificate to a spa or make her some homemade coupons to let her have reasons to use it!

8. The Love Dare

This is the book behind the awesome movie Fireproof, which I highly recommend despite Kirk Cameron’s less-than-stellar acting abilities.

If you are not familiar with the concept, the book provides daily activities that you do to show the extent of your love to your spouse. As shown in the movie, this book grew out of the recovery of a marriage in serious trouble, but its lessons can help any of us who want to take our marriage to the next level.

7. Art of Appreciation Gift Basket81M3mxmEKoL._SX522_Art of Appreciation Baskets come in many different varieties. From candy to meat to snacks, they’ve got you covered!

6. The Five Love Languages

In this best-selling book, Dr. Gary Chapman unpacks that five different languages that we speak in our marriages.  There may be no better resource for improving communication, and we know how important that is to achieving an extraordinary marriage.

This book is a must-have on every couple’s bookshelf!

5. Insulated Wine Glasses for Couples

Insulated Wine Glasses

Insulated Wine Glasses may be the perfect gift for the couple who loves to have fun! These can keep your wine or champagne chilled while you relax together!

4. Bluetooth Party Speaker

81A4-smoyQL._SL1500_Is your house the party house? Or does your family enjoy a dance party? This iON Speaker works well for all of those! If you have a device with music and Bluetooth capability, your party awaits!

3. Roomba Robotic Vacuum
RoombaRoomba robotic vacuums are a great way to help your family save time cleaning! This means more couple time for you….

…and if you’re buying this as a gift, you know they will love it!

2. Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo is a fun gift for those couples who love technology! Using voice technology, it can share information, music, audiobooks, news, weather, traffic, sports, and more – instantly!

1. 15 Minute Marriage Makeover

15 Minute Marriage Makeover Christmas GiftThis book was written by me for the Engaged Marriage community of busy married couples. The 15 Minute Marriage Makeover is designed to help you Refresh Your Relationship, Add Sizzle to Your Sex Life and Be Happier Together in Just Minutes per Day.

Check it out today and see what 15 minutes can do for your marriage!  It’s available in paperback and Kindle formats to suit your gift-giving needs.

***BONUS GIFT idea: An overnight date without the kids***

In the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s easy to get wrapped up focusing on physical gifts.

Why not surprise your spouse with plans to get away from the responsibilities of home for an evening away?  Or if you’re buying a gift for your friends, offer to watch their kids for a night and send them away with these nifty coffee mugs to use the next morning.

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